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Globoforce Takes On #HRTechConf


Are you going to be at the HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas this weekend? In fact, a few of my Globoforce colleagues are en route as I type. The Candy Bar at booth #1253 – I don’t know about you, but there’s something about being in sessions all day that makes me crave sugar. In the expo hall, follow the Globoforce floor decals to booth #1253, where we’ll have all your favorite candy stocked. at the IBM booth.

Compensation Cafe: Why Friends at Work Matter


– “Friendships at work” is not a soft topic. It’s a driving factor in employee productivity, retention and wellness. I couldn’t say everything I wanted to about the importance of friends at work in my post on this blog last week , so I continued the theme today on the Compensation Cafe blog. The Globoforce Fall 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker survey found 91% of us spend more than 30 hours a week with colleagues (vs. by Derek Irvine.


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3 Innovative Compensation Ideas Ready for Prime Time

Compensation Cafe

A few innovative companies implement compensation practices that others quickly dismiss as (at best) “good for them but it will never work for us” or (at worst) “crazy, impractical and unsustainable.” Look at Zappos’ “I’ll pay you to quit” policy. Gravity Payments’ $70,000 minimum salary is another innovative compensation approach many dismiss as an unsustainable socialist experiment. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.

3 Ideas to Get More Bang for Your Compensation Buck

Compensation Cafe

Stretching the compensation dollar isn’t always about cutting back. To get more from your compensation investment, consider these three approaches. Recent headlines told the story of the experiment conducted at Perpetual Guardian, a New Zealand-based financial services firm in which CEO Andrew Barnes told employees to work 32 hours per week instead of the usual 40, but with no cut in pay. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine. Compensation Philosophy

Cafe Classic: Choosing the Right Currency for Compensation & Rewards

Compensation Cafe

But the bottom-line we must all remember is this: Cash is the currency of compensation. Compensation and Recognition Rewards Are Different. Sounds like a compensation program to me.”. It’s compensation. Sure, commission is a common compensation structure for sales reps, but it’s clearly defined as compensation – not rewards. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine. Editor's Note: Cash is king, goes the old saying. Is it really true?

One Word You Should Stop Saying at Work


Beyond removing “cascade” from your vocabulary, Gary shares other tips below, like how to give employees more control of their work and their compensation and how to take the politics out of performance management. Audio from the interview is in the WorkHuman Radio episode at the bottom of this post. Globoforce: How are employees are rewarded in a humanocracy? Then, compensation becomes really tied to marketplace outcomes. Sarah is managing editor at Globoforce.

How to Find Budget Dollars for Employee Recognition

HR Bartender

I thought about this as I was planning my agenda for this year’s WorkHuman Conference , pioneered by Globoforce. Check out the promo code at the end of this post for a discount.). I saw that one of the sessions this year was titled “Show Me the Money: 5 Unexpected Places to Find Recognition Budget” and reached out to the speaker Rob Schmitter , solutions architect at Globoforce, to see if he would give us a sneak peek. Compensation. Let’s face it.

Employee Engagement Is a Financial Strategy

HR Bartender

The rationale being that engaged employees are highly productive. And productivity fuels the business. This research is supported in the Globoforce white paper “ The Financial Impact of a Positive Employee Experience.” Their research reported that organizations that score in the top 25 percent on employee experience have nearly three times the return on assets compared to organizations at the bottom of the list.

5 Human Truths in the Modern Workplace and How to Address Them


Our workplaces, relationships and interactions need to reflect our humanity to help us all deliver more productively and achieve success together. I had the pleasure and honor of speaking again this year at SHRM’s 2015 annual conference. My topic – “The Power of Thanks: Bringing Workplace Gratitude to the Next Level” – involved a wide range through the history of humans at work, most of which was hard labor. Most at SHRM could not. by Derek Irvine. Recognize This! –

The Best Workday Integration You Never Knew About


Learn more about Globoforce’s pre-packed integration for social recognition in our webinar this Wednesday. Globoforce is the only certified Workday partner offering pre-packed integration for social recognition. Rob Schmitter and Dan Fiore from Globoforce will do a live demo in our webinar this Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 1 p.m. 5 Reasons to Integrate Globoforce’s Social Recognition with Workday. What value does the Globoforce/Workday integration bring?

