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2019 HR & Compliance Web Summit: Executive Summary


Industry experts like Jennifer McClure offered actionable insights and advice on all things HR, from self-care for the HR pro to in-the-news compliance issues. Maintaining compliance for the organization. W-4 Changes In 2020: What You Need to Know |Speakers: Paycor Compliance Team.

Attract And Manage Top Talent In Your Small Business


In today’s high-tech world, technology can help you save time and money with recruitment, HR management, and compliance, so you can focus your efforts on empowering your team and growing your business. Maybe you don’t have the ability to woo talent with big signing bonuses and salaries.

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How to Give Your Employees a Raise Using the FLSA Overtime Rule Amendment


Maintaining compliance in an ever-changing market and legislative environment demands you stay alert and operationally agile. If you happened to click the above link to the Final Ruling document, you might be freaking out a little. Everyone likes bonuses and incentive payments.

The Small Business Guide to 401(k) Matching


Between the tax advantages and this year’s higher contribution limits, employees have plenty of incentive to put money aside for retirement. So how does this important incentive work? We all want to find our perfect match—especially one we can retire with.

I’m With the Government, and I’m Here to Help

HR Daily Advisor

Department of Labor (DOL) recently updated its annual statistics that reflect the volume of back wages collected through compliance audits. Shift differentials, on-call payments, performance or incentive bonuses, and commissions are just some of the payments that the DOL often flags.

Why HR is Important – Even for Startups

marenated HR

It’s difficult to manage the paperwork, the compliance forms, even something as (seemingly) simple as recruiting and hiring becomes another burden. Compliance? When you have more than a handful of employees, HR can help with the various compliance complexities.