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10 Employee Incentive Programs to Engage Your Team


Incentives give employees something to strive for and provide tangible acknowledgement of their great work. When an incentive is offered, 85 percent of workers feel more motivated to do their best. What are employee incentive programs? The value of employee incentive programs.

Variable Pay: Is There a Difference Between a Bonus and an Incentive?

Compensation Today

PayScale’s 2017 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) revealed that nearly three-quarters of organizations give some type of variable pay. Is there a difference between a bonus and an incentive? Under the umbrella you can find any number of bonuses, incentives, commissions, and other cash comp that is contingent on something happening. Bonus” falls under the umbrella. This thing worked out well; I liked it.


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Compensation Planning in 7 Actionable Steps

Analytics in HR

Thorough compensation planning allows your organization to create compensation systems that reward employees fairly and support business goals. What exactly is compensation planning, what are its objectives, and how do you go about compensation planning in practice?

Compensation Analyst: All You Need to Know About the Role


In the competitive candidate market, organizations need to get their compensation strategy right. That’s why a compensation analyst is a fast-growing role and a career path worth considering. Let’s explore the role of a compensation analyst and how you can become one.

Compensation Cafe: Chasing Best Practices


Benchmarks and best practices can give company leaders insight into what those around them are doing, how much they are spending, and how well they are performing. A recent report from PayScale, which I covered in this post on Compensation Cafe , helps to provide some useful data around compensation practices, particularly among top-performing and average companies. Bonus & Incentives Best Practices compensation performanceBy Derek Irvine.

9 Employee Bonus Ideas and How to Use Them Effectively

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9 Employee Bonus Ideas and How to Use Them Effectively. What are different types of employee bonuses and how can you use them to increase retention and productivity in your organization? What Is Employee Bonus. What is an employee bonus in the first place? Signing bonus.

7 Things to Look for in a Compensation Package

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Quite the hot commodity, workers can afford to be a little picky and a little particular about what kind of compensation they’d like in exchange for their labor. With companies competing for workers, savvy job seekers know exactly what they’re looking for in their compensation packages.

The 5 Elements of a Good Incentive Plan

Compensation Today

Offering incentives is a practice that has seen increased popularity over the past decade. In PayScale’s 2017 Compensation Best Practices Report , over 60 percent of organizations surveyed said they give individual incentives, and nearly a quarter of them reported giving team incentives. But what makes a good incentive plan? Like all things in compensation, it’s more complex than you’d initially think. Are Incentives the Same Thing as Bonuses?

Top 15 Compensation Management Tools in 2021

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Companies consider several factors when deciding on a compensation planning tool. In layman’s terms, compensation management software allows an organization to plan and administer employee compensation packages in an organized manner. Payscale Marketpay. CURO Compensation.

10 Unique Employee Incentive Programs For Your Team 2021


Incentives give employees something to aim for and motivation to work much harder without actually telling them to work hard. According to a study by Genesis Associates , 85% of the employees feel motivated to work their best when an incentive is offered. Health and Well-being.

Want a Better Culture? Set Compensation Strategy Accordingly

Compensation Today

At PayScale, we think the way you pay says a lot about you as an organization. Compensation should be a reflection of and an extension of your culture. In PayScale’s 2017 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR), we found that 57 percent of organizations agree that compensation is becoming more important to their executives. We think this has to do with the increasing value placed on culture and the growing link between compensation and culture.

2018 Compensation Budgeting Forecast Part 3: Trends in Non-Profit Compensation

Astron Solutions

The world of non-profit compensation continues to see radical changes from the past. Previously, it was assumed that non-profits, due to the limitations placed on their abilities to generate revenue, were in the position of compensating their employees much below the market. The following are key trends in non-profit compensation design Astronology® readers need to know. Trend #2: Compensation Philosophy Statements. Trend #3: Creative Compensation.

Pay the Friendly Way: United Airlines Ties Executive Compensation to Customer Satisfaction

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While they have done much to repair the damage, a recent development highlights how this is not only affecting their external customer satisfaction policies but their internal compensation policies as well. United Airlines is putting their money where their mouth is to turn things around – executive compensation will be tied to customer satisfaction. Let’s examine their decision more closely to see what we can learn from their executive compensation plan change.

7 Dos and Don’ts of Communicating Total Compensation Reports

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As a PayScaler and a people manager, one of my all-time favorite features of our PayScale Insight product is the (newly updated!) Employee Compensation Report , which enables managers to communicate with employees about their total compensation reports. This report — and other forms of total compensation statements — is a crucial tool for employee compensation communication and pay transparency. DO: Share total compensation reports with your employees.

The First Step Towards Pay Transparency

Compensation Cafe

In terms of compensation design and administration, "management discretion" is the antonym to clarity and "pay transparency." You understand what employees mean by fair pay and how well it aligns with your company's practices. They know and understand how their midpoint was determined, acknowledging that it is a judgment based on well designed research. If you offer incentives, payment is based on communicated measures not management discretion.

Variable Pay Is on the Rise: What the Data Show

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This is an excerpt from PayScale’s 2017 Compensation Best Practices Report. A rich compensation mix encompasses much more than just base pay alone. There are bonuses, incentives, benefits and much more. Why not offer spot bonuses for individuals who show strong examples of the company’s core values? If an organization values collaboration, why not give a bonus to the individual who stayed late helping a coworker finish a project?

