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5 Most Common Examples of Workplace Discrimination

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Roughly six decades ago, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was instituted as part of the U.S. Title VIII of this Act prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on color, race, religion, pregnancy status, HIV/AIDS status, citizenship, the nation of origin, or sex.

Workplace Harassment & How to Put an End to It

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Some people mistakenly believe that harassment is necessarily associated with intimate harassment. But in international practice, this term means discrimination of any kind. So, the concept of harassment is close to the term “bullying”.


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Working parent discrimination may be the newest legal headache for employers

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Working parent discrimination may be the newest legal headache for employers. Working parents with children under 14 constitute about one-third of the workforce, approximately 50 million workers. The COVID conundrum. At the same time, schools and daycare facilities closed.

COVID-19: Asian American Discrimination and Mental Health Resources

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In the past few months, the coronavirus has triggered countless hate crimes against Asian Americans. As this trend continues, there will surely be a mental health fallout to consider given the negative impact of discrimination on wellbeing. 2) Finding an Online Community.

Thoughts on Sexual Harassment—a Personal Perspective

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I do a lot of antiharassment training. In the past, much of my training has followed a relatively standard format explaining that employers can be liable for harassment by supervisors even if employees don’t complain and that supervisors can “aid and abet” a hostile work environment by turning a blind eye to problematic situations. I also point out that the fact that no one has protested a sexually charged atmosphere doesn’t mean it’s not a problem for the employer.

Confronting Discrimination In The Workplace (For Leaders)

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Discrimination, subtle or blatant, can be seen everywhere in our day to day lives. The workplace is no exception. However, many leaders choose to believe that discrimination in the workplace doesn’t really exist. When the leader is secular and open, shouldn’t the workplace reflect his/her values as well? The truth is not so rosy. Discrimination can be in the little acts itself. Should they fire the ones who are discriminating?

EEOC Task Force Recommends Training, Policies to Prevent Workplace Harassment

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With workplace harassment claims on the rise, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently recommended practical steps and policies to help employers reduce the number of charges filed. Harassment claims constitute approximately one-third of all charges filed with the EEOC in recent years and can take a devastating toll on employers. The EEOC recently convened a task force to investigate harassment in the workplace.

At-will employment: What are the exceptions? 


Every state except for Montana follows theat-will employment” law. This means it is legal to terminate an at-will employee for any reason outside of federal and state law protections without being required to establish cause for termination. . Discrimination.

6 Steps Leaders Can Follow to Help Stop Harassment in the Workplace

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Harassment and discrimination issues are flooding the news. What we do not hear as much about, however, is the massive impact harassment in the workplace can have on businesses. Businesses compete for both employees and customers. Employees have options, and they are no longer willing to work in organizations that allow harassment, discrimination or bullying. Here are six steps to get you on the right path. Define Harassment.

EEOC makes $56K example of employer over deaf applicant: What went wrong?

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Here’s an expensive reminder that job applicants — and not just employees — are also protected by the ADA. . The EEOC recently filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against McDonald’s Corp. and McDonald’s Restaurants of Missouri, accusing a Belton, MO, restaurant of discriminating against a job applicant because he was deaf. The EEOC claimed the restaurant’s conduct violated the ADA.

Women’s safety at Workplace

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Women’s safety and its issues are discussed and debated all around the globe. Still every year the number of reports on sexual harassment is increasing at an alarming rate. Men and boys, we show our manhood through the way we treat our women. In the past decade, women have progressively earned a higher standard in the workplace. Women are now gaining higher positions and form a big/huge section of any working sector around the globe.

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Why your sexual harassment policy needs a contingency plan

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When news broke earlier this month that McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook had been dismissed for having a consensual romantic relationship with a woman at work, it sounded like another #MeToo moment. But in the days after the termination , details emerged showing that the fast food company had prepared in advance to handle relationships between C-suite executives and subordinates. In June 2017, Jennifer reported to Formosa Plastics that John was sexually harassing her.

Regulations written for big companies make life difficult for small companies

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When crafting guidance or new regulation some consideration needs to be given to the size of the targeted company. In a great post on her blog, attorney Robin Shea talked about the new EEOC guidance on sexual harassment that was just released. You have until February 9 th to let the EEOC know what you think about it. You need to read Robin’s blog post on some comments she has about the new guidance. Training guidance.

