New Benchmarks and a 2-Speed Strategy to Close Competitive Gaps


Interestingly, the two segments were identically aligned on Aging workforce/retirements , which was 10% ahead of Followers. This is not surprising given the significant legacy business processes, channels and systems dependent on those reaching retirement. Switching the Benchmark.

Data-Driven Diversity

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The Key to Advancing D&I: Data and Technology. Data is essential to advancing D&I goals, but not just any data. These data points become especially important when doing location-based analysis or when companies need to replace a retiring workforce with new talent.


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Benchmarking and Surveys Gauge if Employee Benefits are on Target

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Benchmarking and surveys help employers zero in on options that workers deem valuable. Benchmarking and surveys provide solid answers. They turn to benchmarking and employee surveys to build and validate benefit plans. Enter benchmarking and employee surveys as two of the sharpest arrows in your plan design quiver. Here’s how to determine if your employee benefits are desirable: Benchmarking tells you what you’re competing against.

401(k) benchmarks: What does the ‘average’ plan look like?

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To do it, the retirement information provider analyzed data from a number of sources. In this week's e-newsletter Pay and Benefits 401(k) plans benchmarks eligibility feesMany features of employer-sponsored 401(k)s vary greatly from company to company. So what does a “typical” 401(k) look like? . That’s what set out to uncover. Here are some of the highlights of its research. Instant eligibility.

Retirement Plan Fees: Take a Closer Look at the Data

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The retirement plan you sponsor comes along with some serious responsibilities. You may use benchmarking data to determine whether those fees are reasonable. It dawned on Baltes and his partner, Matthew Hunter, that covered service providers need a way to demonstrate their value to their retirement plan clients. Among those is the duty to understand and evaluate fees paid on behalf of the plan.

Study: Retirement Plan Fees’ Decline Slowed in 2017

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Retirement plan recordkeeping, trust, and custody fees—in a steep decline for years under pressure from sponsors, participants, federal regulations, and litigation—remained flat for the first time since 2010, according to a new survey. NEPC LLC, a consulting firm whose surveys are intended as a tool to help plan sponsors benchmark their plan fees, analyzed data from 123 defined contribution (DC) plan respondents with $138 billion in aggregate assets, representing 1.5

New Data on Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling

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A key way to achieve this is through the use of people data and analytics, which have been proven to improve female leadership representation at organizations. How to break the glass ceiling: 8 data-driven steps to more gender equality. Have data-driven career conversations.

How to Avoid Talent Gaps with Data-Driven Succession Planning

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Succession planning with data. Is there a retirement risk among the succession candidates on your slate? Fictional data used. Fictional data used. Fictional data used. Fictional data used. Fictional data used. Fictional data used.

Hire-to-Retire – Rethinking HR with Oracle HCM Cloud

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Cultural Amp’s 2018 Engaging Growth Benchmark study found that “Confidence in leadership is the top driver of engagement for these fast-growing and highly engaged companies.” The answer : focus on the hire-to-retire lifecycle. Given the breadth of the hire-to-retire lifecycle, HR teams now play a much bigger and strategic business role in any enterprise organization. Oracle HCM Cloud Offers the Hire-to-Retire Functionality for the Modern Digital Enterprise.

How to Create a Data-Driven Employee Retention Plan in 10 minutes

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Voluntary resignations are high, unemployment rates are at an all-time low, and most organizations are still trying to operate HR without using data as evidence to back up their strategies. The data is there, of course. Is a large portion of your workforce reaching retirement age?

Using Employee Feedback Data to Train the Next Generation of Management


As Baby Boomers retire, the need to shape younger workers to fill available management roles grows stronger. Function area leaders in HR and recruiting are subsequently looking to analyze employee feedback data to identify and act on trends in training and retention. What is Employee Feedback Data? Analyzing qualitative data can be difficult if you aren’t sure which aspects to emphasize.

Using Employee Feedback Data to Train the Next Generation of Management


As Baby Boomers retire, the need to shape younger workers to fill available management roles grows stronger. Function area leaders in HR and recruiting are subsequently looking to analyze employee feedback data to identify and act on trends in training and retention. What is Employee Feedback Data? Analyzing qualitative data can be difficult if you aren’t sure which aspects to emphasize.

