Wage Fixing Indictment Has Implications for Employers

ACA Times

3 minute read: A recent federal wage-fixing indictment against the former owner of a health care staffing company indicates that the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division is taking a closer look at the competition in labor markets.

Who Does A $15 Hourly Wage Really Help?


As New York and New Jersey raise the hourly minimum wage to $15 per hour, some economists and business owners are calling it a “well-intentioned mistake” While praised by employees, these wage increases aren’t met with as much enthusiasm by business owners, primarily in the hospitality industry, who say they will likely need to raise prices and potentially cut staff to stay afloat. an hour. The Big Effect on Small Business.


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?? 7 Things Hourly Workers Are Looking for Today

Branch Mesenger

This Shiftonomics explores how companies are rethinking how we use spaces, the latest benefits employers like Chipotle and Target are offering to attract and retain their hourly employees, and what hourly workers are looking for today. Plus, highlights from our inaugural Branch Report, which takes a look at what hourly employees value most across work, finances, and lifestyle preferences. ?? 7 Things Hourly Workers Are Looking for Today. ??Chipotle

2022 non-compete agreement law changes by state


A non-compete agreement (or non-competition agreement) is a legal contract from an employer. The agreements also prevent the employee from sharing proprietary information, sensitive information, or trade secrets with other parties. . The D.C.

Competing for new hires?You may have one surprising advantage.


Ever wonder how your small business stacks up against the competition? Or how you could ever compete with the big dogs when it comes to pay? Turns out, you may be at a greater hiring advantage than you think. . How can the smallest businesses afford a bigger paycheck?

Is Job Skills Training a Valuable Perk? Hourly Workers Say Yes

Visier - Talent Acquisition

A big part of making good on these pledges is offering job skills training to entry-level employees and hourly wage workers. Job skills training elevates workers out of poverty. It found that “48% of the young workers in the database appear to be stuck.”

Both Sides Of The Coin: The Merits & Drawbacks Of Hourly Wages


Wages and salaries constitute the core element of income for the majority of working population. A wage is a monetary compensation an employer pays to an employee in exchange for a job done. The payment may be calculated as a fixed amount for each task completed or at an hourly or daily rate or based on an easily measured quantity of the job the employee has done. Merits of Hourly Wages. Disadvantages of Hourly Wages.

Sabina Bhatia on “How Companies Help Hourly Paid Workers With Income Stress”


What should companies be doing to compete for hourly workers in today’s competitive market? Sabina Bhatia, Payactiv’s Chief Customer Officer, speaks with Linda Nazareth about why access to earned wages can ease employee financial stress. How does that solve the problem?

Top Mistakes Employers Make When Putting Together Non-Competes


Employers often want to protect their interests when employees move on to other companies, especially during an era rapidly becoming known as the “Great Resignation.” One of the ways to achieve that goal is through a non-compete agreement. Answer to see the results.

Amazon fuels minimum wage standard demands in US

HR Digest

The pandemic is slowly fading in some parts of the world with the vaccine rollout and companies again opening up for business. The reason being higher unemployment benefits, paucity of childcare options, and no immigrant labor to fill the gap.

Why You Should Consider Offering More Than Minimum Wage


In today’s competitive market, few companies can hire at the federally (or locally) set minimum wage to attract talent. The aftershock of the pandemic has shifted the way we work and the way we hire. The true cost of recruitment goes farther.

Living Wages in 2016 – How Do Employers Respond?

Astron Solutions

Seven months have passed since New York State’s minimum wage increased to $9.00 per hour, while the “fast food” minimum wage increased to $9.75 across most of the state, and to $10.50 If you do not work in the restaurant industry, or in New York State, you may think this change doesn’t affect you. In this issue of Astronology®, Astron Solutions discusses the challenges these new increases present to employers outside the fast food industry.

Farmworkers average 15 overtime hours per week, study shows


In a recent industry overtime study published by TSheets by QuickBooks, we learned that many workers around the country are putting in long days. In the last year, 28% of events managers recorded an average of 52.7 hours per week, while 33% of developers and IT professionals recorded 47.4 hours on the clock each week. As a time tracking company, TSheets is in a unique position to track and study employee hours. In the last year: .