5 HR Trends and Best Practices

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Keeping a pulse on the management, compliance and best practices associated with your most valuable assets – your human resources – is crucial when striving to become an exceptional workplace. As an organization immersed in the field of HR, we find the following five HR trends and best practices impacting the workforce today. Recruiting is the first interaction you have with and the first impression you have on your future employees. Train regularly.

The Journey to Allyship: Where to Begin


Across North America, we continue to experience the extraordinary work of racial justice movements (e.g. Black Lives Matter) and heed their collective calls for action on issues dealing with racial injustice, exclusion, and systemic discrimination. This is by no means the last step.

The most common employee documents used at trial

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How do you protect your company in the event you go to trial? Maintaining HR documents is an essential step in protecting your company, and yourself, in the event you go to court for civil litigation, criminal charges, or other investigations. In the U.S., Without the right documentation, you could be held personally liable by the court. Consistent and thorough employee documentation, training, and policies can help you avoid employee litigation.

Should Millennials Be Concerned About Age Bias – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

The regular conversations about generations in the workplace raise an issue for candidates, employees, and employers – age bias. I’ve had supervisory positions in the past. Versus competing for a job with people who are fresh out of college? Maybe the age thing is just something in my head? So I asked Jon Hyman, partner in the firm Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis based in Cleveland, Ohio if he would share his knowledge. In the U.S.,

ISM Number Two: SexISM Replayed

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Based on the headlines not much has changed. . Sexism is the second part of my series on ISM’s in Human Resources in the United States. According to Wikipedia “ Sexism, a term coined in the mid-20th century,[1] refers to the belief or attitude that one gender or sex is inferior to, less competent, or less valuable than the other.” ” ( Click here for a great discussion of the totality of the meaning of the word SEXISM.)

Women's Safety in the Workplace

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Women’s safety and its issues are discussed and debated all around the globe. Still every year the number of reports on sexual harassment is increasing at an alarming rate. Men and boys, we show our manhood through the way we treat our women. Gender discrimination.

Employment Law 2020: Are You Prepared and Protected?

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It’s a brand-new decade, and employment law changes are occurring at a breakneck speed right alongside technological innovation. But it’s important to pay attention: these potential changes affect every aspect of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement. Overtime litigation can be extremely expensive and detrimental to employers, and the Fair Labor Standards Act has been an ongoing source of uncertainty for years.

Workplace Incivility: Instituting a Culture of Respect


Unfortunately, it’s creeping into the workplace, too. In cubicles, offices, conference rooms and around the water cooler, you might witness the following types of behavior by managers and employees: Bullying and intimidation – such as spreading gossip or rumors or excluding or isolating someone socially. Intentionally undermining people – reminding subordinates of their roles and lesser titles in the organization. Fostering Kindness, Respectfulness on the Job.

The Cost of Not Training Is Higher Than You Think

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When budgets are tight, many managers believe an easier route to savings is to cut training and teambuilding services justifying other expenses in their stead. Few will question such a decision, which sends the message that these activities are an “extra” rather than a staple. This becomes a group outlook leaving the manager more “comfortable” in the short term to make such decisions without the challenge attached to other items.

Top 5 Benefits of Strategic Workforce Planning


You become more mindful in your recruitment, choosing candidates who possess the right skills and competencies, which can add immense value to the company. There are many benefits of strategic workforce planning, and here we’ll look at the top 5 advantages: 1.

Women’s Safety in the Workplace

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Women’s safety and its issues are discussed and debated all around the globe. Still every year the number of reports on sexual harassment is increasing at an alarming rate. Men and boys, we show our manhood through the way we treat our women. In the past decade, women have progressively earned a higher standard in the workplace. Women are now gaining higher positions and form a big/huge section of any working sector around the globe.

