10 Key Job Competencies Everyone Needs to Know About

Possible Works

For most jobs, there are a few job competencies that are common and expected by companies, such as: Teamwork. Organizational Competency. Competency – A definition. Difference between Job Description and Job Competencies. These combined are known as job competencies.

10 Key Job Competencies Everyone Needs to Know About

Possible Works

For most jobs, there are a few job competencies that are common and expected by companies, such as: Teamwork. Organizational Competency. Competency – A definition. Difference between Job Description and Job Competencies. These combined are known as job competencies.


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10 Key Job Competencies Everyone Needs to Know About

Possible Works

For most jobs, there are a few job competencies that are common and expected by companies, such as: Teamwork. Organizational Competency. Competency – A definition. Difference between Job Description and Job Competencies. These combined are known as job competencies.

COVID-19: Asian American Discrimination and Mental Health Resources

Thrive Global

As this trend continues, there will surely be a mental health fallout to consider given the negative impact of discrimination on wellbeing. Below is a four-step guide to navigating discrimination and hate and accessing community and mental health support during COVID-19.

5 Facts About Gender Discrimination in the Remote Workplace


With headlines proclaiming the successes of women in leadership positions over the past year, the initial impression of workplace gender discrimination might be one of optimism. But the truth of the matter is that progress on the gender equality front has been modest at best since 2015 , and new challenges have emerged in the wake of the global pandemic. federal agency responsible for enforcing anti-discrimination laws.

Confronting Discrimination In The Workplace (For Leaders)

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Discrimination, subtle or blatant, can be seen everywhere in our day to day lives. However, many leaders choose to believe that discrimination in the workplace doesn’t really exist. Discrimination can be in the little acts itself. Should they fire the ones who are discriminating?

20 Essential HR Policies Every Company Must Cover

Netchex HR Blog

If two employees receive different treatment for similar behavior, then your business may be vulnerable to discrimination lawsuits. At the most basic level, you need to explain your expectations for employee behavior. Top 20 Essential HR Policies: At-Will Employment.

Working parent discrimination may be the newest legal headache for employers

Business Management Daily

Working parent discrimination may be the newest legal headache for employers. A Washington Post survey showed that women lose their jobs due to childcare at twice the rate of men. At the same time, schools and daycare facilities closed.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act – What You Need to Know


Even though workplace pregnancy discrimination has been illegal since 1978 and most states have laws on the books forbidding employer bias against pregnant women, many women report they have experienced discrimination in the workplace. Fear of discrimination during pregnancy.

Hiring During the Coronavirus Pandemic: 3 Ways to Compete With Amazon and Walmart

ApplicantStack Recruiting Software

But how do you compete for talent with Walmart, Amazon, Fed-Ex and CVS? Let’s look at 3 ways creative HR directors are hiring during the COVID-19 crisis. Use your applicant tracking system (ATS) to search for resume keywords in your talent database.

When Is a Discrimination Complaint against a Manager an Act of Harassment?

HR Daily Advisor

What if a manager accused of unlawful discrimination based on employees’ religion asserts that the complaint itself is an act of harassment? My Manager Discriminates Based on Religion. On March 17, 2011, Arave’s attorneys sent a letter to Bank of America complaining of religious discrimination and retaliation. On March 29, 2011, Arave resigned and later filed suit against the bank, Holsinger, and Anderson for religious discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

An Employer’s Guide to At-Will Employment: Definition, Exceptions & More

HR Digest

Thirty-five years ago, the President of the American Management Association described the corrosion of the practice of at-will employment and the employer’s rights to fire employees without any reason, warning or explanation. Who does at-will employment apply to? Discrimination.

ATS 58

How to reduce unconscious bias at work


A 2012 study out of Yale found that—when given the choice between two similar candidates, one from each sex—college faculty preferred hiring male candidates who they perceived to be more competent and worthy of commanding higher salaries. What exactly might unconscious bias look like at the workplace? Companies often prefer hiring candidates who’ve worked at specific companies or schools. Height discrimination.

How to Avoid Discrimination when Promoting Employees


At best, you may be creating dissatisfaction among those who weren’t considered for the job. At worst, you might be setting up your company for legal trouble. Promotions, which fall under the heading of terms and conditions of employment, are covered by federal and state employment and non-discrimination laws. If you do your homework, employees will feel more appreciated and secure, which goes a long way toward ensuring your business runs at its best.

