Event Recap: Building a Hybrid Staffing Model


Wednesday’s at 2PM CST From May 5 – June 2. Events HireOur second installment of our “Reimagining the Workforce” series took place this week, and if you missed it, it’s a great one to check out.

Event Recap: May 2021 Hireology Product Webinar


We’ve got the recording below for you to watch at your leisure. Events ProductDid you make it to our May product webinar all about what’s new in the Hireology platform?


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ATS 52

UKG Fall 2020 eSymposium: A FREE Learning Event for #HR and #Payroll Pros

HR Bartender

(Editor’s Note: Today’s article is brought to you by our friends at UKG – Ultimate Kronos Group. Regular readers of this blog know that our friends at UKG have been offering a free educational event for human resources and payroll professionals each spring and fall for the past few years.

UKG 329

Finding Gratitude in the Face of Uncertainty? Inoculating Your Brain Against Anxiety and Stress

Speaker: Devin C. Hughes

Have you noticed that some people are able to maintain a relatively positive attitude regardless of what’s happening around them ? Like everyone, they can appreciate the good times, but they also seem to be able to focus on the positive in the face of so much uncertainty and what seems like a string of daily negative events. Fortunately, a positive attitude can be cultivated, with a little practice. Although we are born with specific temperamental tendencies, the brain is a muscle, and you can strengthen your mind’s natural tendency toward optimism if you work at it. And also, fortunately, working on building your "gratitude muscle" can be enjoyable in itself. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or just want to increase your happiness, you can learn how in just a few minutes a day! Join Devin C. Hughes, keynote speaker and author of "Simple Tips to Be a Happier YOU: Scientifically Proven to Help You Everyday," and learn the real, tangible, and practical ways that you can apply immediately to get on the highway to true happiness at work or home.

Event Recap: What to Expect in the New Applicant Economy


As the economy recovers from the pandemic, we sit at the start line of a powerful economic resurgence that’s predicted to be the strongest we’ve seen in decades. Wednesday’s at 2PM CST From May 5 – June 2. Attract Events

Event Recap: Building a Brand For Job Seekers


Our CEO delivered a great message at our Building a Brand For Job Seekers webinar, so if you didn’t get the chance to attend, you can watch it below! Events Hire

Event Activities at ACE 2018 in Toronto, October 23-24


Join us at Achievers Customer Experience (ACE) 2018 , the leading employee engagement and recognition conference in North America. Our incredible two-day conference is going to be in Toronto, so make plans to be at the Delta Toronto Hotel from October 23-24. Tiffany Dufu is a catalyst-at-large in the world of women’s leadership. Stay tuned for more updates and details on ACE 2018 , as well as a series of guest blogs from featured speakers at this year’s event.

ATS 121

Virtual Hiring Events Explained


What is a virtual hiring event? A virtual hiring event is an opportunity for an employer to connect with multiple candidates during a set timeframe, but via video conferencing instead of in-person. . Why virtual hiring events are here to stay. Step 3: Host your event.

How to Run Virtual HR Events, Find Sponsors, and More: A Guide for Volunteer Leaders


Note: today’s post is geared towards volunteer leaders at SHRM chapters, ATD groups, HR state councils, event planners, and other membership organizations and associations serving fthe HR/talent professional. The Do It Yourself Approach for Online HR Events.

Think Outside of the Proverbial Box: Harness the Power of Data in D&I Recruitment

Speaker: Gabriel Hitt, Senior Employer Brand Advisor, Universum Global

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that change can happen quickly and at any time. As the events of social injustice have served as a catalyst for many organizations to refocus on D&I recruitment strategy, it’s important to take a step back and think outside of the proverbial “come work for us because diversity is important right now” box. While there are proven best practices, lasting and impactful results are achieved through differentiation, authenticity, and creativity. Join Gabriel Hitt as he discusses how you can build an effective D&I recruitment strategy by harnessing the power of data and keeping the interests of your audience at heart.



