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5 Things Gen Z Employees Expect From Employers

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Don’t fall for the misconception that because Gen Z employees are younger, they will be satisfied with anything as long as it is packaged in a fun way. These employees are driven and ambitious and will expect more than fun team building activities – yes, even the destination ones – to stay truly motivated. . Gen Z’s needs in the workplace are different from those of generations before them. Flexibility at work. A fair wage.

Older Professionals Often Face Discrimination at Work — Here's Why Your Company Should Change That

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Six out of 10 older workers have experienced or witnessed age discrimination at work, says a 2018 report by the U.S. And stereotypes about older workers — like the idea that they can’t keep pace or lack digital savvy — can have serious consequences. In the United States, 56% of workers over 50 leave their jobs involuntarily. Recent research from the Stanford Graduate School of Business finds that 40% of U.S. But make sure it doesn’t say the wrong thing.

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A Guide To Having Engaged Employees & Why It Matters

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Employee engagement – what does it mean to you as a business owner? Have you even taken the time to think about your company’s practices when it comes to your employees? You can have a great benefits package, offer a decent wage, and still end up with high turnover rates. Employee engagement is essential to keeping your employees and creating a work environment where your team is happy. An engaged employee is one who is happy.

14 Ways to Invest in your Employees in 2020

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As a business owner, employee turnover doesn’t just take up your time, but it also eats into your margins and by losing good people your business is worse off. The simple truth is that if you’re not taking the time to invest in those around, you’re neglecting the future of your business. Investing in the workforce is a vital part of creating an engaged team and keeping hold of good people. 2) Onboard New Employees Quickly.

The Top Human Resources Topics #HRtalk


What are the HR topics most frequently mentioned in social updates (e.g., during the last three months? This post has the answer. This means we analyzed every tweet for each Twitter ID including the shared content. Finally, we analyzed RSS feeds for about 2,000 HR blogs and other media properties in the HR, recruiting and benefits space. From this data we identified the most popular human resource topics for the last three months. Team Building.