HR’s New Year Resolution: Move Up the Workforce Intelligence Maturity Curve


They are particularly powerful in scenarios where the path to business impact is less obvious, and so we often see them in process-heavy or data-heavy disciplines. While workforce analytics and workforce planning are increasing in priority , most organizations have not progressed to take advantage of the opportunity that workforce data provides. Managing employee data, and turning it into business impact is, therefore, a perfect scenario for a maturity model.

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The 2020 Workforce: Misconceptions Between Management and Employees

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As of now, only 50% of HR departments state that they use quantifiable metrics and benchmarking in workforce development and only 47% say they know how to extract meaningful insights from the data available to them. employees is competitive compensation (84%) followed by retirement plans (75%), and vacation time (62%). cloud and analytics), although SAP’s data states that just 33% of employees expect to be proficient in cloud in three years.

#HotInHR: French “legally” ignore after work emails; Early 401(k) advocates have regrets


Benchmark Job : A job commonly found in the workforce for which pay and other relevant data are readily available. Benchmark jobs are used to make pay comparisons and job evaluations. Newsletter: What's Hot in HR 401k Benefits Employee Experience Health Retirement plans Universal Basic Income Wellness Work-Life Balance WorkforceTags: Retirement plans, 401s, Benefits. Sign-Up For Our Weekly Recap Of HR Funding News.

Aging Market Data for Compensation: What’s the Best Strategy for You?

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What variables play a role in aging market data to suit the needs of the business? When is it time to retire your current market data? Market data from at least two sources are analyzed, and benchmark jobs are arranged into a job‐worth hierarchy. Jobs with no market data are slotted using relative worth. Age the data that are underlying your salary structure to the date it is effective so it will effectively lag the market for a year.

How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule


Dropbox is committing to unconscious-bias training for all it’s employees (over 1,200 people), and to regularly release data on the diversity of its workforce. As baby boomers head into retirement, companies will face a huge shortage of skilled workers to replace them. Keep track of the demographic details of the people at the interview stage of your hiring process and then, use this data to show whether or not one ethnically diverse person or one female is part of this pool.

How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule

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As baby boomers head into retirement, companies will face a huge shortage of skilled workers to replace them. Fictional data . Metrics to watch: New hires vs. existing workforce / New hires vs. industry benchmark.

How HR Can Get the Most from Salary Surveys

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Whether your salary data is a good buy or costs an arm and a leg, the value of your salary survey can be enhanced or hindered by how you use it. One of the first things you’ll need to do is to decide which piece of market data to use. Having a well thought out pay philosophy in place before you begin conducting a salary market analysis helps smooth the process of using market data to set pay rates. If they are too far apart, there may be outliers in the salary data.

HR Must Modernize to Meet New Employee Demands

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Successful companies are increasingly turning to data analytics to recruit talent from the outside or develop people from within. We were dealing with this in the US before the recession because baby boomers were starting to retire. Now this is a global issue because people are postponing retirement while a new generation of workers comes in. Big data and predictive analytics were big topics of conversation among business leaders last year. By Rick O'Herron.

How to Create a Compensation Strategy: A Complete Guide


To create a competitive compensation strategy benchmark positions in your organization with similar positions in your competitors’ organizations. Look at compensation data for other companies in your industry to determine appropriate benchmarks for pay grades. .

Is Your Average Cost-Per-Hire $4100? @SHRM

The Tim Sackett Project

SHRM Released their Human Capital Benchmark Report this past week and it’s loaded with a ton of metrics to compare your HR and TA operations against. The survey data comes from over 2,000 HR leaders and pros, and it’s pretty recent being collected earlier this year. It’s the one thing I know actually helps in retention, as those who participate in your retirement plan are less likely to leave your organization and have a longer tenure on average.

Workforce Management of the Future


Being Data-Driven. Relying on data to make strategic workforce management decisions is vital for continual growth. Data-driven planning allows you to approach and evaluate the threats of competition better. Ensure that your workforce management benchmarks are updated.

