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5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Recruiting From The Cloud

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As we all know, recruitment is a competitive game. At any given time there are a limited number of vacancies and promising job seekers, while the number of recruiters competing for them is only on the up. When it comes to getting ahead and staying ahead, cloud-based recruitment systems are the best solution. Here are 5 important reasons why you need to be recruiting from the cloud now. Recruit Everywhere. JobAdder is a global recruitment platform.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018

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We received a lot of interest in the post given this data set hadn’t been explored before, and figured it was time for an update! There are so many applicant tracking systems (ATS) out there. We hope the data presented here will help you get a sense for the overall market. The Data Set. The data set comes from Datanyze , a sales and investing intelligence platform. The following pie chart shows the top 20 ATS’s by market share as of March 2018. JobAdder.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems

NextWave Hire

We wanted to shed some light on the nebulous ATS landscape with a bit of data around marketshare, who’s growing the most, and who’s customers are staying the longest. Please use this data to widdle down your list to those solutions that are most relevant to your business. We hope it’ll help you find the best ATS for your company! The Data Set. Our data set comes from Datanyze , a sales and investing intelligence platform. ATS Market Share.