COVID-19 Recovery: Here’s Why Your Employer Brand is Vital


Employer brand is the reputation your organisation has with your own employees and the wider employment market. In real terms, your employer brand brings to life your employee value proposition which facilitates recruiting and retaining talent. .

The best employer branding podcasts: listen and learn

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Reading Time: 7 minutes When screen fatigue sets in, change the channel, literally, and turn on a podcast. Start with some of our favorite employer branding podcasts. The Employer Branding Podcast. Episode we love: How storytelling can humanize your employer brand.


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Addressing Employee Health and Safety Through Your Employer Brand


In addition to sharing the latest changes to your day-to-day business operations with your current employees and through any customer communications, it should also be a top priority to leverage your employer brand to let prospective job applicants know what your organization is doing to promote health and safety. In this blog post, we’ve outlined some key steps you can take to update your employer brand and run a streamlined hiring process with limited direct contact. .

How to Craft a Strong Remote Employer Brand When You Recruit and Hire Online


When the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of people into remote-work arrangements, it also forced thousands of employers to rethink their recruiting and hiring strategies. How, then, can employers craft a strong brand when their recruiting and hiring have moved online?

How the Candidate Experience Influences Your Employer Brand


Experience sharing can not only impact your brand, but bad reviews in fact also kill businesses every single day. It's where people come in close contact with you as a brand and get a personal, first-hand feel for how you really treat people. This experience plays a vital part in future encounters with your company and is a leading indicator of employer brand perception. "The best way to destroy a brand is applicant radio silence."

How to improve your employer brand


Employer branding is important. Companies with strong brands (a good reputation among employees) attract high-quality candidates more easily, can hire more selectively and have a lower cost-per-hire than companies with blander brands. This is the single easiest way to improve your employer brand strategy: Don’t try to be cool. Building a good employer brand means learning what employees want. See also: What is employer branding ?

Why you need stories in employer branding right now

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At Stories Inc, we are often asked why we focus so intently on stories in employer branding. However, the impact of stories in employer branding and recruitment marketing reveals why stories are our vocation and passion. Plus, research has shown that stories are effective ways of influencing others , making them critical aspects of employer brand and recruitment marketing content. Blog PostReading Time: 6 minutes.

Driving ROI Through Employer Branding

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Employer Branding return on investment (ROI) can seem like a very nebulous and hard to measure concept. Here are the mistakes I see people make with their employer branding ROI analysis: They focus on metrics that don’t matter, like the number of views a video got. It’s worth nothing that employer branding ROI can actually come from many different sources. The post Driving ROI Through Employer Branding appeared first on NextWave Hire Blog

Why Employment Branding Is Essential for Job Recruitment

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In fact, the United States is currently enjoying “ full employment ,” as defined by the Federal Reserve. As competition for talent increases, strategic companies are developing employment branding strategies to stand out from the crowd. What Is Employment Branding? Employment branding is an active, focused effort to define the market’s perception of what it is like to work at your company. How to Build an Employment Brand.

All You Need To Know About A Terrible Employer Brand Through Memes

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In a lot of ways, a company’s employer brand is like a meme. There are countless things that contribute to your employer brand. A strong employer brand speaks to talent and helps them relate to the organization. And even better, a fantastic employer brand does all the hard recruiting work for you by bringing the talent to you. The job description is typically the first glimpse job seekers get of your employer brand.

Using Webinars to Drive Awareness of Your Employer Brand

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Talent acquisition teams are continually forced to re-think what they’re doing in order to get in front of the top talent that drives business outcomes for employers. One HR team told us how they’d used webinars to drive awareness or their employer brand, and actual hires. Structure content (can be powerpoint, talking head, screen share, etc).

Employer Branding to Attract Talent

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You are here Home » Blog » Latest Blog Article. Employer Branding to Attract Talent. Branding for customers is common sense, but branding for applicants? Employer branding is the process of promoting a company or organization as the employer of choice to a desired target group they need to recruit and retain. Here are a few tips and tricks to make an employer brand stronger and attract desired talent.

The Best Photos for Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

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Headphones in with two screens going as you’re working in crunch time? Check out our favorite employer branding and recruitment marketing photos! Scroll through them yourself to inspire your next employer branding photography project! . Get blogs like this in your inbox. Subscribe to our blog! Receive a weekly digest of our blog posts by email! Blog PostDoes a photo really speak a thousand words?

The Best of the Best in Employment Branding

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We have heard quite a bit from John Sullivan, PhD, professor, author, corporate speaker, and advisor, over the last few weeks concerning employment branding. Today we wrap up our discussion with his thoughts on the best examples of employment branding he’s encountered. We asked Sullivan what he thought were the best companies as far as employment branding was concerned. Get help with your employer branding. How to get your branding strong?

