5 Business Lessons Learned from Adult Dot to Dot Books

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You remember dot to dot books, right? I’ve started seeing articles about the emergence of adult dot to dot books , both as an alternative to adult coloring and in addition to. Whether that’s deep breathing, guided sessions on your smartphone, or dot to dot books. This book isn’t a counting dot to dot up to the number 10. Dot to dot requires you to not only look at where you are right now in creating the image, but where’s the next number.

Employee Wellness: Give Your Employees Options

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We haven’t updated our furniture in a while – well, except for my Herman Miller office chair – and we think we’re due. I really learned how different office exercise furniture is, and the need to have wellness options, when the good folks at FlexiSpot sent me a Deskcise Pro. It’s a combination standing desk and exercise bike and was selected as an innovation award honoree at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Well, it’s harder than it looks.


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is reading books at work ever OK?

Ask a Manager

This post, is reading books at work ever OK? , A reader writes: My husband works as a bank teller at a local bank. Even before COVID, he worked at a very slow branch. He has literally done every internal training module available to him and keeps the lobby tidy as well.

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3 leadership books on power

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Fortunately there are some great leadership books to help us navigate the pitfalls. The following books share different perspectives on power, from the easy read through to the more complex nuanced views. 3 leadership books for greater influence. Power is a tricky topic.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

to work at the company • Repeating the same process for each individual. job posting he finds After investing half an hour to an hour on each job application, Tim finds himself playing the waiting game, hoping to hear back from at least one employer about an interview. The next.

100+ Best Career Books for Job Search and Professional Success

Career Metis

Whether you are just beginning your journey, at the middle, or the peak, or the tail end of your professional life — there is always something left to learn for you to survive and thrive. . Having an arsenal of quality books will help you know what to do at any stage of your career. .

Books Every Professional Woman Should Read

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Well, that can happen! We bring to you books which every professional and career-minded woman should read once in their lifetime. These books offer valuable insight into ways to accomplish professional dreams: The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.

5 Business Lessons Learned From Adult Coloring Books

HR Bartender

One of the ideas I heard was adult coloring books. So when Free Period Press offered to send me a coloring book, I jumped at the chance to see firsthand what coloring would bring. Lora DiFranco, one of the founders, said they created the coloring book as a result of “not being very crafty” but wanting to spend time away from computer screens and feel creative. Every time I looked at it, I saw something different or I would get a new inspiration.

My New Kindle Book is Live!


Well, that problem is solved. :-) I recently put together this collection of stories about running, business, and life. More than half of the content is brand new and not published anywhere else, and the book runs about 35 pages in length (which means virtually nothing in the world of Kindle/eBooks, as I’ve learned!) A special thanks goes out to those that responded to my recent survey and allowed me to highlight them in the book. The post My New Kindle Book is Live!

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7 Books Every Manager Should Read in 2017

Cornerstone On Demand

Here's a resolution that's both personally and professionally fulfilling: Read more books. Well, you're in luck. We compiled a list of our top books for reinvigorating your workplace and inspiring others, thinking back on our own favorites reads and interviewing entrepreneurs, leaders and talent experts across industries for their go-to recommendations. Winning Well breaks down those barriers and provides usable ideas, action plans and advice.

5 Books I Enjoyed Reading in 2019

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My goal for this year was to read 60 books in 2019. In fact, right now I am engaged in a lengthy book entitled Churchill Walking with Destiny , by Andrew Roberts. The book is nearly 1000 pages long, and I have read about 700 pages so far. I truly love this book.

Tin’s List of Best Books 2020

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Below is the list of the best books that I read in 2020. I broke my previous record of 30 books and I read 35 books in 2020 ( woot !) In this article, I listed the best books that I read in 2020. Best books in 2020: Selection criteria. Best books summary.

Leadership Reading List-Why Every Book is Different


No thanks, I read a book on leadership already. Someone dropped that comment in a conversation recently, and I wanted to take some time today to dispel this notion about leadership books, courses, content, etc. Well, neither does bathing. Last year I put together a book club to help some local HR leaders by exposing them to good resources and adding in a networking opportunity. Words-Speak well of others. Books as Leadership Learning Tools.

Book Review: The Self-Evolved Leader

Workplace Psychology

In Part 3 of the book, McKeown discusses the five key leadership disciplines of self-evolved leaders: 1. 11) that guides you in charting your own journey to becoming a Self-Evolved Leader as well as implementing the practices within your own team. McKeown ends the book (in Ch.

22 Great Books Written By Black Authors We Love

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While we’re all working on our summer reading lists , we want to highlight some of our favorite books by Black authors. We asked our Thrive community to share their favorites, and to explain how each book moved them. I never realized how little I knew until reading this book.”.

B2B Sales Strategy 2020: Download Incentive Solutions’ Latest E-Book!

The Incentive Solutions News blog

B2B Sales Strategy 2020: Download Incentive Solutions’ Latest E-Book! We develop everything in house and offer our base package, as well as 12 additional add on modules. Incentive Rewards.

20 Best Books for HR Professionals


Read this book to learn how to measure, analyze, and manage the best HR practices. Why it made the list: Pick up this book if you’re just getting started with HR analytics, or you know you need to improve your current practices. Read this book to get practical advice on doing it well.

Harnessing The Power Of Gratitude At Work


While these gestures may seem modest, the results are anything but… These often fleeting, yet transformative moments can have profound impacts on our physical and emotional well-being and can boost levels of happiness and positivity in spectacular ways.

