How to Use Engagement and Performance Data in Talent Acquisition


When it comes to finding and retaining the right talent for your organization, there are many inputs and sources of data that can help inform the recruitment and retention process. We asked ourselves: How can you use engagement and performance data in the talent acquisition process?

A new operating model for talent acquisition

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In our previous post , we looked at some of the ways HR can learn from leading practices for customer experience to improve talent acquisition. Enhancing the candidate experiences requires getting smarter about how organizations approach talent acquisition.

Talent Acquisition 2014: A Look Back and Ahead

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Talent acquisition is the most complex area of human capital management, yet many companies lack the necessary resources, tools and capabilities to build a results-driven program. In fact, only 8% of companies have an optimized talent acquisition strategy.

Want to Know What Your Peers Are Doing to Strengthen Talent Acquisition?


With low unemployment numbers in the Eurozone and Asia-Pacific as well, we’re facing a global-scale talent shortage. Hiring costs are on the rise as companies compete to identify and acquire top talent. Here at nonprofit business-benchmarking organization APQC, we recently surveyed 552 companies from across the globe to learn how they’re approaching talent acquisition in this competitive landscape. HR Technology Recruiting Talent Management Top Stories

Dice 2018 Tech Salary Report

TO ATTRACT TOP TALENT Contents Reasons for Salary Increase 10-Year Trend in Tech Salaries Top-Paying Skills by Tech Category Master Salary Prediction and. TALENT WORTH? Attract Top Talent Dice’s new salary tools help professionals. and employers discover salary data to align.

How does your organization stack up?

Bersin with Deloitte

Such benchmarks are critical inputs in strategic planning and spending decisions. But where can leaders find reliable data? Bersin is in the process of collecting data for the 2019 Global Human Capital Benchmark Survey, and we hope you will help! Talent Acquisition.

Innovation in HR: 3 Trends for Talent Acquisition


“Structure, structure, structure” has been the mantra of Talent Acquisition professionals for several years now. You’ve officially joined the ranks of best-in-class companies, and are better positioned to secure top talent for your organization.

HR Tech Conference Highlights through a Talent Acquisition Lens

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As the principal analyst for talent acquisition for Brandon Hall Group , I get a unique perspective of what is going on in this market. Here are just a few of their data points: the median time-to-hire for engineering is 38 days; for customer service it is 27 days.

Innovation in HR: 3 Trends for Talent Acquisition


“Structure, structure, structure” has been the mantra of Talent Acquisition professionals for several years now. You’ve officially joined the ranks of best-in-class companies, and are better positioned to secure top talent for your organization.

6 Key Talent Acquisition Cost Reduction Metrics

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There are six talent acquisition metrics that all organizations must track to identify where costs can be reduced and where improvements can be made to protect revenue, improve efficiency and increase quality of hire.

Cliché Your Way to Talent Acquisition Success


And, there’s good reason these familiar phrases have stayed around so long; they’re true, especially when it comes to tracking talent acquisition success. When you have the ability to access historical data and are able to combine it with tracking and analysis, you can quickly identify inconsistencies in many areas such as: Sourcing strategy. So, what’s holding people back from moving ahead with talent metrics?

Impress Your CEO With These Strategic Business Impact Recruiting Metrics


Talent Data ” I explained how you can impress your CEO by converting your Talent Acquisition results into dollars. The Metrics That Reveal the Highest Business Impacts from Talent Acquisition Actions. Hiring top talent into prioritized jobs.

Talent Acquisition in Turmoil: The Facts and Figures

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Today we released our first ever Talent Acquisition Factbook®, a comprehensive study of trends, benchmarks, and spending data in the US (and UK) recruiting market. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. It points out the tectonic shifts. Business Trends Sourcing and Recruiting

How Has Hiring Evolved? A Decade of Data [Infographic]


A Decade of Data [Infographic] appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight. Want to know… How many candidates – even at the highest levels – routinely lie on their resume? And what they lie about? The reasons that companies do not rescreen their employees, even though people change over time? Why it is that companies don’t adopt a global screening policy, when doing so is prudent [.]. The post How Has Hiring Evolved?

Employee Benefits Benchmarking: Employer Contributions


The March 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report is now available. Representing data from more than 8,000 Zenefits customers, the report examines how plan types, contributions, premiums, deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket costs differ across regions.

It’s About More Than HR: Analytics Learnings from Tom Davenport and Dr. John Sullivan


In his keynote, Davenport explained that there are four eras of analytics, each one progressing in the complexity of the data being analyzed and the range of insights that can be derived as a result of innovations that occur in each. Big Data Analytics. Data Economy Analytics.

The Truth about Data-Driven Recruiting

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Hot topics included employer brand management, candidate experience, and data-driven recruiting. Brandon Hall Group defines data-driven recruiting as planning for talent needs, sourcing candidates, and making hiring decisions based on data rather than on anecdotal information.

Data 65

Impress Your CEO With These Strategic Business Impact Recruiting Metrics


Talent Data ” I explained how you can impress your CEO by converting your Talent Acquisition results into dollars. The Metrics That Reveal the Highest Business Impacts from Talent Acquisition Actions. Hiring top talent into prioritized jobs.