What Happens when an Alleged Harasser Claims Discrimination?

HR Daily Advisor

Unless the employee asserts that the original allegation of harassment or the adverse action taken in response to the allegation was a pretext (excuse) for discrimination based on a protected characteristic (race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, or genetic information) or retaliation because he made a protected complaint, the EEOC will not investigate his charge. documenting that you followed the law is the best defense to any discrimination charge.

Study: Hiring Managers Discriminate on the Basis of Class

Evil HR Lady

Study author Michael Kraus, assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management, explained: “Our study shows that even during the briefest interactions, a person’s speech patterns shape the way people perceive them, including assessing their competence and fitness for a job. To keep reading, click here: Study: Hiring Managers Discriminate on the Basis of Class.

Warren: Credit Checks are Discrimination


But even when they are able to sell their homes—often at a loss—or after they are forced to close their business’ doors or find temporary work, that bad credit history continues to haunt them. We should call this what it is: discrimination. The bill also would stop discrimination against African Americans, Latinos and seniors who are more likely to be hit by bad credit.” Earlier today, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.)

Managers Who Don't Manage Pay

Compensation Cafe

However, many of these managers turn out to be well-intentioned amateurs at the process of making reward decisions appropriate to the needs of the business. Managers want to be liked; they do not wish to pick favorites, do not want to discriminate based on performance and do not want to have their decisions challenged. They would rather point a finger at Human Resources and assign the blame there for having to assess performance and distinguish one employee from the other.

Workplace Harassment & How to Put an End to It

Thrive Global

But in international practice, this term means discrimination of any kind. It includes all types of discrimination. One of the books on the subject, Violence at Work , equates harassment with a murder. 1: Discrimination on Various Basics.

Job Seekers: Fight Age Discrimination by Refusing to be a Luddite

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Kasperon, director of a risk study center at Clark University in Worcester, MA, “People climb mountains and expose themselves voluntarily to all kinds of risks, but they don’t like risks inflicted upon them that they don’t have understanding or control over.” Reader Alert!

Ban the Box for Crime but Discriminate Over Past Pay

Compensation Cafe

Stop asking job applicants about criminal records but continue to discriminate against those with an unacceptable past pay history. At the same time, they have no problem with permitting instant discrimination against applicants with unacceptable prior income levels. If someone wants a job at the pay rate offered by the employer, they should have the opportunity to get it instead of being disqualified before they ever get a chance.

U.S. Women’s Soccer Equal Pay Lawsuit Sign of the Times [UPDATE]


The USWNT rewrote the record books at the recent World Cup competition, thoroughly dominating the competition in winning its fourth World Cup, and second in a row. The parties will enter mediation in an effort to resolve the USWNT’s gender discrimination lawsuit against USSF.

11th circuit decision on dreadlocks and race asks big questions on the meaning of discrimination

Ohio Employer's Law

Catastrophe Management Solutions [pdf] , the EEOC asked the 11th Circuit to determine whether banning an African-American employee from wearing dreadlocks constitutes race discrimination. The EEOC argued that a rule against dreadlocks constitutes race discrimination because dreadlocks, which are physiologically and culturally associated with people of African descent, act as a proxy for race. race discriminationIn EEOC v.

Violence, harassment, discrimination and decimated newsrooms: Indian journalists fight a silent battle

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Although shaken, the three young journalists were back at work almost immediately. Every day, correspondents, field reporters, photojournalists, cameramen and other members of the media, report on many complex and difficult events, including riots and civil unrest, protests and political violence, poverty, sexual violence, natural disasters, and human suffering at large. They have had petrol bombs thrown at their homes. Speaking truth to power, therefore, comes at a cost.

At-will employment: What are the exceptions? 


Every state except for Montana follows the “at-will employment” law. This means it is legal to terminate an at-will employee for any reason outside of federal and state law protections without being required to establish cause for termination. . Discrimination.

7th Circuit historically holds that Title VII expressly bans LGBT discrimination

Ohio Employer's Law

The court expressly held that “a person who alleges that she experienced employment discrimination on the basis of her sexual orientation has put forth a case of sex discrimination for Title VII purposes.” But it has taken our courts and our society a considerable while to realize that sexual harassment, which has been pervasive in many workplaces (including many Capitol Hill offices and, notoriously, Fox News, among many other institutions), is a form of sex discrimination.

