Introducing: Two New BambooHR Reports


Because of that, we’ve created two new BambooHR reports so you can see into the future and past for historical data and time-off balances. The post Introducing: Two New BambooHR Reports appeared first on. We know you’re always striving to improve and evolve.

BambooHR iOS App Supports Password Managers


At BambooHR, it’s important to us that our customers are able to access our HR system on the go. […]. The post BambooHR iOS App Supports Password Managers appeared first on BambooHR Blog.

Build Dynamic Org Charts with Pingboard’s BambooHR Integration


We’re excited to share with you that we’ve built a BambooHR integration for Pingboard! This means that if you’re a current Pingboard customer who uses BambooHR, you’ll have less manual work to do! .

BambooHR Strategic Partnership and SSO Integration


And a key to Teamatics' success as a SaaS platform is the ability to integrate with existing data sets within our client's organizations. While there are many potential HRIS platforms to choose from, we chose BambooHR as our first integration partner.

Hireology Announces Integration Partnership with BambooHR


Hireology is excited to announce an integration partnership with BambooHR, the industry’s leading software provider dedicated to powering the strategic evolution of HR for small and medium businesses. About BambooHR.

How Does BambooHR’s API Work? [VIDEO]


So today we want to clarify how we share data to and from third-party systems. To best serve our customers who use multiple systems, BambooHR has acquired many technology partners over the years. The post How Does BambooHR’s API Work? VIDEO] appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR exporting data HR software HR system hris hrms HRN importing data integration technology partners third-party system

How HRIS Data Helps HR Leaders Answer Tough Questions


Many of these tools have analytics and reporting capabilities, however, HR leaders are unable to see data from different systems together in one place. Viewing all of your HR data in the same system enables powerful people insights. Looking to get more from your HR and performance data?

Data 130

Joining forces with BambooHR: Our new integration saves time and kickstarts automated learning

Grovo HR

Today, we’re pleased to announce our new HRIS integration with BambooHR. HR and L&D admins will now be able to seamlessly sync employee data from BambooHR to Grovo and automatically trigger customized learning assignments with Grovo Campaigns for onboarding, management training, compliance, and more. Interested in becoming a Grovo or BambooHR customer? And if you’re in the market for HR software with heart, get a demo of BambooHR here.

Grovo 20

Meet Sherpany—A Customer Success Study


That’s why we were surprised and thrilled with BambooHR, a solution with a simple user interface and an easy integration of known processes such as recruiting and gives us all the flexibility any startup needs. The post Meet Sherpany—A Customer Success Study appeared first on BambooHR Blog.

Study 81

Meet Beans and Brews—A Customer Success Study [VIDEO]


But to grow, it needed BambooHR for sharing accurate employee information and reports. The post Meet Beans and Brews—A Customer Success Study [VIDEO] appeared first on BambooHR Blog. Beans and Brews has a homegrown recipe for creating exceptional customer experiences.

Study 76

Meet Disqus—A Customer Success Study [VIDEO]


Attracting talented people has been essential to the success of BambooHR customer, Disqus. BambooHR makes it easy to streamline administrative tasks so the Disqus community can stay in the creative zone.

Study 67

Our Latest Product Updates To Encourage Employee Development, Accountability, & Alignment


BambooHR Integration. This leads to wasted administrative time, siloed data, and a poor employee user experience. That’s why we integrated with BambooHR , a best-in-class software provider powering the strategic evolution of HR in small to medium sized businesses.

A Data Person’s Take on Compference16

Compensation Today

Rusty Lindquist, Vice President of HCM Strategy and Intellectual Property at BambooHR, spoke about the importance of strategic HR in today’s world and one topic he covered was the “Suck Threshold.” Current Events PayScale compference compference 2016 compference16 data millennials

Data 68

10 Data-Driven Ways to Improve Employee Engagement


In this article, we’ll demystify employee engagement, delve into its advantages, share data-driven methods to improve employee engagement, and challenge you to examine your own practices. and reviewing the data, share the results with your teams.

Have Holes in your Employee Data? [Hints & Tips Video Series]


We at BambooHR love knowing our software helps save you time every single day. Because we want to make sure you’re using BambooHR in the best possible way, we’re bringing you another Hints & Tips Video. The post Have Holes in your Employee Data? Hints & Tips Video Series] appeared first on BambooHR Blog. Today’s tip is for companies that are growing fast, have a lot of turnover or just have a ton […].

Benefits Insights and Analytics Software

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Aberdeen conducts extensive data collection and research on hundreds of software sectors. Our data and research coverage includes factors such as: buyer demand; buyer selection preferences; buyer perception of vendors; market share; and a range of end-user and buyer behaviors.

SHRM15 Top 3 Takeaways: Big Data, HR Tech, and JHUD

Compensation Today

HR Technology is Powered by People Walking through the exhibit, I saw some great products that are really working to help move human resources forward - BambooHR , Empower , and Payclarity, to name a few. Real-time Data: Is There Any Other Kind? It’s not enough to have big data.