Most Popular Sporting Events to Bet On

Take It Personel-ly

Looking at the betting action on individual competitions and tournaments is one way to remedy this. Business Lifestyle bet betting betting sites football gambling online betting online business world online gambling online gaming business popular sports sporting events sports super bowl UFC

ATS 55

Event Recap: Building a People Strategy for a Post-COVID World


Were you able to attend our webinar about how to build a people strategy at your dealership as the pandemic comes to an end? EventsWe’ve attached the recording so you can rewatch the content anytime.

Top 10 Employee Engagement Events to Attend

Achievers - Recruiting

If you’re looking for a great way to stay up to date on the latest HR trends, network with peers, and keep your certification credits up to date, consider attending one (or more) of the following employee engagement events. Every event listed below is being held virtually so you can attend from anywhere. Achievers will be at all of these employee engagement events and more. About the event : This is a must-have when it comes to employee engagement events to attend.

8 Unconventional Ideas for Your Next Workplace Event

Take It Personel-ly

Office parties have a bad reputation for being boring, somber events where everyone feels a little awkward. To be fair, many of them are tedious, especially when employees just want to go home after a long day at the office.

ATS 72

Ringing in the New Year: 10 Things HR Should Do Now

Speaker: Kirsten Goulde SHRM-SCP, M.S., Principal, K. Goulde & Associates,

From #MeToo to the mid-terms, 2018 was a banner year for significant events and momentous societal movements that should make HR practitioners sit up and take notice. HR’s role in protecting organizations as well as their human assets is a complicated business, yet so necessary particularly during tumultuous times. Here are areas for HR to focus to help ensure their companies are on the right track for 2019.

Hosting an Outdoor Event at Your Workplace: 6 Points to Remember

Take It Personel-ly

With a little preparation, you can create an exceptional outdoor event your co-workers and supervisors will enjoy. Here’s a look at six points […]. There’s much to consider before you throw a party for your workplace.

ATS 60

Event Activities at UK HR Directors Summit in Birmingham, February 6-7, 2018


As an organization that lives and breathes employee engagement and sees the business benefits first-hand of the power of putting people at the heart of the strategy, this is welcome news. And with an amazing line-up of keynote speakers, it is a must-attend event for any senior HR professional looking to get inspired and motivated for the year ahead.


Event Activities at the 7th Annual ACE 2016


With that in mind, we’d like to invite you to come join us at our biggest event of the year, Achievers Customer Experience (ACE) 2016 ! The event kicks off with the 6th Annual Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces Awards Gala, and features inspirational keynotes, educational sessions and real-world examples of program success. Stay tuned for more updates and details on ACE 2016, as well as a series of guest blogs from featured customers and speakers at this year’s event.

ATS 104

Event Activities at ACE 2017 in New Orleans, September 12-13, 2017


If your organization is suffering in business-critical areas such as those described above, please join us at our biggest event of the year, Achievers Customer Experience (ACE) 2017. Our incredible two-day conference is calling The Big Easy home this year, so make plans to be at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans on September 12-13. The same challenges are found in business: markets change, customer needs evolve and if you do not adapt quickly your company is at risk.

A Guide to Virtual Recruiting Events Post-Pandemic

Speaker: Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research and Advisory

Join Ben Eubanks, HR Analyst of Lighthouse Research and Advisory, as he reveals fresh studies on virtual recruiting and shares his insight on the data. Don't miss this opportunity to see the future of your company and its talent.

Webinar: Internal communications and human resources: why they’re stronger together at building employee engagement



Performance Reviews Are a Process Not an Event

HR Bartender

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at SilkRoad , a leading global provider of cloud-based, end-to-end talent management solutions. After reading SilkRoad’s 2015 Performance Management survey , I think part of the challenge is that 55 percent of organizations viewed performance reviews as an “event” versus a process. Events are defined as “a thing that happens.” As such, the outcomes of an event can change regularly.

