10 Employee Incentive Programs to Engage Your Team

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Incentives give employees something to strive for and provide tangible acknowledgement of their great work. When an incentive is offered, 85 percent of workers feel more motivated to do their best. What are employee incentive programs? The value of employee incentive programs.

How to Design an Incentive Plan


Incentive Compensation Plan Design. ( See our infographic “Incentive Compensation Plan Design” ). Incentive programs are a critical component of a comprehensive executive pay policy. Incentive Plan Design 101. The incentive’s purpose.


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Delving Into Data

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Three organizations share how they use people data and analytics to amplify business strategy. People analytics” has been a hot catchphrase in the business world for years, with data promising to revolutionize recruiting, talent management, and myriad other HR processes.

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Ensuring The Success Of Your Channel Incentive Program


Organizations that go to market via indirect channels tend to understand the value in having a channel incentive program to motivate sales representatives, partners, or dealers. The objectives you set for your incentive program should focus on both quantitative and qualitative measures. Many companies rush to develop an incentive program because their competitors have one in place. Incorporate training as a qualifier to participate or as a bonus.

Sales Compensation: Chicken or Egg?

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Providing a shinier sales incentive program without addressing sales roles, training, and tools accomplishes very little. The chicken should be your sale incentive plan. Don’t start with the title or JD and find matching data.

Pay Transparency Check-In

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Pay equity is studied through metrics that illuminate your practices. Her firm, re:Think Consulting, provides market pay information and designs base salary structures, incentive plans, career paths and their implementation plans.

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7 Current Post-Pandemic Compensation Developments

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DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) metrics are becoming what we thought they would be before COVID-19 began. They also argue that survey data is not reflecting the actual talent market. Dan is also a leading expert on incentive plans and equity compensation issues.

6 Reasons Equity Isn’t Like Cash

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Most of the market data for equity compensation is sketchy. If you miss a vesting event or calculate a performance metric wrong, it may not be possible to fix the issue since it may impact taxes, SEC reports, shareholder communications and so much more.

Cost per Hire: Definition, Formula, and Calculation

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Cost per hire is one of the most used HR metrics and recruiting KPIs. This makes the cost per hire arguably one of the most important, but also the trickiest metrics in recruiting and talent acquisition. Why is cost per hire an important metric to track?

OMG! You Were Right All Along!

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Remember that time you spent weeks modeling a new incentive plan only to have it shot down? It’s difficult to stand your ground when a CEO or department head pushes back on a new incentive plan. Sometimes we have better data. Compensation Communication Executive Compensation Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance Performance Management Sales Compensation behavioral psychology dan walter goals incentive plans measurement metrics p4p performensation

Can You Depend on Solid ROI for Expensive Elite University Hires?

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Is there predictive data that can guide us? This report talks about "nominal" differences in groups, but that word just helps them communicate what they've found and sidesteps the fact that the data may not be either robust or predictive. Nonetheless, the data does suggest a few valuable analytic opportunities if you read between the lines. Compensation Philosophy Competencies Data and Analytics Incentives/Bonuses Performance Management

3 Tips for Effective Incentive Compensation Management


That’s why so many business leaders opt for incentive compensation. Employers utilize incentive compensation plans to reward employees for performance that goes above and beyond. It sounds fool-proof, but there are some ways in which incentive compensation management can go wrong. By following these tips, you’ll be able to master incentive compensation management in your company. Incentive compensation management doesn’t have to be difficult.

Unleashing Your Inner Scientist: Lab Mindsets & HR/Compensation Experiments

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I agree with the direction of this thinking, that moving compensation (and all HR) programs and practices forward, at the ground level where most of us live and work, will happen through evidence-based learning and innovation, through tinkering and tailoring , and through raising the bar on our understanding of fundamental data analysis. Slicing your data by different variable turns one experiment into many, while examining only aggregate data may cause you to miss things.

Cafe Classic: Are Your Compensation Plans on Autopilot?

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Is your incentive plan on autopilot, chugging along without consideration of changes in the business and potential undesired consequences? Base Salaries Data and Analytics Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance Sales Compensation

SPAC Attack: Who’s On First?

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You will work with legal on old and new cash incentive programs. You will again work with Finance and Legal to answer questions about employment agreements, performance metrics, and other issues that may directly or indirectly impact pay. You cannot clean your data up too soon.

Plan Design Laid Bare!