Webinar Recap: Cultivate A Healthy Company By Focusing On Employee Growth And Development


For insights on how to take those next steps, I recently produced a webinar with Cassie Whitlock, Director of HR at BambooHR, Joe Mechlinski, Founder and CEO of Shift, and moderated by Tawni Reed, HR generalist, BambooHR. But don’t just use external data, look at your internal data too.

Zenefits Alternatives for HR

TrustRadius HR

BambooHR. BambooHR is an all-encompassing HR suite targeted towards small businesses. To learn about BambooHR’s customizable packaging and pricing , contact the company directly. This system has allowed our organization to process data in real-time.”.

33 (Free) Online Classes for HR Development


The post 33 (Free) Online Classes for HR Development appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR big data business trends communication data analysis finance free classes HR HR Development HR strategy human resources negotiations organizational leadership professional development“Be more strategic!” Take your seat at the table.” Keep up with best practices.” Thought leaders keep preaching to the HR choir about sharpening skills.

ADP Workforce Now Alternatives for HR

TrustRadius HR

This cloud-based software offers human resource tools, payroll and tax payments, scheduling and time tracking, benefits management, and data-driven reporting. BambooHR. BambooHR is an all-encompassing HR suite targeted towards small businesses.

ADP 52

10 Years Later: Are People Really More Productive Working Remotely? (Infographic)


Many of the changes have been recorded and analyzed in BambooHR’s recent series of infographics, Then and Now: How a Decade Changed the Workplace. And what data did the rest of the survey reveal? We did it!

How To Measure HR Software ROI for Your Company


In the data-driven age, every line of business is under increasing […]. The post How To Measure HR Software ROI for Your Company appeared first on BambooHR Blog. Returns are hard to measure in human resources.

The Future of Workforce Planning

HR Daily Advisor

Research from BambooHR found that employee recognition is the top factor when motivating employees in the workplace. Thanks to cloud services for data analytics, scenario planning, and predictive technologies, it doesn’t have to be this way.

HRTech Practitioners Love, JD Conway's Favorite WorkTech

Select Software Reviews

We recently chatted with BambooHR’s head of Talent Acquisition JD Conway about what HRTechnology he’s using, as well as some general advice on how to buy HRTech. For context, BambooHR is a 500 person venture backed software company based in Salt Lake City, UT.

What if you Paid Your Employees to Be Financially Savvy?

HR Daily Advisor

Leading HR software provider BambooHR strongly believes that having good financial health is critical for its employees to not only live a less stressful life, but to help them do great work while on the clock. “According to a recent study , 78 percent of full-time U.S.

21 HR Tools for Employee Engagement & Workforce Planning


Employee Data Management. BambooHR. BambooHR , which collects and organizes data acquired throughout the entire employee life cycle, is designed to free HR employees up so they can focus more on people and less on processes.

The Top 4 Onboarding Software Options for HR Superstars


The system captures data from word documents or pdfs and self populates data fields. BambooHR. BambooHR is a full-service HR software complete with performance management and time-off tracking. What sets BambooHR’s onboarding features apart is the employee self-service.

[eBook] The Employee Experience Journey

Spark Hire

Applicant tracking systems, video interviewing, performance management systems, and employee experience data let you and your candidates develop a mutual understanding.

eBook 85

Onboarding: Your Upfront Investment in Employee Performance


Companies are embracing technology to take an innovative employee-experience approach versus the age old employee data management method of onboarding. BambooHR research backs up this statistic. This observation is corroborated by the data.

Employee Survey Reveals These Top 10 ‘Bad Boss’ Leadership Qualities For Managers To Avoid


But now there’s finally some data to back up the anecdote. A recent employee survey by BambooHR has revealed that 44% of employees said that a boss had been the primary reason they left a previous job. We’ve all heard the old adage, People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.

Survey 113

Hireology 2018 Year in Review: See How Our Customers Saved Time and Money While Driving Quality Applicants


BambooHR. BambooHR is an industry-leading software provider dedicated to powering the strategic evolution of HR for small and medium businesses. With Hireology and BambooHR, HR managers can save time, reduce errors and improve data access.

How Managers Should Respond to ‘I Found a Salary Report Online’

Compensation Today

This is an excerpt from our recent ebook collaboration with BambooHR entitled Everything You Need to Know About Communicating Pay. Not all data sources are created equally. The first thing to know about online salary reports is that not all data sources are created equally.

Everything You Need to Know About Communicating Pay [New eBook]

Compensation Today

Using data to back up positions and decisions. Compensation can be a sensitive, and therefore scary, topic. Emotions frequently run high in these conversations, and pay decisions touch every level of the organization: employee, manager, HR/comp pros and executives.

eBook 75

A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech

Littal Shemer

BambooHR. About the author: Littal Shemer Haim brings Data Science into HR activities, to guide organizations to base decision-making about people on data. A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech. Sailing the rough seas of HR-Tech solutions? This List may be your lighthouse.

Glint 93