How to Weave Diversity and Inclusion into your Employer Brand - Sapling Blog


The employer brand is your company’s value proposition and reputation that current and prospective employees use to evaluate whether or not your company is an attractive place to work. Shaping the employer brand around diversity and inclusion is a business-critical journey and the right thing to do for your people and community.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


There are a ton of great HR/Recruitment blogs. We’ve compiled a list of the top 100 HR blogs by organic traffic they receive via Google and search engines (see Methodology below). Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! Just to show that we aren’t “padding our own stats” as they say, Ongig’s blog didn’t even break the top 10 (we’re #19). Wow, 18 other blogs beat us in traffic!

5 reasons you should be using automated resume screening


If you’re in recruitment or human resources, you’ll likely be familiar with the ongoing shift towards automated resume screening as part of the recruitment process. Automated screening effectively frees up a big time-block in one neat, little package. In this article, we take a look at the top five reasons every recruiter should be implementing AI-driven screening into their hiring practices. Related Blog Post. Related Blog Post. Related Blog Post.

How This Fast-Growing Company Built an Employer Brand That Attracts the Right Candidates

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Right now, we employ over 2,600 employees across the U.S. Here are the steps we took to build our employer brand , which you too can use as a framework to build your own: 1. In order to attract the right people, you have to build a brand that stands for something, not for everything. Our sense of humor is a cornerstone of our employer brand and a core piece of our identity. Natalie Audelo is the employer brand manager at Toast.

How to Audit Your Employer Brand in One Day and Improve Talent Attraction

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Employer branding is having its 15 minutes of fame right now, but every sensible employer knows there’s more to it than just the buzzword. With the right employer brand, your candidates should be lining up to apply like a southern gal at a Lilly Pulitzer for Target premiere. Your employer brand is your talent attraction strategy and should display exactly who you are as an employer to talent worldwide. Applicant Screening Process*.

How Heineken and Dr. Seuss Brewed an Incredibly Fun and Engaging Employer Brand Campaign

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Their involvement not only helped resource the campaign, but also made Go Places the high quality success that it is and an example of what a true cross-functional campaign can look like when the entire company rallies behind employer brand. Why Heineken needed a big employer branding campaign. “We Now, the organization’s portfolio is made up a variety of different brands, including 250 international, regional, local and specialty beers and ciders.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Building an attractive company: Employer branding. Building an attractive company: employer branding.

4 Mistakes Most Employers Make That Hurt Employer Branding

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Read : Employer Branding: What a Known Identity Can Do for Recruiting. The Boston Beer Company has turned their employer brand into a major marketing initiative, which has fueled its growth into what is now one of the biggest beer brands in the world. The fact that they see their employees as the most important ingredient in their product is clear in their employer branding strategy. HCM Essentials employer branding Talent Acquisition

The most common recruiting challenges and how to overcome them


It’s a fast way to screen out people who aren’t right for the role.”. Building a strong employer brand. A good employer brand helps you attract and engage better candidates. Organizations that invest in employer branding are three times more likely to make a quality hire. Give your coworkers the means to tell their story about their work and what they like (for example, through blogs and videos).

5 Ideas to Steal from Apple’s Career Site Redesign


It’s no surprise that Apple is putting more investment into their employment brand. With the economy at near full employment , there are more open jobs across the U.S. As more qualified candidates research company websites before applying to open roles, it’s never been more important to focus on developing a career site that convinces top applicants to apply to your brand. Highlight your employment brand to boost your SEO.

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7 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Considerations for Background Screening Compliance


7 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Considerations for Background Screening Compliance May. GDPR impacts not just companies who are hiring in the EU but also those that are employing citizens of the EU who live in different areas of the world. From the application process to background screening, companies recruiting or employing EU citizens must adhere to strict new regulations. The same goes for any data collected for the purpose of a background screen. (5)

How the Job Applicant Experience Can Make or Break Your Business Success


The unemployment rate is at a 16-year low and today’s job seekers have countless job opportunities at the tips of their fingers, making the hiring market extremely competitive for employers hoping to secure top talent. Focus on Your Employment Brand. And a strong employment brand can help you stand out from the competition and attract top candidates, who will ultimately contribute to increased efficiency, productivity and revenue at your business.

A Comprehensive 101 Guide To The Responsibilities of The HR Manager


Related Blog Post. Related Blog Post. Related Blog Post. When you're in charge of human resources, you need to create the necessary systems, screening processes and other strategies to curate the perfect team. Related Blog Post. Related Blog Post. Related Blog Post. 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Automated Resume Screening. Related Blog Post. Imagine having an AI that screens applicants in an ethical, fair and impartial manner.