Kia Roberts of ‘Triangle Investigations’: “Everyone started somewhere”

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The past several years have been filled with breathless news stories about companies achieving extreme levels of success, seemingly overnight. Words like “meteoric” and “explosive” are being used to describe the growth trajectory of red-hot start ups. nishing her time there in the O?ce’s

Pandemic Workforce: Safety, Health, Development (SHD)

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Download the PowerPoint Presentation Here. Watch John’s full 5-star Keynote from The 2020 HR Technology Conference & Exposition here. This is an excerpt of John Sumser’s popular keynote presentation at The HR Tech Conference & Exposition in the Fall of 2020.

How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

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Last night, I found the employment law equivalent from this recent Sixth Circuit opinion. [ tl;dr: A colossal series of HR-compliance gaffes leads to a whopper of a jury verdict against the employer, which includes an award of punitive damages.]. The plaintiff, in this case, was a parcel sorter. His views on women in the workplace were, shall we say, dated. Then, in January 2012, he suggested again that the plaintiff demote herself. Did this upset the jury?

The Biggest HR Challenges for 2021


HR professionals are the cornerstone of their company’s response to the pandemic and other external issues. As we navigate a world transformed by COVID-19 and the movement for social justice, here are the key challenges to prepare for. .

Half of American employees think HR is not trustworthy

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From day one of employment, the human resources department plays a vital role in a worker’s organizational experience. In a recent study conducted by the career site Zety, half of American employees said they think their HR department is not trustworthy. Listen and learn.

How to Improve Your Onboarding Process (COVID & Remote Work Issues for 2021)


Start the new year by aligning onboarding with carefully-considered policies. Let’s discuss the issues that affect new hire onboarding. We will discuss the following broad Human Resources categories. The Human Part of Onboarding. Can the employee use personal equipment?

Overcoming Microagressions & the Bystander Effect in the Workplace

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I love helping people and being the “go to” person to make things happen. When I support my team — even in the smallest way — and it helps them succeed, my personal success soon follows. But, in the past, there have been some people along the way that seem to think that because my job title includes the word “assistant” that makes me less somehow. Over the years, I’ve grown to have thick skin, and for the most part, I can brush it off.

Understanding Systemic Racism in The Workplace: A Courageous Approach to Learning and Change.

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It takes a lot of courage to call out or confront racism in the workplace. Many say that they have nightmares about disclosing the racism they face at work and must consider clearly if they can afford to undergo the backlash, they would receive for disclosing racism they encountered at work. He was booted out from the House of Commons as if he had sworn or disrespected the other member. The Victim Defines Racism. The Lens of Privilege.

Guiding DEI principles for the Reimagined Campus

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A global pandemic has shuttered campuses, and has given way to an unprecedented beginning of the Fall semester; while also shining a glaring light on inequities in the student experience. The disparate impact of COVID-19 related deaths on communities of color . Learn More!

Urban Meyer and Ohio State Become Yet Another Cautionary Tale of What Not to Do

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Whether he will join the ranks of the unemployed, however, is yet to be determined, along with the resolution of a host of unanswered questions. The amount of information related to this story is already substantial and impossible to recount in this post, but a quick summary follows. He claimed he was first notified of the issue via text the night before. What was the result? Why was Smith fired the day McMurphy’s report came out ?

Most Important Developments In HR This Year


As 2020 approaches, we at GetFive are looking back at the year that was, through the lens of HR. We put together a list of our most popular Most Important Developments in HR posts — which we love bringing to you each week — giving you a snapshot of what we were talking about around the water cooler this year. Events of 2019 Shook Companies To Their Core – HR Was Right In The Middle. And quite the year it has been. Turns out the U.S.


How to Retain Valuable Employees

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The face of successful companies are CEOs who know exactly how to navigate their way through the dizzying world of entrepreneurship. Their success stories make it to the front pages and are printed in bold as inspiring headlines for the masses to see. But in truth, the most successful businesses are built on the backs of their employees. And sometimes, the most competent members of the team take the exit.

Survival Guide: Politics and Work

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If the Super Bowl costs US companies a billion dollars in lost productivity, imagine what the tab is for politics. The current issues touch people deeply. Some employees have quit because of the position the organization took. And candidates are deciding whether to interview there based on which side the company supports. It would be lovely if we could all just relax, get off Facebook, and get stuff done. Ask whether it is the right thing to do.