Tired of Employee Turnover? Increase Retention with this Easy to Implement Cost-Free Solution


The numbers continue to inflate, the need to differentiate yourself from competitors is more important every year, and the cost associated with turnover can debilitate or even cripple a company. Company morale often takes a hit and a lack of engagement can burden the office.

10 Ways To Stop The Great Resignation At Your Company


Earlier this year, associate professor Anthony Klotz of Texas A&M University predicted a ‘ Great Resignation ’ would be the next challenge for American business. The Great Resignation has been trending, but it didn’t begin in May. The tight talent market has proved them right.

Hiring in a talent crisis: Money, perks and rapid onboarding

CLO Magazine

Businesses may be eager to reopen and get back to work, but the employees they’ve long relied on aren’t turning up – and it has transformed the labor marketplace. million job openings at the end of June, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

October Bureau of Labor Statistics: Unemployment, Job and Wage Growth


Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released October’s ‘Employment Situation’ report. Highlights of the report show: Unemployment remains at a historic low of 3.7%. Wages are up 3.1% year-over-year, which is the highest it’s been in over 10 years.

Top 8 Management Trends of 2021: What We Learned This Year


This year, business leaders learned to pivot, to listen, and to innovate. Here are the top eight management trends of 2021, revealing what we learned this year. Remote and hybrid work arrangements became the norm. Embracing the hybrid workplace.

20 Essential HR Policies Every Company Must Cover

Netchex HR Blog

The HR compliance landscape is continually evolving. Since people are undoubtedly complicated, companies need numerous HR policies to manage the way people work and clarify your expectations for employee behavior, performance, and development. What is the purpose of HR policies?

HR, Training and the ‘Gig’ Economy


New survey data finds few organizations are investing in their employees’ training and development these days, and I’m beginning to think the “gig economy” may have something to do with it. For those companies that are providing training, only 35 percent are offering career development opportunities online. And, according Saba, the majority of employees (57 percent) are simply getting their training from “on the job” experience.

Saba 64

Will recent pay increases for minimum wage workers affect those in higher earning brackets?

Compensation Today

Co-written by Mykkah Herner, PayScale Comp Specialist and Tess C.Taylor, Founder of HR Knows Around the nation, large corporations are taking the minimum wage issue to heart by instituting salary increases for their most underpaid workers. Companies like McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Target, and TJX, the parent company of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, have announced plans to raise wages by as much as $1 or more per hour, with more raises coming for the beginning of 2016.

How to Calculate and Reduce New Hire Turnover at Your Company

Analytics in HR

When you invest in this, the last thing you want is a new employee to quit after a few weeks or months and have to begin the hiring process all over again. The purpose of tracking new hire turnover is to determine how effective your hiring and onboarding processes are.

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Improve Employee Productivity


Improving employee productivity can be a challenge, especially when most of the employees are new joiners who are also new to the industry. Before we begin to learn about the ways to improve productivity, we need to know what employee productivity actually is.

“5 Things We Need To Do To Close The Gender Wage Gap”, with Megan McCann, CEO of McCann Partners

Thrive Global

Studies show that women are less likely to apply for a position if they don’t feel like they qualify or haven’t completed all the requirements. I had the pleasure of interviewing Megan McCann. Megan is the CEO of leading IT recruitment firm McCann Partners , which she founded in 2011.

Hiring in a talent crisis: Money, perks and rapid onboarding

Chief Learning Officer - Talent Management

Businesses may be eager to reopen and get back to work, but the employees they’ve long relied on aren’t turning up — and it has transformed the labor marketplace. million job openings at the end of June, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

HR Consultancy – Best Option for Small Enterprises


Here are some of the benefits in employing a third-party provider of human resources support services. . The HR consultant can take care of hiring qualified personnel to perform vital responsibilities for a small business.

“Online Shopping.” with Jayneel Patel

Thrive Global

I believe that there won’t be a complete transformation towards online shopping but e-commerce will become omnichannel. Both online and offline channels have their own conveniences that should not be seen as exclusively exploitable opportunities.

At-will employment: What are the exceptions? 


