Cafe Classic: Fix it then Pay, Not the Other Way

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A bonus program to improve quality may fall under this category. A big raise or long-term incentive plan to stop complaints about the direction of the company may also have an impact for a while. Incentive pay doesn’t motivate employees.

Cafe Classic: Driving Your Compensation Programs in Reverse

Compensation Cafe

We think it’s OK and want to fix our bonus program by the end of this year. Next, I ask about their goals or philosophy for compensation and the integration with corporate strategy and goals. Editor's Note: Ever feel like things are a little backward pay program wise?

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How Employee Incentive Programs Can Benefit from Behavioral Economics

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He was tasked with coming up with a new incentive plan for employees—particularly its sales reps—that aligned with the company’s new corporate strategy, Brewer explained to an audience at WorldatWork’s Total Rewards 2017 conference in Washington D.C.

King Tut’s Beard

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I have seen many broken incentive plans similarly repaired. Incentive plans are tightly linked to the success of the company. Dan Walter is the President and CEO of Performensation a firm committed to aligning pay with corporate strategy and culture.

What Do You Do?

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They may need help on problems with salaries, bonuses or a certain benefit. The primary role of a comp professional is to ensure the right mix of rewards to attract, retain and motivate people to execute its business strategy.