If 65+ Employee Falters, Focus on Job Performance, Not Age


With an aging population and workers who continue to work well past retirement age, the issue of mental competence is becoming a daunting issue for employers to deal with. or “At your age, it is probably difficult to remember things.”.

Women Kick at the Wage Ball

Compensation Cafe

Gender wage discrimination in American hit the headlines again yesterday. These women are experts at kicking. Hope Solo at US Women's National Team Parade in NYC" image courtesy of Creative Commons. Base Salaries Benefits & Perquisites Competencies Gender Equity Job Evaluation Nonprofit Compensation Pay for Performance Recognition Regulations & Public Policy Total RewardsAn EEOC complaint was filed by female football players.

World Events Taking Their Toll: How to Help Your Employees Through (Another) Crisis


Will your company support an employee who wants to take time off at short notice because they are distraught? Use your competency management system to do a skills assessment now, and to track the skills and competencies of your employees.

EEOC makes $56K example of employer over deaf applicant: What went wrong?

HR Morning

The EEOC recently filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against McDonald’s Corp. and McDonald’s Restaurants of Missouri, accusing a Belton, MO, restaurant of discriminating against a job applicant because he was deaf. The Belton McDonald’s had an open position for a cook, and a deaf man, who had prior experience as a cook at another McDonald’s branch, applied.

Activity for Awareness

Center for Coaching

At the 2020 Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) conference during one of the sessions, all of us who participating were asked to take a moment and write down five successes. The bottom line is that there are many types of biases, discrimination, and privilege.

update: how can I keep my star performer, without being able to pay or promote him (while his less competent coworker earns double)?

Ask a Manager

Cecil is paid at the market rate for an engineer with his experience and licensure. Using a lot of the suggestions here, I had approached them about raising my budget since Fergus just became A LOT more marketable and was told no, we need someone at an EIT rate to log most of the hours to be competitive. ” (Is reverse age discrimination a thing?)

The most common employee documents used at trial

Business Management Daily

Non-compete/confidentiality agreements and more. It is recommended to keep employee contracts for at least seven years, disability and sick benefit information for four years, and group and employee insurance records for six years.

Self-reflective Practice for Coaches

Center for Coaching

In the previous blog, the following was included: the ICF’s Core Competencies coaches learn during coaching certification, for competency number two say: 2. Then after working with them for several months jot a few notes about who you think they are at that point.

Women’s safety at Workplace

Vantage Circle

Still every year the number of reports on sexual harassment is increasing at an alarming rate. They are competent enough to take care of themselves and their families. Susan Fowler, an ex-employee from Uber claimed how her team manager harassed her on the very first day at her work. Gender discrimination. Without understanding the root cause you cannot stop any discrimination against women. ICC should have a team of at least 4 members.

How to help your employees struggling with impostor syndrome at work


Impostor syndrome at work is a common problem for many people, leading to feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. Impostor syndrome at work can be debilitating for some employees. Issues of impostor syndrome at work should be addressed at both the individual and organizational level.

How to Help Women to Succeed at Work

Thrive Global

In it, the authors reported a variety of troubling findings based on surveys within 600 companies, that underscore why it can be so difficult for women to succeed at work. Therefore, it makes good business sense to be concerned about the plight of women at work.

pink hair at a job interview, coworkers who don’t knock, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, pink hair at a job interview, coworkers who don’t knock, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. Pink hair at a job interview. At one point I put a sign on my door that said “On Video Conference — Please Knock First.”

Scary and Frightening: The #ELBC Carnival for October

OmegaHR Solutions

Janette Levey Frisch, the EmpLAWyerologist, offers a more positive take on employees competing against their former employers. In her post Your Ex-Employee Chose Not to Compete with You. Doug Haas broaches a subject very frightening to employers, or at least it should be, with two posts on the Fair Labor Standards Act. Norma Bruton, at Blogging4Jobs, tells us how to take some of the fright out in Recruit Millennials Without Raising Cyber Security Risk.

Addressing current events at work: The good, the bad and the necessary


There’s a place for addressing current events at work, and it should be part of your overall communication planning and strategy. The 411 on current events at work. Benefits of addressing current events at work. How to address current events at work.