Q&A with Cesar Villa from The Hershey Company


As an added bonus, I recently had the chance to chat with Cesar Villa, Director, Compensation Global Functions, and ask him more about the Hershey Smiles program on its one-year anniversary. Can you tell me a little bit about your role at The Hershey Company? I am responsible for defining and building strategies for compensation on a global basis—but acting locally to reflect the local trends and win the marketplace. Why did you choose to partner with Globoforce?

3 Ways to Help Employees Understand Their Worth

Cornerstone On Demand

" The lack of communication around compensation leads employees to make their own assumptions about their worth — and how their paychecks stack up to their peers. A recent study from compensation software company PayScale found that among 71,000 people surveyed, an incredible 83 percent believed they were paid below market rate — even though 66 percent actually earned at or above market value. Always Pair Compensation With Explanation.

Driving Employee Engagement Requires Baseline of Competitive, Fair Pay

Compensation Cafe

Key findings of the report include (quoting): Employees who receive recognition are more likely to be engaged at work. Broadening this look at the drivers of employee engagement is Josh Bersin’s article “Becoming irresistible: A new model for employee engagement” from Issue 16 of the Deloitte Review. Interestingly, Bersin took the time to explain why this model does not include what we all know is a very important element of employee satisfaction – compensation.

Solving Pay Differentials between Executives and Staff; Men and Women

Compensation Cafe

If women don’t think they’re going to receive a pay rise, and particularly if they believe that their male colleagues will, then this is going to reduce their engagement, discretionary behaviours, and reduce the impact of Britain’s pay rise on business and national productivity.”. In a post on LinkedIn , Jon Ingham dug into the challenges of excessive executive pay at the expense of employees, highlighting the impact to employee engagement. “I

Female Empowerment Movements and Record Low Unemployment are Rapidly Shifting Workplace Power Dynamics


October 31, 2018 | Globoforce Press Release. October 31, 2018 – Heightened social activism and hot-button trends have employees reconsidering how they think and feel about their employers, according to a new global survey released today by Globoforce’s WorkHuman Analytics & Research Institute. It is simply unacceptable to treat men and women differently at work. Traditional compensation can present pay equity risks. percentage points at a 95% level of confidence.

Connecting People: How Cisco Used Social Recognition to Transform Its Culture


While at HR Tech in October, Claire Gray, senior director of global compensation at Cisco Systems (a Globoforce customer), presented a session titled, “How Cisco Fuels a Culture of Innovation for Employees.”. Tell me about your role and responsibilities at Cisco. I lead the compensation team, which is responsible for all of our compensation, bonus, stock, and recognition programs globally. Why did you choose to partner with Globoforce?

He Who Dies with the Most Toys Wins

Compensation Cafe

What triggered this outburst of philosophy on a compensation-oriented blog? At our closing share price of $207.39, the stock market now values Apple at more than $1 trillion. Financial returns are simply the result of Apple’s innovation, putting our products and customers first, and always staying true to our values. Our products not only create moments of surprise and delight, they empower people all around the globe to enrich their lives and the lives of others.

A Paycheck Is Not Recognition for a Job Well Done

Compensation Cafe

But used together in a balanced way, compensation and recognition achieve goals for employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity, performance and retention. Psychologically healthy employees require appropriate compensation and praise for their efforts. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine. Compensation Philosophy Recognition One statement sure to raise my ire when discussing the Power of Thanks in the workplace is: “They get paid to do their job.

Is Employee Engagement Moot in Today's High Stress Environments?

Compensation Cafe

Gallup's extensive research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization's financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer engagement. Why should employees choose to engage in the organization's greater mission, purpose, and goals and give additional discretionary effort to achieve them if: Compensation is not equal to market rates or is insufficient to cover basic living needs.

I rate you a 4.5. Or maybe a 3.

Compensation Cafe

During the last couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to host executive forums with CHROs, EVPs, and other senior leaders looking to evolve (and sometimes revolutionize) the foundations of HR – compensation structures, performance processes, and more. I am widely known as being one of, if not THE, most productive and efficient aides in the entire facility. Me: “How could I possibly get a three out of five in productivity? Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.

