8 Influential Employee Engagement Trends for 2019


Employee engagement will be one of the most important differentiators for organizations in 2019, and it’s an issue that nearly every organizational leader has thought about recently. It’s the emotional commitment an employee has to their role, their organization, and stakeholders.

Our Latest Product Updates To Encourage Employee Development, Accountability, & Alignment


Today we have evolved into a complete performance management solution to keep pace with trends in employee engagement and people-centric management. Here are several of our latest product initiatives and feature upgrades. BambooHR Integration. Employee-led 1-on-1s.

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10 Data-Driven Ways to Improve Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is one of the most popular yet misunderstood organizational topics. It’s a key competitive differentiator in the modern business landscape, and unsurprisingly, highly-engaged teams perform much better than their counterparts. How engaged are they?

BambooHR and GoalSpan Team Up


Only one in eight workers feels engaged at work. So not only do you probably have more than a few of them taking up space at your office, but they’re affecting your company by being less productive, taking more sick days and they’ll be staying a lot less time (which is probably a good thing […]. The post BambooHR and GoalSpan Team Up appeared first on BambooHR Blog.

Use Psychology to Increase Employee Engagement


You don’t need a degree in psychology to be a good manager, but having at least a basic understanding of psychology can make you better at managing employees. It can also make your organization more efficient, more productive, and filled with more strong leaders. Put simply, knowing how to work with your employees’ personalities can […]. The post Use Psychology to Increase Employee Engagement appeared first on BambooHR Blog.

21 HR Tools for Employee Engagement & Workforce Planning


There are several tools available across multiple areas of HR that can make a huge difference in engagement, productivity, organization, and beyond. Employee Data Management. BambooHR. Onboarding New Employees. Managing Employee Retirement Benefits.

Taking Care Of Every Employee So They Bring Their Whole Self To Work


When one area of an employee’s life feels neglected, it has a tendency to become the only thing that person can focus on. Because of this, there has been a push for organizations to make sure employees are fully taken care of in their personal lives as well as their professional lives.

Webinar Recap: Cultivate A Healthy Company By Focusing On Employee Growth And Development


Yes, this is going to be a metaphor about employee growth and development.). You have to ensure the work environment is one that focuses on employee growth and development. That the culture is one where employees can be themselves and be heard.

4 Simple Ways To Engage Your Millennial Employees


Unless you’re allergic to business buzzwords , you are probably aware of the employee engagement dilemma facing companies worldwide. Likewise, many organizations are adjusting to the needs and desires of the next generation of employees known as millennials.

Onboarding: The Power of Career-Development Programs


The post Onboarding: The Power of Career-Development Programs appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR brand awareness career development company culture competitive advantage employee engagement employee growth employee performance hiring HR human resources millennials onboarding pre-boarding productivity recruiting retention strategic HR

Get Your Boss on Board with Reward and Recognition


You may have noticed that we’re huge advocates of employee recognition. Sometimes that includes rewarding them, but mainly we love the idea that you can motivate and inspire employees in a positive way. Not only is it great for the employee being recognized, but it’s a really fun place for HR or managers to be […]. The post Get Your Boss on Board with Reward and Recognition appeared first on BambooHR Blog.

Do You Value Professional Development?


Professional development is important for every employee. In our most recent study, we learned that while HR professionals are spending most of their time managing employees, they’d […]. appeared first on BambooHR Blog.

How to Welcome New Employees with Effective Onboarding


When your organization helps employees feel welcome during the onboarding process, you’re creating conditions that can lead to deep emotional connections. Of course, the same mechanics determine the impressions employees form during the recruitment process. Employee Engagement

Turning New Hires into Engaged Employees – 3 Quick Tips for Success


Studies on turnover estimate that when an employee leaves a company, it can cost the organization between 30 to 250 percent of that person’s annual salary due to factors like loss of productivity and other associated replacement costs.

10 Years Later: Are People Really More Productive Working Remotely? (Infographic)


Many of the changes have been recorded and analyzed in BambooHR’s recent series of infographics, Then and Now: How a Decade Changed the Workplace. Seven out of ten employees now feel that they receive meaningful recognition at work, which is a 16% increase from ten years ago. We did it!

How to Celebrate Employee Birthdays in the Workplace


So the question isn’t, “Should companies celebrate their employees’ birthdays?” Rather, companies should be asking how they should celebrate employees’ birthdays. These events are opportunities to better engage employees and show them they’re appreciated members of the team.

A Guide to Planning the Best Offsite Meeting


This begs the question: what is it that makes an offsite meeting productive and memorable? When the way you spend time and resources on an offsite activity confirms what you value, it can strengthen how your employees feel about your culture. Developing your employee offsite strategy.

The importance of employee recognition


The importance of employee recognition is often overlooked – are you aware of the impact? Employee recognition is essential for motivating, retaining and fully engaging our employees. What employee recognition is – and what it isn’t.