PeopleStrategy Partners with Payfactors to Deliver Enhanced Compensation Management


EDISON, N.J. — (September 11, 2019 ) — PeopleStrategy Inc.® , a full-service brokerage and provider of comprehensive, cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions, and Payfactors , a provider of cloud-based compensation data management tools have partnered to offer small and mid-sized businesses access to the data they need to make smart decisions about compensation. Payfactors Free is all about giving everyone data that’s reliable, timely, and relevant to them.

10 Unique Employee Incentive Programs For Your Team 2021


This incentive program a clear benchmark and list of objectives must be placed in front of the employees so that they have an idea of what exactly they can achieve the bonus. Apart from the above data, employee recognitions are also a great tool to incentivize the employees.

TECH+ 2021: Executive Summary


Here are 11 key takeaways: #1: Transparency, Technology and Data Analytics are Transforming Employee Benefits. Leaders know data is important, but they don’t always know what to do with it. The solution is to get trustworthy data from their analytics solutions. Share your data.

The Secret To Selecting and Measuring Key Employee Performance Metrics


Actionable or Achievable Gathering data isn’t useful unless you can act on the intelligence in some way. Rules for Determining Key Performance Metrics The most effective performance metrics include both strategy-based and goal-based benchmarks. Effectiveness: Effectiveness measurements can include the number of customers each employee serves successfully, the time it takes to accomplish programs or projects, quality of work, customer satisfaction and other benchmarks.

Simplifying The Complex—5 Misunderstood Employee Benefits


According to our 2019 Benefits Benchmark Report, we are seeing contributions to benefit accounts increase, though there is still a long way to go. Retirement Accounts. Offering a retirement account is one of the most in-demand employee benefits. Are they contributing enough towards retirement? According to a recent Retirement Confidence Survey , 24% of workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement. Employee benefits are complicated, to say the least.

Benefits of Compensation Analysis


It is important to conduct compensation data audits frequently in order to produce an equitable and appropriate compensation plan. Compensation analysis reviews look at both internal and external data to see whether an employer is paying workers equally for the job they do.

A Complete Guide to Total Compensation


This benefits package can include things like health insurance, a retirement plan, and paid time off (PTO), life insurance, overtime pay, perks, profit sharing, stock options, and any bonuses or variable incentive pay. What is Total Compensation?

2021 Compensation Budgeting Forecast Part 3: Trends in Nonprofit Executive Compensation

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Although pay data for individual survey positions generally increases from one year to the next, there are a number of factors which may lead to lower year-to-year pay figures for some positions. In addition, 990 data are at best two years old.

The 5 Steps of Analytics-Driven Workforce Planning

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Unfortunately, many companies still base their talent plans on unreliable sources and methods such as using country retirement age instead of actual retirement age data, outdated benchmarks, and financial headcount budgets with no historical trends or link to business strategy, and sadly, gut feel. Furthermore, data-driven workforce planning must also account for changes in the overall industry on a larger scale. Data vizualisation of a workforce plan.

What is Talent Management and Why It’s So Important?

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According to SHRM’s Talent Acquisition Benchmark Report, the average time to hire a new employee is 36 days and an estimated $4,000. What about the employees who will advance or retire?

Use These 18 Job Boards to Keep Compliant


Contractors must ask job candidates to self-identify if they are a protected class in order to demonstrate their outreach efforts using annual published hiring benchmarks. The DOL issues a “ hiring benchmark ” for each of these protected groups. Your source of hire as it relates to hiring benchmarks, as well as your candidate from protected communities, are something that the OFCCP will ask for when they are conducting an audit of your organization. Retired Brains.

Performance of 401(K) Plans And Sponsors’ Profitability May Be Correlated

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Conversely, poorly performing plans are strongly associated with companies that have up to 80-percent lower corporate profitability, the investment and retirement plan management firm said in a report released September 17 titled, “Where 401(k) Design and Corporate Profitability Cross Paths.”. Rowe Price’s retirement and financial education team, which conducted the study with T. The firm’s data set included plans with more than $50 million up to $36 billion in plan assets.