Pay Transparency as One Part of a Larger Culture

Compensation Cafe

Recently, we appear to be at a point where the topic is once again top of mind for many, especially following the announcement of new executive action to increase pay reporting and fairness, and an increasing number of platforms that crowdsource pay information. But if the compensation structure is generally fair, the problem should not be insurmountable. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine. Compensation Philosophy Recognition

What Are We Paying You For?

Compensation Cafe

As summarized in HBR: “Taken together, these studies suggest that the boredom so commonly felt at work could actually be leveraged to help us get our work done better… or at least get work that requires creativity done better. Your creativity is at its peak. Make room for the mundane at every level – Many tasks can (and should) be automated. That minute may cost countless hours of creativity and productivity. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.

Is the 6-Hour Workday Finally Here?

Compensation Cafe

Is it time to rethink how many hours we spend at the office ?”. HC Online tells us about an app development company in Sweden who has switched to the six-hour workday approach without losing productivity or profits. They found a way to help employees be their most productive while in the office. If we learn from energy experts such as Tony Schwartz , we all work far better, more efficiently, and more productively in 90-minute bursts without distraction or interruption.

Cafe Classic: You Made a Mistake? Great Work!

Compensation Cafe

Well, at least the last part isn’t always true. Think of the profound negative impact on innovation and new product development if employees in your R&D department were only recognized and praised for “achieving results” and not for “risk taking.”. Look for the “oops” moments and see what positive lessons (or even ground-breaking products) can be created from them. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine. Compensation Philosophy Total Rewards

Trust & Respect Top Drivers of Employer Reputation

Compensation Cafe

I’m at SHRM this week and preparing for my session on the Power of Thanks. It’s particularly interesting to me that how a company treats employees was the top ranking reason impacting perception of the company as a good employer, beating out whether they treated customers well (90%) and whether they made safe and reliable products and services (89%). Of course, people also make employment decisions based on fair and valid compensation, benefits and Total Rewards packages.

Cafe Classic: Influencer Networks - A Hidden Key to Recognition Program Success

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: We sometimes get fuzzy the difference between recognition and compensation as implements in our rewards toolbox. I know readers of Compensation Cafe know this, but let me state the obvious – compensation and recognition are very different.

For Executives: Fixed Pay, Variable Pay, or Something Else Entirely?

Compensation Cafe

There is a thought-provoking question raised by a pair of recent articles in the Harvard Business Review : is executive compensation most effective as a fixed or a variable scheme? Fixed pay, on the other hand, allows executives to “coast” without the clear alignment between incentives and productivity. Does an executive require at-risk incentives in order to perform at the level required, or is intrinsic motivation (and a salary guarantee) sufficient to get optimal performance?

A Brief History of Bureaucracy with Gary Hamel


In advance of his keynote at WorkHuman 2019, we spoke with Gary at length about the origins of bureaucracy, the financial toll it takes on organizations, and how HR as a profession can start to distance itself from bureaucratic waste. If you’d prefer to listen to the interview on WorkHuman Radio, click the play button at the bottom of this post. Globoforce: What’s the difference between a bureaucracy and a humanocracy? Sarah is managing editor at Globoforce.

The Risks of Unmotivated Employees

Compensation Cafe

For these employees, compensation is sufficient to keep them coming through the door, but is otherwise ineffective in leading to performance. A recent report in the Wall Street Journal highlights a study by Aon Hewitt that looked at this group of employees. That study found 8% of employees fit into this profile of “prisoner” employee – defined as those “who stay at their jobs despite feeling unmotivated” – which was related to both longer tenure and salaries above market rates.

AON 62

Cafe Classic: Why Working Less Helps Us Work More

Compensation Cafe

How do we compensate people? Vastly oversimplifying (and discounting benefits entirely for the moment), we compensate people based on: Time worked. How many of us in the “knowledge economy” still show up at the office because “face time” is considered more valuable than results delivered, even when that face time comes at the opportunity cost of two hours spent in traffic instead of working? Indeed, if we did, the vast majority of employees would be more productive.

Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management – But Where Will It Go?