What Recruiters Can Learn From Marrying Pre- and Post-Applicant Data

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As a writer, social media-centered millennial and marketer working in the talent acquisition industry, I've learned to take comments left on social media with a grain of salt. Yet almost three years later, this is still what talent acquisition leaders are doing: Relying on a single source of application as a benchmark for investing millions of dollars and resources into certain channels and strategies.

Would You Believe Spending $10,221 Per FTE On HR?

TLNT: The Business of HR

SHRM Released its Human Capital Benchmark Report recently and it’s loaded with a ton of metrics to compare your HR and TA operations against. The survey data comes from over 2,000 HR leaders and pros, and it’s pretty recent, being collected earlier this year.

[Free Report]: Zenefits Benchmark Report on SMB Benefits in United States


The 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report was released today, offering a snapshot of plan types, contributions, premiums, deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket costs across different regions. When deciding what to contribute, small businesses typically consider talent acquisition and retention, pre-tax considerations, and benefits package. Employer-sponsored health benefits are a huge benefit to employees and a great tool for employers to recruit new talent.

The Three Vital Metrics for Every Employment Role

Talent Analytics

By Pasha Roberts, Chief Scientist, Talent Analytics, Corp. Likewise, “industry benchmarks” are next to useless – companies differ, regions are different, and enterprises evolve over time. A Call Center or Underwriter role will have plenty of data for great accuracy.

Managing Employees’ Salary Expectations

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As an employer, your greatest asset is the talent you hire. Consequently, your biggest challenge is attracting and retaining top talent. Here are 4 ways to help you better manage the conversation: Do Your Homework There are currently two certainties in the world of talent acquisition. That’s why keeping salaries competitive through annual salary benchmarking is so important. HR Blog salary benchmarking salary expectations salary guide

1% of Job Descriptions have Pictures or Video! Why?

The Tim Sackett Project

Smashfly, the enterprise recruitment marketing platform, released their 2018 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report this week and it’s loaded with data. Also, the JD is basically the only thing we share socially and within our talent networks (which is an entire another post!):

15 Steps For Selecting A Talent Assessment Solution That Predicts Business Performance

Talent Analytics

By Greta Roberts, CEO Talent Analytics, Corp. Over the past 30+ years, businesses have spent billions on talent assessments. Increasingly, businesses are asking how (or if) a predictive talent acquisition strategy can include the use of pre-hire assessments?

SVB Data Analytics Director: HR needs to know how to turn data into a solution


HR continues to be more data-focused than ever before and it’s even using it to drive decision making. As part of our upcoming HR Tech Online Summit North America event, we find out how companies are using the power of people analytics to drive everything from talent acquisition to retention.

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High Growth: It’s Not Just For Unicorn Startups Anymore


For example, his benchmark for a subscription business is globally under 5% churn monthly and less than 2% annual churn rate for the most loyal cohorts. Step 1: Talent Acquisition. Growth. Almost everything written about business falls under the umbrella of creating more of it.

What’s the Difference between Great Recruitment Marketing and Bad RM?

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Smashfly released their annual 2019 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report this week and there are some real takeaways that I think help TA teams become better right away tactically at RM. . I only gave you a little taste of all the data that’s in the report, so go check it out for yourself. While I love the Nurture data in this report, and we know nurturing works. The report also goes really deep into the world of Talent Networks/Talent Communities.

Here’s the Latest North American Candidate Experience Report


What an amazing year at the CandEs (as we’re known throughout the talent acquisition community–short for Candidate Experience)! This year, the North American Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark Research Program included 200 participating companies willing to take a closer look at their recruiting practices and ask their job candidates to give them feedback about their recruiting experience and to rate those experiences. Some Key Data Points.

LinkedIn and Glint – Potential HCM Technology Powerhouse in the Making

Brandon Hall

and Daria Friedman , Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition, Brandon Hall Group. Their offerings can also can be integrated into an organization’s overall talent-development strategy and business-performance metrics.

Glint 56

Early-July Update: New Assets Added to Brandon Hall Group Member Center

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For members, it’s an amazing array of actionable information, highly useful data and valuable research for a variety of purposes — and one of the most useful benefits of Brandon Hall Group Membership. Talent Acquisition Technology: Buyer Demand Grows Despite Cost Concerns (Research Summary).

What does it mean to be EDGE certified, and why is Ceridian doing it?


The assessment draws from statistics (company data), infrastructure (policies and practices that are part of the company’s gender equality infrastructure), and experience (an employee survey about workplace experience and perceptions). Positioning Strength in Talent Acquisition.

Tapping the top 3 sources of high-quality candidates

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Organizations use a variety of sourcing strategies to attract and engage top talent. Even highly regarded or highly sought-after employers cannot always feel confident that their talent pipeline is sufficiently full of the right candidates they need at the right time.

Product Preview: What are the HR Pros Saying?


Just a few of the comments made by a client advisory council of HR and Talent Acquisition experts assembled to test a new product – ChequedImpact™. It’s shaking up the way businesses are gathering and using data to assess talent acquisition.

Seven Keys to Effective Recruiting


Creating a world-class talent acquisition effort that incorporates cool recruiting ideas may seem unrealistic for many HR departments. Most HR specialists agree they want to get better at talent acquisition. Build strong talent networks.