Causes of Employee Turnover


Turnover is influenced by many factors that generally come from two directions: external forces and internal forces. We’ll start with external forces, though, because it helps to be aware of how much they contribute to fluctuations so that you can make effective decisions about retention.

The Onboarding & Retention Relationship

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Is the process of onboarding really that critical to retention? Research suggests that perhaps the first 90 days of employment are more critical than we think in terms of retention. The Wynhurst Group found that 22% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days of employment.

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5 Reasons To Train Your Employees


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Better Employee Retention Starts With Recruitment


Recruiters, CHROs, company owners and even most employees know that recruitment and retention are correlated. One strategy that can increase retention rates is to focus on improving recruitment strategies and the candidate experience. The True Cost of Poor Retention.

20 Surprising Employee Retention Statistics You Need to Know


Employee retention is a challenge for nearly every organization. Although it may seem impossible to perfect a retention strategy in the face of these odds, you can often make a dramatic improvement with a few simple steps. Offer and encourage professional training and development.

Healthcare HR and Employee Retention: 6 Key Factors to Consider


Healthcare HR and Employee Retention: 6 Key Factors to Consider Nov. In fact, 46 percent of HR professionals cite employee retention/turnover as the top workforce management challenge in 2016, an increase from 25 percent in 2012.

5 biggest reasons employees quit jobs quickly

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In fact, recent research by BambooHR, a software company, found that 31% of people have quit a job within the first six months. To find out exactly what’s going wrong in the onboarding process, BambooHR surveyed 1,005 U.S. Source: BambooHR.

Turning New Hires into Engaged Employees – 3 Quick Tips for Success


Studies on turnover estimate that when an employee leaves a company, it can cost the organization between 30 to 250 percent of that person’s annual salary due to factors like loss of productivity and other associated replacement costs.

Have You Invested In the Correct Performance Management Tool?


lower turnover than other organizations that offer annual or no feedback. It helps identify the training and development needs of the employee, improves self-awareness, enhances employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Onboarding: Your Upfront Investment in Employee Performance


In today’s increasingly competitive talent market , what if there was a way to improve retention of top employees? This engagement manifests itself in three key performance areas for businesses: retention, productivity, and profitability. Better Retention.

8 Influential Employee Engagement Trends for 2019


Instead of thinking about professional development as subsidizing training costs for an employee’s next employer, view it as an investment in human capital. Here at BambooHR, we try to focus on offering a benefit package that goes beyond just a medical plan with a physical wellness program.

The Future of Workforce Planning

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Employee turnover is extremely expensive, costing up to 1.5 Finding and training a replacement can be an arduous process. Research from BambooHR found that employee recognition is the top factor when motivating employees in the workplace.

How to Onboard New Employees + Onboarding Checklist


According to research by BambooHR , those who have an effective employee onboarding experience are 29 times more likely to feel satisfied at work. For example, your goal might be to reduce employee turnover and track retention rates to measure your progress.

Remote Employees—The Good, The Bad, The Best Practices


And hiring remote workers offers more than simple lifestyle perks for employees; from an employer perspective, it can save money, reduce turnover and increases productivity. Harder to Train and Manage. Remote Workers Best Practices (via BambooHR).

3 Reasons Your Company Should Hire An Intern

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Companies spend a lot of resources training new hires on everything from culture to actual job responsibilities; proper training takes a lot of time and money. Another reason for high turnover is poor job matching. Steven Holiday is an online media manager for BambooHR.

6 ways an intranet can benefit your HR department


It positively impacts on key HR objectives such as workplace satisfaction, retention, and productivity. While the performance review itself is face-to-face, quarterly follow ups and any training needs are processed on their intranet. Onboard and train employees.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Software


For hourly workers, turnover is a major problem in the first 120 days where approximately 50% leave their new jobs. Offer task tracking for new-hire activities such as training or new-hire events. BambooHR. BambooHR is the No. HR Onboarding Software Definition.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


BambooHR. BambooHR providing online HR Software for small and medium businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets. So, the technology you use to hire new employees is the same tech you use to pay your workforce, comply with regulations, train your people and much more.

HR TechStack – Applicant Tracking Systems


We offer the features busy recruiters want such as Outlook client integration, email tracking, flexible workflows, candidate portal, mobile access, client submittals and more; as well as the onboarding, training and service they would expect and we do all at a reasonable price. BambooHR.

The importance of employee recognition


According to Bersin & Associates , companies with good recognition programs have 31% lower voluntary employee turnover. 82% of employees don’t think they’re recognized for their work as often as they deserve, according to BambooHR.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Softwares


For hourly workers, turnover is a major problem in the first 120 days where approximately 50% leave their new jobs. Offer task tracking for new-hire activities such as training or new-hire events. BambooHR. BambooHR is the No. HR Onboarding Software Definition.