Every state except for Montana follows theat-will employment” law. This means it is legal to terminate an at-will employee for any reason outside of federal and state law protections without being required to establish cause for termination. .

The Daily Rundown: Gen Z, Gender Wage Gap, Benefits of Small Business Saturday


New Kids on the Block: Gen Zers looking for work . Hiring managers, take note: the kids of Generation Z are all grown up and ready to work — all 65 million of them. The Number: 1997. Georgia home to the largest gender wage gap for entrepreneurs. The good news?

The Job Market Continues to Tighten, but Wage Growth Remains Flat


On Friday, we learned that US employers added a whopping 220,000 jobs while wage growth for hourly workers continued to remain below trend at 2.5% This is a remarkable time for the labor market. Since October 2010, the U.S. Yet, during this job expansion, wages for hourly workers have grown on average 2.2% This is notably less than the 3% growth rate of the 2000s, the heady 3.2% growth rate of the 1990s, and the 3.3%

Training and Balance are Key at the Best Workplaces in Retail

Great Place to Work

Leading retailers treat their people better, and employees give a lot more back to the company. Front-line workers in the shopping sector have scored some meaningful victories of late. The Mall of America will remain closed this Thanksgiving for the first time since 2012. That echoes actions by the New York attorney general and a similar law passed in San Francisco two years ago. Learn how you can become Great Place to Work® Certified.

HR Consultancy – Best Option for Small Enterprises


Here are some of the benefits in employing a third-party provider of human resources support services. . The HR consultant can take care of hiring qualified personnel to perform vital responsibilities for a small business. This service provider knows how to make the practice more efficient and economical for a growing organization. The consultant’s primary job is to put in place a systematic screening process for applicants and find the perfect individual for the position. .

How Main Street is recovering from Omicron— and 10 ways owners can fast-track a rebound


COVID’s two-year run has had a devastating impact on many small businesses and hourly workers, with the latest Omicron surge presenting further staffing issues and setbacks. . Fortunately, our research has also shown a quick recovery from the worst of Omicron. In the news

pink hair at a job interview, coworkers who don’t knock, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, pink hair at a job interview, coworkers who don’t knock, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. Pink hair at a job interview. He’s going to apply for forklift driver or loading or manufacturing, something not in the direct public eye.

Seven Papers at Economics Conference Draw on Burning Glass Data

Burning Glass Technologies

Seven academic papers using Burning Glass job-postings data, including two by Burning Glass Chief Economist Bledi Taska, were presented at the American Economic Association’s annual conference this past weekend. For more information about the papers and the conference visit ASSA 2020.

The most common employee documents used at trial

Business Management Daily

How do you protect your company in the event you go to trial? Maintaining HR documents is an essential step in protecting your company, and yourself, in the event you go to court for civil litigation, criminal charges, or other investigations. In the U.S., Training.

What makes people happy at work?


Everybody wants to be happy at work. According to the World Happiness Report (WHR), an annual study that attempts to measure causes of happiness around the world, simply having a job is a major step toward happiness. But what makes people happy at work? Predictably, higher wages are tied to higher levels of worker satisfaction. ” But though researchers agree that higher wages make people happier, they are only one part of a larger picture.

Charging employees for training? The CFPB wants to know

Business Management Daily

I’ve been through lots of employer training. There was the afternoon course over several weeks teaching new hires how to write according to the company’s style guide. (It But this was back in the dim mists of antiquity. The CFPB is soliciting comments through Sept.

How To Hire Summer Interns: Create A Successful Internship Program At Your Company

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

The interns can apply their schooling in a real world environment. The managers that supervise the interns can improve training and mentoring skills. An internship is a structured learning experience for a college student. Interns may be paid a wage or earn course credit. Unpaid internships are becoming less common in the United States. This is because employment laws require that interns be paid a wage in most situations.

Look at Workplace Experience Through Your Employees’ Eyes

Brandon Hall

As employers focus on driving business growth, the top people priorities for most organizations are assessing and driving employee engagement, according to Brandon Hall Group research. We define engagement as an “outcome driven by the quality of employee experiences,” which means nearly everything employees touch during their tenure, from onboarding to technology to their relationships with managers and leaders, and everything in between. Current State.