The Ultimate Guide to HR Software in 2018

Rallyware for Human Resources

The hiring managers’ job is facilitated due to the mobile app which allows them to screen, engage, and hire candidates even when on the go. Onboarding is much more than just the first-day orientation of a newly hired employee. BambooHR helps to empower your employees right from the first day. Once new employees log into the system, they can participate in all events, training, and discussions. Employee Engagement.

What Truly Motivates Employees


Employees who go above and beyond are the dream of any hiring manager. Is doing so some kind of innate quality only a gifted few possess , or is it something that’s brought out of everyday employees? What motivates employees to do better? Engaging, Interesting Work.

Happiness at Work Is Contagious [INFOGRAPHIC]


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9 Ways You Can Give New Hires “Insider Tips”

SAP Innovation

Not feeling accepted in with the existing team can actually hold new hires back from becoming productive. Arrange to have the new hire shadow you (or another employee who has a similar job function). But even employees in different departments can feel cohesive.

5 Most Important Ways To Recognize Your Employees

SAP Innovation

One of the most satisfying parts of being in HR or management is getting opportunities to make employees feel good. You can get a lot of mileage out of a little effort when you focus on employee recognition in the right way—and timing has to be just right.

What Truly Motivates Employees

SAP Innovation

Employees who go above and beyond are the dream of any hiring manager. Is doing so some kind of innate quality only a gifted few possess , or is it something that’s brought out of everyday employees? What motivates employees to do better? Engaging, interesting work.

Performance Reviews: Who Are They Really For?

SAP Innovation

In May, we at BambooHR surveyed 1,933 people over the age of 21 who are currently employed in companies with more than 50 employees. The important thing to note here is that companies are benefiting, not employees. Getting more employee recognition.

Increase Employee Motivation: 4 Tips

SAP Innovation

You don’t need a degree in psychology to be a good manager, but having at least a basic understanding of psychology can make you better at managing employees. It can also make your organization more efficient, more productive, and filled with more strong leaders.

Develop Employees Into Superheroes, Not Supervillains

SAP Innovation

The Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and Ant-Man are all making their way to the big screen this summer, so it seems especially fitting to talk superheroes (and supervillains) – specifically, how to develop employees on your own superhero team and make sure they don’t turn toxic.

Onboarding: Your Upfront Investment in Employee Performance


In today’s increasingly competitive talent market , what if there was a way to improve retention of top employees? To make them more engaged in their work? To increase their productivity and profitability, all while making them happier at your company? Improved Productivity.

Top 17 Hr Blogs that you must follow in 2019


When I Work blog page offers creative and transformative articles that help managers and employees work better together. Also, this HR blog helps explore new workplace wellness and increase employee engagement. BambooHR.

The Source: Weekly Roundup – November 4th, 2019


In this week's edition, we discuss the latest on the gig economy, age discrimination in the workplace, creative ways to keep remote employees engaged, and more! Learn more about the gig economy and benefits movement on Employee Benefit Adviser.

5 Key Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at #Compference17

Compensation Today

Connecting Engagement and Outcomes Using Data. What are the connections between engagement, communication, performance and compensation? Chris will review the findings and provide attendees with actionable takeaways for improving engagement in their organizations.

The Role of HR: Central Nervous System for Your Organization

Compensation Today

Brian Anderson , BambooHR. When BambooHR was developing its performance management tools, our product development team conducted extensive consumer research on traditional performance reviews. Here’s what we found: – 40 percent of managers don’t follow up on employee progress. –

5 Things You Need To Know About Employee Recognition

Get Hppy

As a leader in your company, you already realize the importance of acknowledging your employees for their efforts and contributions. And how do you implement an effective approach to employee recognition without over-praising mediocrity or under-valuing true accomplishments?

The Source: Weekly Roundup – November 25th, 2019


Get the scoop on Employee Benefit Adviser. The latest example of a truncated work week taking off is based on Microsoft Japan’s recent experiment with a four-day work week, which led to productivity gains and other positive business-related outcomes.

10 Best HR Management Software Solutions

Recruiters Lineup

The HR specialist can help you spot issues with leadership, reskill your employees for a smooth transition into new positions, increase retention by improving employee engagement and in general, just keep a finger on the company’s pulse. BambooHR.

How Not to Fight Against Culture-First Business Theory

Compensation Today

Rob de Luca , BambooHR. Full disclosure: BambooHR fully supports the idea of a culture-first business strategy. . It’s not just about “happiness”—nor does it guarantee better performance from your employees and money in your pocket.

21 HR tools designed for growing companies


To aid your search, we assembled a few promising tools for some of the most important HR techniques, like recruiting, performance management, employee training and employee engagement. Managers can ask employees questions, run short polls, comment on answers and set objectives.

Tools 87