Help EmployeeScreenIQ with its 6th annual Employment Background Screening Survey

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EmployeeScreenIQ is conducting its 6th annual Employment Background Screening Survey. According to the company: In its 2015 survey, EmployeeScreenIQ again sets out to capture the various influences on employers'' hiring practices and how they respond when adverse information is revealed. What type of criminal history or resume discrepancy is egregious enough to disqualify a job candidate? Every now again I get to do something nice for people I like.

The Hot Potatoes Of Social Screening


The context, which I did take 30 seconds to digest, was a story about a police officer that had been cut up by an assailant (not sure if it was true or not and didn’t take the time to fact check). My father was an officer and police detective for over 30 years, and he always told me that he’d rather face a “bad guy or gal” holding a gun than wielding a knife, because at least with the gun you knew where it was pointing. “The vacant laugh. Of true insanity.


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Dos & Don’ts of Screening Your Candidates Online


Should employers use social media to screen candidates? However, there are pros and cons to utilizing social media and search engines in the hiring process, and hiring managers want to know— to snoop or not to snoop? A significant portion of employers do use social media but not for screening job candidates. Far fewer employers — just 20 percent — use social sites or online search engines to screen job candidates. Do beware of TMI (too much information).

#TChat Preview: Legally Leverage Social Media In Recruitment


Where’s the first place most recruiters go today when screening a candidate? They search for them via social media to see what’s up in the virtual world — even if they don’t admit it (or admit they based hiring decisions on what they find). The fact is, employers can easily find professional or personal information on a job candidate with just a few clicks. Angela Preston: Congress Critical Of EEOC’s Policy Towards Background Checks.

Your Job Candidate Has Criminal Record? Don’t Panic.


It’s that alarming moment when the background check reveals that your top job candidate has a criminal record. Believe it or not, a criminal record does not mean that your candidate is over and done with. In fact, there are five key steps that will help you determine whether or not your candidate should be disqualified and, at the same time, how you can stay compliant with state and federal screening laws.

WIRTW #356 (the “rock hall” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

via Workplace Prof Blog Showdown At The Fifth Circuit Continues: Texas Gets The Last Word On Its Challenge To The EEOC’s Criminal Background Guidance — via EEOC Year-End Countdown Everything old is new again: How the EEOC is reinventing itself — via Oregon Business Social Media & Workplace Technology What To Do When a Fired Employee is Badmouthing Your Company — via Wait…What Did He Say? (Or, You may have heard that Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

WIRTW #350 (the “bad reputation” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

If you love live music and find yourself looking for something to do on January 18 at 3 pm, or January 24 at 1 pm, School of Rock Strongsville will be presenting The Music of Joan Jett, featuring my very own Norah Hyman on guitar and vocals. on the west bank of Cleveland’s rejuvenating Flats (a venue worth checking out if you haven’t yet been there). Here’s what I read over the past few weeks: Discrimination Is It Harassment To Post Nutritional Information On A Co-Worker’s Chair? —