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Quick Reminder on Performance Management Effectiveness

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I recently ran into a study on effective performance management practices that I want to share with you. Not because it says anything really new, but because it does a great job on focus and insight, attributes we can all use when it comes to performance management.

Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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Bonuses are paid, last year's results are old news and grand plans for this year have been signed, sealed and delivered. Run your bonus plan(s)through the washer periodically. Wouldn't it be great to share your key dates for performance management, salary discussions etc.

Talent and Performance Management Survey Summary

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The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2016 Talent and Performance Management Survey in January, 2016. Talent and performance management are some of the most important and rigorous tasks any HR professional has to deal with. Managing Shortages. HR manager.

Solid Reasons to Start Communication Planning in August

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If you are going to make sure your compensation and performance management programs are procedurally fair , you've got research, analysis and strategy development to complete. It's time to have a modular communications plan that can be customized to a manager's needs.

Plan Design Laid Bare!

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I'm talking about: Requiring that the design helps your company achieve its strategic business and talent management goals. Spend time understanding the nature and root causes of the performance challenges that your new plan must address. Best practices for plan design?

Cafe Classic: Time for Spring Cleaning?

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Problem is, if there are so many managers and employees that need you urgently -- or programs with ugly loopholes -- it's a safe bet that things aren't really in order. . If you have anniversary date performance appraisals , check out the backlog, contact the managers and eliminate it.

When Size Matters -- Basics for Early Stage and Small Companies

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Human Resource management may end up as a department of one, but it often it starts out as just one more thing for the founding executive team. Don't make everyone a manager or director. Employees get their salary data by matching titles, not job descriptions.

How Are Salaries Affecting Millenial Engagement?

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The New York Times included an op-ed with data to support this statement, "People between the ages of 25 and 34 were earning slightly less in 2017 than people in that same age group had been in 2000." Base Salaries Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Total Rewards

Cafe Classic: Can You Spell D E B U N K?

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Employees shoulder the burden of pay for performance, hating the carrot and stick. There is an extreme mismatch between what our employees really want and our efforts at motivating them (through feedback, merit increases and incentives). .

You've Got to Start Somewhere!

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Market tested your incentive rates? You're thrilled that you just finished a great big project that will make employees and managers happy. By the time you have 100-200 employees, you've decided to check your offers with some market data.

There May Still Be Enough Time!

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You may have already completed performance appraisal discussions, but performance should certainly be part of the discussion when 2014 increases and bonuses are covered with employees. Data supports our empirical findings.

Cafe Classic: Managers Can't Use Salary Surveys Wisely, and Other Urban Myths

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In today's Classic, Margaret O'Hanlon digs into our beliefs about what we can and cannot trust our managers to handle on their own, using the example of a particular company that does things differently. Managers are, frankly, too self serving to be trusted.

5 Ways to Do Comp Better

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How to solve common Life Science job leveling and salary data questions Life Science jobs evolve so quickly, anyone trying to make compensation decisions would be thrilled to get advice. Base Salaries Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Recognition

Acing Your Next Executive Presentation

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It's the time of year for executive presentations with topics like handling the increase budget, allocating the bonus pool, budgeting for next year, doing more with less and/or introducing change. Trap #4 -- Data Without Attention to Detail -- If there is a mistake in the presentation, or if you can't answer a question succinctly using data from your presentation, you and your presentation will lose credibility.

Clearing Away the Cobwebs

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In the meantime, the work world has changed immensely in terms of regulatory policies, economics, workforce priorities, data analytics, productivity through technology and so on. Somehow it felt like time to hit the reset button, so I went looking for inspiration.

Job Candidates: How to Win Friends and Influence Their Decisions to Join You

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You may want to consider sharing a version of this "how to" list with your managers. The data shows that this comes in right up there at #2. Candidates want to know about your company's present strengths including stock performance, CEO style, new products, customer successes and so on.

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Value End-of-Year Implementation -- Turn Down the Heat on the CEO Pay Ratio

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Positive visibility should help, and one reliable channel is end-of-year communications about pay practices, bonus awards, company results, team achievements and so on. What would their managers say if you asked them that question?

Why Using Data Is Your Key to Increasing Diversity, According to This Tech Leader

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I’ve been black in tech for a long time,” says Leslie , who has worked for the Obama Foundation and was an engineering director and manager at Slack, Twitter, Apple, and Google. It’s about using data to make workplaces more inclusive and equitable,” he says.

Cafe Classic: There May Still Be Enough Time!

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You may have already completed performance appraisal discussions, but performance should certainly be part of the discussion when 2014 increases and bonuses are covered with employees. Data supports our empirical findings. Compensation Communication Pay for Performance

Growing a Healthy Compensation Program

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If you're an HR office of one, busily juggling everything from beneficiary forms to incentive awards, it's hard to believe that you share any pressures with other HR managers. Payment of bonus is determined by the CEO after the "books are closed" and results are discussed with Board.

Growing a Healthy Compensation Program -- Part Two

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In turn, the Human Resource Manager has become more visible to employees and more involved in day-to-day operations. However, employees are barely satisfied with Human Resources' current service level because the Manager, in her HR Dept. This is the second article in a series. "If

TalentGuard Adds Deep Neural Network Machine Translation into it’s Product Suite


today announced that Microsoft’s Translator technology powers translation features across TalentGuard’s product suite including Performance, Career Pathing, Succession Planning, Certification Tracking and 360 Feedback. TalentGuard is a global provider of competency-based talent management solutions delivered as Software-as-a-Service. TalentGuard also helps improve business outcomes with our extended network of credentialed career coaches, training programs and content.

Good to Great Housekeeping

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Generate data -- You and your team should be able to respond immediately to up to 20 demographic questions about your employee population. Odds are you're spending more on hiring bonuses (because you're not sure about your salaries) than you would spend on compensation surveys.

TalentGuard Announces New Reseller Partnership in Latin America


WWT brings TalentGuard’s full Talent Management Suite to Latin America. Austin, Texas – April 10, 2017 – TalentGuard, the Predictive People Development company, today announced that WWT has joined the TalentGuard Channel Partner Network. Through this partnership, WWT broadens its talent management offering enabling customers to better manage their workforce and deliver cost-effective services to the LATAM region. Business Development Director.