Get Hppy

For example, SpaceX being so successful in reusing spaceships may not have a great impact today, but it does change the way we look at the future, and what we understand by science fiction. But behind the scenes, the industry is changing and incorporating technology at a rapid pace, even if it wasn’t designed for HR to start with. This type of technology is primed for disrupting talent management and productivity.

Pulling the Lever of Social Recognition

Compensation Cafe

If people are not actively drawn to your organization, there is a risk of withdrawal – from lost productivity to an increased likelihood of undesirable turnover. Successful solutions to this challenge will need to link compensation to both culture and performance, as well as to employees’ sense of meaningful and important work. To remain competitive, compensation and business leaders will need transformative approaches that have more staying power.

5 Core Themes from HR Tech World Europe


From open to close, the strongest drumbeat by far at this year’s conference was one of simplification. “We In fifty years, Morieux argued, we have not seen a significant shift in how we organize ourselves at work, and the time has come to apply smart simplicity to the way we manage people. Productivity surges only when we combine technical and organizational information,” said Yves Morieux, “and HR is at that intersection.”. Were you at HR Tech World Congress?

Cafe Classic: Are Your Employees Volunteers or Robots?

Compensation Cafe

Yes, appropriate and fair compensation is critical to establishing a contract with employees. Research from Towers Watson, Gallup, Aon Hewitt, Mercer, Hay Group, Bersin by Deloitte and many more consistently shows that engaged employees are more productive, miss fewer days of work, have fewer safety incidents, and better understand company strategic objectives and how they can contribute to achieving those goals. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.

AON 43

Stand by me: employee retention strategies from the pros


The generation of company men and women who spent the bulk of their working lives at one company has mostly retired. The average worker now stays at a job for about four years. Other major drivers of churn: The fact that companies fail to hire the right person most of the time, and the ongoing global struggle to inspire passion, productivity, and loyalty in the workplace. Mentoring also improved retention at Sun Microsystems. Compensation and benefits.

Cafe Classic: What the Oreo Cookie Can Teach Us about Employee Recognition & Rewards

Compensation Cafe

If so, then you likely experience many of the same stressors of global organizations in catering to local employee needs for appropriate compensation, benefits, recognition and rewards. The cookies were too big, too sweet and not at all appealing to Chinese consumers. Yet, by first listening to what Chinese consumers actually wanted and changing the product to align with those tastes, Chinese Oreo sales now account for nearly half of the global Oreo business.

Data & People Analytics: A WorkHuman 2018 Recap


These phrases are tossed around at industry events and conferences, but how do they apply in the day-to-day work of an HR professional? Or is it compensation and benefits? I had the privilege of attending the fourth annual WorkHuman , conference pioneered by Globoforce, from April 2-5 in Austin, TX. Studying the importance of recognition and social connection at work is an example of people analytics. Cathy Tran studies economics and politics at Ithaca College.

Cafe Classic: Employee Recognition From The Psychology Perspective

Compensation Cafe

All of that points to elevated performance and productivity, with direct impact on the bottom line. As I’ve said before, base compensation (and deserved pay increases) must be fairly given for the work done. Six out of 10 employees (62 percent) cited merit-based salary increases as important, followed by fair monetary compensation (47 percent), performance-based bonuses (43 percent), and promotions or advancement (38 percent).”. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.

5 Ways to Create a Work Experience that Mirrors Your Best Customer Experience


(Listen to our interview with Jeanne Meister in the episode of WorkHuman Radio, embedded at the top of this post.). Companies are using marketing techniques such as focus groups and empathy labs to understand employee needs and expectations at all stages of the employee life cycle, from recruiting to onboarding, developing, and ongoing engagement. At home, there are 1.8 Already we are seeing innovations in this area, as noted by Eric Mosley CEO of Globoforce.

Cafe Classic: Keeping Them Is Cheaper than Finding Them

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: Given today's labor market dynamics, Derek Irvine's Classic post on compensation and retention is a important as ever. Retention isn’t a common theme on Compensation Café , but the association between retention and compensation goes far beyond “paying people enough money to get them to stay.” At that point, the entire employee value proposition is crucial to retention.". What does all this have to do with compensation?