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7 Employee Motivation Strategies to Enhance Your Team’s Performance


We have come up with a couple of employee motivation strategies that you can implement to ensure that your team’s performance is top-notch! Aside from having a clear sense of purpose, employees must learn how to work with each other as a team. Also Read: Virtual team building.


What is employee retention?


Losing highly performing employees can also impact team productivity and employee morale, as it requires adjustments to the daily functioning and workflows of a department or team – particularly if the departing employee is a manager or higher. New employees require training and time to adapt to the new environment and its requirements, which can strain team productivity temporarily. It shakes up well-worn routines and motivates them to develop further in their roles.


Talent and Performance Management Survey Summary

HR Daily Advisor

The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2016 Talent and Performance Management Survey in January, 2016. Formal Career Planning Program. Exactly three-quarters of respondents said they do not have a formal career program. Career Planning by Career Group. The majority of respondents (61.5%) indicated that all of their employees are covered by their career planning programs. Career Planning Meetings. Talent Development Program.