Lessons from Gravity: Murphy’s Law of Compensation

Compensation Today

Thanks to massive publicity, we’ve all got a front-row seat for the Murphy’s Law of compensation scenarios unfolding as we speak. What started as a noble intention has spiralled into a compensation can of worms. These are both legitimate concerns and are two of the most significant issues with equitable compensation practices. It’s an unfortunate thing when your well-intentioned efforts at creating an equitable compensation system go horribly wrong.

What is a total compensation statement & how does it provide value?

Genesis HR Solutions

In an effort to show employees the true value of their compensation, benefits factored in, many employers are providing total compensation statements. What is a total compensation statement? A total compensation statement communicates the entire value of an employee’s compensation package, including wages, which they already see in pay stubs, along with the hidden cost of the benefits that employers provide. What’s included in a total compensation statement?

Compensation Round-Up: JLaw’s Gender Wage Gap, Transparency, and RIP Annual Raises

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Joleen Oerman, B2B Content Marketing Specialist, PayScale Welcome to the Compensation Roundup, where we bring to you the hottest news in comp! Sample what’s happening in compensation right now, get in the know and grab some conversation starters. The consulting firm Towers Watson, found that for the 5th year in a row, the employee bonus pool will look like an abandoned hotel pool—drained and neglected. The death of the annual raise and the rise of the bonus.

Cash is Still King When it Comes to Compensating and Engaging Workers

Compensation Today

Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP, PayScale Senior Blogger When I wrote Golden Carrots Don’t Produce Employee Engagement last year, little did I know just how much this would ring true for 2016. At that time, employers were just beginning to wake up to the critical nature of employee engagement, spending close to $720 million in programs and incentives. Compensation is more than just developing incentive plans and giving people small annual raises. Tess C.

7 Tips for Moving to a Pay-for-Performance Culture

Compensation Today

In the 2017 Compensation Best Practices Report , PayScale found that 89 percent of organizations reward and/or recognize performance in some way. In the 2017 Compensation Best Practices Report, PayScale found that 89 percent of organizations reward and/or recognize performance in some way. At PayScale, we believe that your pay brand, the how and why decisions in your compensation plan, should both reinforce your culture and help accomplish business objectives.

2020 Workforce Trends- What You Need to Know!

Affinity HR Group

An increasing number of organizations use bonus programs as a retention tool. A 2019 Payscale survey reported that 73% of respondents used some type of bonus or variable pay program. Consider developing a bonus program(s) for 2020 with an anticipated 2021 payout date.

Employee Rewards: From Most Popular to Most Creative

Compensation Today

In PayScale’s 2017 Compensation Best Practices survey, we asked employers what their workers’ favorite benefits and perks are. Other popular perks were bonuses, 401K options, pensions and modified schedules like Summer Fridays programs. Wellness allowance of $500 year. Learn More About Our Compensation Software. Do you have room to offer more or higher bonuses (or better yet, incentives)?

Chasing Best Practices

Compensation Cafe

One of the common questions I hear from clients centers on how well their people practices and budgets compare to industry benchmarks and groups of top-performers. Research from the firm PayScale may help to answer at least some of those questions, with their annual analysis of compensation trends and activity. High performers are also more likely to adopt a mindset in which people are valued and engage in more transparent communication around compensation.

Companies Use Pay Alternatives to Keep Employees Around

Compensation Today

Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP, PayScale Senior Blogger It always seems as if one company tries to be progressive in terms of it’s compensation strategy, it shakes things up for the rest of the business world. This comes on the heels of somewhat stagnant growth and the company’s efforts to retain key employees with generous bonuses. Non-salary incentives – the future of comp? The question that’s on many people’s minds is “Are non-salary incentives the wave of the future?”

3 Practical Tips to Prepare for Salary Planning


Salary planning typically requires an extensive investment of time and effort for compensation professionals. It requires collaboration among finance departments and other key stakeholders to determine salary budget recommendations, as well as input from line managers. According to an article in Employee Benefit News , companies can benefit from pulling data from a range of sources, such as crowd-sourced pay data from tools like PayScale as well as other outside surveys.

Total Reward Statements—Show Employees You’re Invested in Them

HR Daily Advisor

Before you start thinking about total reward statements, Rubino says that other basic compensation program objectives should be met. A compensation program must be: Internally equitable. Having these objectives in the background will highlight the importance of well-communicated total reward statements, which also address the objectives, says Rubino. Need to revisit your compensation plans for 2015 but don’t know where to start?

Modern Comp Practices for Traditional Companies

Compensation Today

By Kari Van Hoof, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional At PayScale, we strive to help all kinds of organizations embrace modern compensation practices to engage their workforce and drive results. Last year, PayScale surveyed 71,000 employees and found that satisfaction is very closely linked to employer transparency about their pay practices. Top performing companies offer more of a compensation mix than average companies.

Questions for Budgeting Season

Compensation Today

We’re well into budgeting season, which means it’s about time for many HR and comp pros to start scrambling around to calculate the necessary information for next year’s comp budget. For some context, in the webinar we provided some ways to sell the need for a decent compensation budget. From there we overviewed the components of what a typical compensation budget should include. Our webinar started at the point after a compensation plan exists.

How to Negotiate Your Salary and the Job – Definitive Guide


According to a new survey by the executive consulting firm Korn Ferry, “Only 19 percent of organizations say they are well prepared to handle the new laws once they go into effect. In an ideal job search, you won’t discuss compensation during the interview process. Bonus pay.

How to Negotiate Your Salary and the Job – Definitive Guide


According to a new survey by the executive consulting firm Korn Ferry, “Only 19 percent of organizations say they are well prepared to handle the new laws once they go into effect. In an ideal job search, you won’t discuss compensation during the interview process. Bonus pay.