6 Ways Not to Treat a Speaker at Your Event!

The Tim Sackett Project

Really, you are asking me to come to speak at your conference, but then you are only going to give me access to your conference the one day you actually have me speaking? Put limits on expenses that are so under market you are now turning me into a spendthrift to attend your event. .

Privacy Policy – HRO Today Events

HRO Today

Personal Information Collected for HRO Today Events. Once you register, your information will be retained in our registration database where you can update it at any time. By downloading a program agenda you are subscribing to receive information on future SharedXpertise Media / HRO Today events. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time. You will be notified on the registration form and/or event website if the event you are attending is a sponsored event.

Enriching the Employee Experience

Speaker: Isaac Mallory, Director of Sales & Business Development at HR Performance Solutions, and Jennifer Dickey, HR Consultant and speaker for HR Performance Solutions

Whether you’re more inclined to follow the Bureau of Labor unemployment rate at 4.1%, or put more stock into Gallup’s “real unemployment” metric sitting at 7.9%, the implications are clear; the American workforce has options.

10 Tips for Putting on a Kick-Butt Virtual Event


We live in a remote world – a world in which organizations must find ways to hold events and conferences that engage and educate attendees without driving event planners insane in the process. Tips for Planning and Facilitating an Amazing Virtual Event.

Terryberry Hosts Virtual Event to Recognize Employees


Like many things in 2020, Terryberry’s employee recognition event this year was unconventional. At the same time, we’ve had to re-think traditional ways of celebrating together. Terryberry addressed this by pivoting to a virtual event to recognize employees.

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6 Tips to Ensure Your Virtual Event Beats Your In Person One


Because it’s 2020 – and at this point, we’re all used to the added stress and chaos and know that we need to bring extra creativity to how we work. Mastering the Large-Scale Event. Elevating the Virtual Event Experience. Now think about your virtual event.

Hits and Misses of Virtual Recruiting Events


Recruiting events are a powerful tool to engage with your talent pipeline and set your employer brand apart. This shift is not temporary: it’s projected that 80 percent of recruiting events will be virtual for the foreseeable future.

How COVID-19 Accelerated the Cultural Transition to Remote Events


Social distancing guidelines have forced events, conferences, and schools gatherings to convert to virtual, prompting the consideration about how these in-person gatherings will return to a “new normal” in a post-pandemic world. How Events Are Going Virtual Now.

The Secret to Low-Stress Recruiting Events


There has been some talk about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) becoming obsolete. Recruiting Events RecruitingThis sounds incredibly dreary, and likely makes HR managers and recruiters wonder what on earth will be next. The truth is, some HR technology will surely stick around after being transformed into something more useful and relevant to modern recruiting.

6 Icebreakers to Encourage Collaboration at Work Events


They are a great way for a group to warm up and feel comfortable contributing ideas in a meeting, workshop, or any collaborative event. ” At the beginning of the event, play a snippet of each song and encourage the rest of the participants to guess whose song it is. If it’s a longer meeting, you can space out the song snippets to re-energize the group throughout the event. This activity works well if the main event requires thinking outside of the box.

ATS 138

What Team Event Activities Strengthen Teamwork

Effortless HR

Team building events enable staff and team members to provide skills, resources, and training for your people to work in cohesion and succeed. Team events and activities have one goal, to strengthen teamwork and improve workplace cohesion. Read original post at Effortless HR Software.

Change of Plans: Updates on Degreed Events


Current events have certainly altered life as we know it. Like many, we’ve postponed all of our upcoming events and transitioned them to virtual discussions and meetups. The safety and health of our clients, employees and community will remain our first priority at Degreed.

Guide to Personalised Corporate Gifting at Digital Events | Xoxoday


Here are some personalized corporate gift ideas that always live up to the mark at digital events How to keep it personal yet business-- digitally?

Avoiding work social events


You’re sitting at your desk, plugging away on an important project, head down and headphones in. Imagine this. You’re in the zone

ATS 56