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7 HRM Books that Every HR Professional Should Read

Digital HR Tech

In this article, we will list 7 must-read HRM books that will help you do your job better – whether you’re an experienced HR professional or just getting started in the HR field. We decided to include both study books and more popular books. The study books that we’ll list are all prescribed literature for various HR courses at universities. These books help to get an in-depth understanding of Human Resources Management practices.

Meditation Books Recommended by Meditation Teachers

Thrive Global

Clay Hamilton’s new book, How Do You Meditate? In the book the meditation teachers recommend over 60 meditation books which they have enjoyed and commonly recommend to others. The book is available now at Amazon in paperback and ebook.

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Book Review: “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

Thrive Global

Untamed is somewhat of a nonfiction work, somewhat of a memoir, somewhat of a self-help book by Glennon Doyle. In this book, Doyle goes a long way to convince us women that something is quite wrong and not working with our old self. Buy the book on Amazon [link].

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Book Review – An Introduction to Management Consultancy

Workplace Psychology

An Introduction to Management Consultancy by Marc Baaij is a book that really pulls back the curtains and reveals the inner workings of management consultancies. I have never seen a book about management consulting like this before. Clients may manipulate consultants as well.”

Time Management: A Book Review


Over the years, I’ve become a fan of research and recommendations from the likes of Tony Schwartz and his Energy Project as well as studies showing multi-tasking makes us less productive rather than more. This year my commitment to time management and its myriad benefits was renewed by Kevin Kruse’s latest book, 15 Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management. Actually, highly successful people don’t think about time much at all. by Derek Irvine. Recognize This!

Measure What Matters Book Review – Announcing The Reflektive Book Club


We’ve noticed a lot of buzz around Doerr’s latest book, “Measure What Matters, How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs,” so we wanted to distill the key takeaways on the importance of OKRs for your organization. They foster a more transparent culture by allowing employees at the middle or bottom to view the goals of their C-level executives, which in turn improves engagement and drives employee purpose at work. Already read the book?

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6 Brilliant Books I Read in 2019 on Personal Growth, Empathy, and Living a Happier Life

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People who follow me on Instagram know that I’ve made it a point to read at least one book a month in 2019. These books were inspiring , thought-provoking, and game-changing. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BOOKS. I’ve grouped the books into three sections.

3 Great Leadership Books

Conscious Culture Group

As an executive coach, I am often asked by my clients for books that will provide them with tools or insights into specific development topics. The right book can shape how a leader thinks and how they will lead. I hope this blog inspires you to read or listen to more books.

Leadership in the Crucible of Work (Book Review)


Today we have book review on Leadership in the Crucible of Work: Discovering the Interior Life of an Authentic Leader by Sandy Shugart, PhD ( Amazon ). The book was interesting, and I read it like I mentioned in my previous post on reading for leaders. Here are a few insights from the book: Sometimes followers are as important as the leaders. ” There is a major difference in the two, and it would do us all well to think about the people we lead.

Five books about starting a startup


But there are a few great books out there, books that can help you grow, better understand what it means to start a company and it’s unique challenges. Below is a list of books I would recommend to everyone who is thinking about starting a company. Make sure to read it as well.

Best Leadership Books for 2021

Thrive Global

Books are able to provide us with a multitude of knowledge about a wide variety of topics. However, you can discover many leadership aspects through books, as many writers provide their own experiences and guides. Let’s take a look at some of the best texts on leadership for 2021.

A Guidebook for Building a Human Workplace (A book review)


To learn much more, including practical tips, be sure to join us at the annual WorkHuman conference , April 2-5, in Austin, Texas.). And now friend and repeat WorkHuman speaker Andy Swann has written the book on it – “The Human Workplace.” A truly human workplace has connection at its heart. Andy elegantly outlines these and other critical elements of connection, which I highlight below along with key quotations from the book to illustrate. By Derek Irvine.

Why “Read More Books” Is Bad Advice

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Read one book per week. Reading about two books per week, sharing your story in a blog or on social media, creating a course on reading better, and more — all of these are social signals. Well, good for them. It’s okay to only read a few books. 20 pages a day.

5 Must-Read Books about Improving Employee Health & Happiness

Cornerstone On Demand

HR teams that want to create a positive workplace culture and improve employee health and happiness have to juggle multiple elements of healthcare, including health insurance, corporate wellness programs and mental health initiatives. From understanding our nation's current healthcare situation, to learning how to influence behavior change and creating positive work environments, my top five must-read books cover it all. Editor's Note: What are our writers and experts reading?

Escaping into Books – Give Yourself Permission to Find a Friend in the Pages of a New Read

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Even though traveling to your favorite vacation spot might not be possible, and even going out for a local outing with friends and family can be restricted, you can still find release in the pages of a trusted friend—a book. Why do you think it is good to escape into books?

Well-being vs well-off

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Hypothetical case: Start working at 25, retire at 65, averaging 40 hours per working week. Over a lifetime we can spend up to 80,000 hours at work. Well-off refers to financial wealth, having more than enough to cover basic living costs.

The Best New Books on Employee Engagement


Books are a great way to obtain just that from thought leaders and influencers. In fact, one study of nearly 2,000 professionals found that 42% felt more confident doing their job after reading books on a related subject. In today’s competitive talent market , employee engagement continues to come in at the top of the list when it comes to leadership concerns. Authors Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey bring a wealth of experience to their 2018 book on employee engagement.