Beware of Bonus Pitfalls: Overtime and Nonexempt Employees

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I received a call recently from an employer that wanted to know if it could exclude a newly created job category from an annual bonus program. The employer told me it hadn’t thought about doing so because this bonus was paid only once, on an annual basis.

2019 HR & Compliance Web Summit: Executive Summary


Industry experts like Jennifer McClure offered actionable insights and advice on all things HR, from self-care for the HR pro to in-the-news compliance issues. Maintaining compliance for the organization. W-4 Changes In 2020: What You Need to Know |Speakers: Paycor Compliance Team.

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Astron’s Yearly Compensation Review Part III: Non-Profit Executive Compensation Planning for 2019

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The second most impactful change is the clarifications from the Internal Revenue Service on the use on “incentive” and “bonus” programs for non-profit executives. As noted in the regulations, “tax-qualified” retirement plans are exempt from this provision.

More Retirement Plan Options—Which One Is Right for Your Business?

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In yesterday’s Advisor , business consultant Bridget Miller wrote about some of the options out there for employer-provided retirement plans; today, Miller provides some more retirement choices for employers to consider. Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, are commonly associated with individuals rather than businesses. As mentioned yesterday , SIMPLE stands for Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees of Small Employers.

The Misallocation Dilemma

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The retired and the unemployed, I guess. Meanwhile, we who frequent this corner of the total rewards world tend to obsess about the many challenges we face dealing with all the complexity we find behind wages, salaries, bonuses stock options and fringe benefits.

5 Ways To Recognize Employees in the Transportation & Logistics Industry


Recognition programs may include referral bonuses or non-monetary compensation such as priority for in-demand routes. Referrals may fill some open headcount but not enough to replace retiring drivers. A thoughtful Safety Incentives program can help reinforce those behaviors.

Attract And Manage Top Talent In Your Small Business


In today’s high-tech world, technology can help you save time and money with recruitment, HR management, and compliance, so you can focus your efforts on empowering your team and growing your business. Maybe you don’t have the ability to woo talent with big signing bonuses and salaries.

5 Must-Have Elements for Every Compensation Management Process


When done correctly, it ensures employees are paid fairly and have the incentives needed to either improve performance or continue producing excellent results. Health care, retirement, and tuition reimbursement are some examples of types of benefits which factor into total reward packages.

What is an ERISA Qualified Plan?


ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Employers who contribute to a health or retirement plan are subject to the rules of ERISA. Individual retirement plans aren’t usually covered by ERISA, but there are a couple of exceptions if they are employer-sponsored. Non-ERISA qualified plans include tax-deferred compensation and bonus plans. A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) is another employer-sponsored IRA plan.

Cafe Classic: Do Generational Differences Matter For Total Rewards Strategies? Part 2

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In this post, we'll talk about the implications of those differences for incentives and benefits, and how to incorporate these differences in a comprehensive total rewards strategy. Other groups - particularly the Gen Xers - view these kinds of incentives as cliche and would be turned off.

The Small Business Guide to 401(k) Matching


We all want to find our perfect match—especially one we can retire with. Between the tax advantages and this year’s higher contribution limits, employees have plenty of incentive to put money aside for retirement. So how does this important incentive work?

Solving the Engineer Shortage: 5 Tips for Hiring in the Auto Industry


Advertise openings on social media and offer incentives to your employees for referrals. offer referral bonuses to incentivize current engineers to refer former colleagues. Plan for Retirement. million engineers to retirement, but there won’t be enough talent to replace them.

When Creating the Perfect Compensation Plan Salary is Just the Beginning


These include wages, raises and incentives, wellness, tuition reimbursement, training allowances, retirement funding, stock options, meal plans, and more. Factor in annual wage increases, incentives, or bonuses planned at the top of the range. HR Tips & Trends Payroll ComplianceCrafting or updating a compensation plan can be daunting for small to midsized business, but whether you have one or not, it’s important to align with prevailing conditions.

The Best Way to Process Payroll [Updated for 2020]


Using a Human Resources Management System (HRMS) protects employers from payroll compliance violations. Compliance. Retirement plan documents. If you offer medical insurance and a retirement plan, you will need these documents as well. Payroll Processing Compliance.

Paycor Receives WorldatWork 2017 Seal of Distinction


Retirement. Bonus programs. Short-term incentives. Long-term incentives. Paycor’s personalized support and user-friendly technology ensure that key business processes, including recruiting, onboarding, reporting, timekeeping, compliance and payroll, run smoothly. 17, 2017 — WASHINGTON , D.C. PRWEB ) — Paycor , the industry leading Human Capital Management provider for SMBs, today announced they have earned WorldatWork Seal of Distinction for 2017.

Types of HR Software: A Guide


Manage and track employee benefits like health insurance, paid time off, compliance, and retirement accounts all in one place with this software. Payroll software manages actually paying your employees and can handle direct deposits, checks, tax compliance, and W-2 form printing.

3 Best Practices for Recruiting Millennials


Millennials currently earning higher degrees in healthcare understand endless opportunities await them, especially as preceding generations retire from the field and the demand for care rises. 3 Best Practices for Recruiting Millennials Jul. 12, 2017. Antique-Nguyen.jpg.

How to source candidates: An FAQ guide


To source EU candidates on social media, please refer to this guidance to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. ). Build an employee referral program that works by offering a mix of monetary and non-monetary incentives. retirements.).