Moments That Matter in the Candidate Experience


Today, it’s more important than ever to build a strong employer brand and provide a positive experience for candidates to compete for top talent. And that means you have to be just as detail-oriented and scrutinize every element of the employment experience. In comes the moment of truth… Here at exaqueo, we take many employer brand lessons from consumer marketing, coupled with our collective in-house talent acquisition and HR experience.

5 HR Trends Impacting the Industry

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HR Becoming Part of Company Brand. HR is and has always been integral to running a company, but it wasn’t necessarily vital to building the brand — until now. Today, brand recognition is about more than whether consumers recognize your product or could pick your logo out of a lineup. Including HR as part of your company brand can also help make it easier to attract talented new employees who are less likely to leave.

3 things HR should know about todays talent


For employers however, it signals that they'll have to put extra effort into their talent attraction strategy and candidate experience. Here's 3 things that employers and recruiters need to be aware of, and adapt to, when it comes to the talent that they're trying to attract to their brand. Make sure your information fits on a mobile device screen without the need for the user to scroll unnecessarily. Blog How Can I's?

Recruiting and Hiring: Lessons Learned from Marketers


The recruitment funnel, much like the sales and marketing funnel, is the best way to understand how effective your messages are, and if you’re attracting the right people to your brand. After initial screening, if they’re qualified for the job, they’ll move to the third level— the interview process. Blog Candidate Experience Candidate Sourcing Employment Brand Recruiting Talent Selection

Will HR Tech replace the HR profession? - Sapling Blog


Keep in mind that employment laws will continue to change, thus HR best practices will have to adapt. However, once a company scales and goes beyond 25 or more employees, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the tasks associated with employing people. Human resource pros are also in the ideal position to promote the brand of their organizations. A strong employer brand doesn't get that way on it’s own.

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Video Interviewing Makes Hiring Human Again


Attracting top candidates – and keeping them engaged through the hiring process – is a must for employers looking to stay competitive. To create the kind of employer brand that attracts and engages top candidates, Talent Acquisition teams are learning to operate like marketing teams. Not only does video interviewing humanize the hiring process, it connects employers and candidates all over the world, regardless of location.

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How to write a good job description


website, blogs, emails and social media) to ensure brand consistency. Leading with a statement like “candidates with fewer than 5 years of experience won’t be taken into consideration” is an unfriendly way to introduce your job and impacts how all candidates will view your employer brand. Posting jobs HR Toolkit Tutorials Employer branding Job advertisingYour job description is your chance to connect with potential candidates.

Level Up Your Recruiting Like a No. 1 Best Place to Work

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15:50 Creating an award-winning employer brand. Josh: Today I am joined by Jen Paxton, the Director of Talent at LevelUp, which is building next generation digital experiences for over 200 brands nationwide empowering businesses to engage customers, grow sales, and build a longterm scalable digital strategy. And then on the candidate side, you need to build out this employer brand that excites candidates, entices them to answer your email or your linkedin message.

How to create a great candidate experience


On the other hand, a bad candidate experience will make candidates lose respect for you, both as an employer and as a brand. The most common complaint candidates have about their job application experience is that companies never get back to them: Poor candidate experience negatively impacts your employment brand. Job ads follow the same writing rules as blog posts and articles. Employer branding HR Toolkit Tutorials Candidate experience Checklist Communicatio

The digital revolution and your candidate as customer


Now, a competitive job market and underlying social and workforce trends have given employers another royal to consider: candidates. The ability to look at things like buying patterns, social activities, online interests, and searches has made it possible for companies to engage with, and target, their customers in ways that elicit brand loyalty, trust, and future purchases. The post The digital revolution and your candidate as customer appeared first on Capital H Blog.

A new operating model for talent acquisition

HR Times

A large retailer was struggling with high employee turnover, a lack of focus on the candidate experience and overall brand/social presence as it tried to raise the level of talent in the organization. HR set up a centralized recruiting center to pre-screen candidates for individual stores. As this large employer found, technology isn’t enough to elevate a company’s recruiting experience. For more insights about current HR topics, visit the HR Times blog.

A new operating model for talent acquisition

HR Times

A large retailer was struggling with high employee turnover, a lack of focus on the candidate experience and overall brand/social presence as it tried to raise the level of talent in the organization. HR set up a centralized recruiting center to pre-screen candidates for individual stores. As this large employer found, technology isn’t enough to elevate a company’s recruiting experience. For more insights about current HR topics, visit the HR Times blog.

Why HR Leaders need to invest in Employee Experience - Sapling Blog


Here are some interesting stats on the employee experience and its value in the workplace (from our previous blog post):- Happy employees are 20% more productive at work. SMF/Warwick University)- It costs US employers $450 billion to $550 billion annually in lost revenues from disengaged employees. The employer brand and the value that the company markets is all part of the pre-boarding process.