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Whether you are redesigning your base pay program or creating an incentive plan, it pays to learn from experienced colleagues, so I've included links to Compensation Cafe articles about each of these three best practices. Analysis of divisional productivity data (followed by some manager interviews) can tell you a lot about performance obstacles, for instance. Singing, Dancing and Posing: Aligning Incentives, Performance Metrics and Strategic Objectives by Stephanie Thomas.

SPAC Attack: Executive Compensation Top 10 List

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You will need to do a full analysis, using your new compensation philosophy, and newly collected proxy-sourced pay data. You will need to defend, set, or correct base, bonus/STI and LTI pay levels, design elements, and links to performance.

You ARE Being Replaced by AI

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Base with a 31.69% target incentive level, based on the fourteen individually weighted metrics recently established by our big data mining exercise in conjunction with our actuarially-modeled best-case scenario using the recent new pricing model from that academic team at MIT.”. should be granted as the new high-leverage PSUs with the quarterly rolling-metric structure. September 5, 2028. The day has finally arrived.

Is Team Chemistry the Next Big Thing in Performance and Rewards?

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As Keith will point out, it is the best metric for how an individual player really contributes to the success of the overall team. As data and analytics bring increasing sophistication to our understanding of employee and organizational performance, will we be able to identify the plus-minus statistics for our teams? Bonus/Incentives Metrics/Analytics Pay for Performance Performance Management - General

The power of payroll data: An interview with a leader in data management, BI, and people analytics

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Dave Wallis , Director of Analytics and Information Strategy at Insperity , is a long-time data management and BI professional, who’s currently focused on developing Insperity’s people analytics offering (in partnership with Visier). Visier: Why does payroll data matter?

Compensation Communications that Hit the Mark This Time

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What have data and analytics got to do with compensation communications? You can use employee data and analytics to learn how to talk in a more relevant and engaging way with your employees. Compensation Communication Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance

Compensation Dentistry (part 1)

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Most of us do our regular maintenance and keep our base pay in line with our philosophy and relevant data. Annual and long-term incentive plans are often not as well cared for. Just like the fact that most kids don’t grow up wishing to be a dentist, few compensation professionals aspire to be mavens of incentive plans. Yes, incentive plans can be harder than base pay. It is this customizability that gives incentives their power and makes some avoid them.

Employee Utilization: A Guide for HR

Analytics in HR

However, it’s also crucial for HR professionals to understand this business metric to improve the hiring process, create a healthy work culture, and boost productivity. However, other organizations can also use it as a key metric to measure their team’s current productivity.

Cafe Classic: How Much More is Enough?

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Later, as I worked on metrics and goals for a long-term incentive plan, this brief conversation came back to me. We have to be better than simply citing survey data as our reasoning. Base Salaries Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Pay for PerformanceEditor's Note: A Classic discussion on the tipping point (if there is one!) for compensation, via Dan Walter!

Your Employee Referral Program Guide: The Benefits, How-tos, Incentives & Tools


Your Employee Referral Program Guide: The Benefits, How-tos, Incentives & Tools. Here’s everything you need to know about employee referral programs, including benefits, how-tos, incentives, and tools. Perform better on high-impact metrics than other candidates who share similar characteristics. Collect metrics on any online communications so you can try to gauge interest. Establish an incentive structure for inspiring employee referrals.

Do You Have a Meretricious Merit Program?

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But we’ve increased our incentive compensation budget!”, Too often our cash incentive programs do not payout rationally and in line with performance. This happens when metrics are selected, and goals are set, with too much hope and not enough tactical expertise. The middle of market data is an unlikely place the find the “best” anything. Base Salaries Compensation Communication Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Stock/Equity Compensation Total Rewards

Trouble Getting Support for New Pay Plans?

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Instead of asking people if they want to participate in a stock option plan, or telling them that they should want to be in the new annual incentive plan, think about starting the discussion with the conclusion or results. Blindly asking if they will approve a switch from the current LTI metrics to something else won't work. And, when it doesn’t, it provides new data on what you may want to consider before the next “ask.”. Maybe you’re asking the wrong questions.

Looking Forward

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For companies seeking a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace, data can reveal a clear path to success. When an organization came to Korn Ferry with the goal of improving the diversity of its upper-level leadership team, a data-driven root analysis was in order.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

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Solutions or interventions that are emotionally-driven rather than informed by facts and data. Absence of sound evaluation planning and data analysis methodology, to include conducting/completing a thorough baseline. Failure to identify relevant metrics and trusted data that can be analyzed on a sustained basis. Base Salaries Compensation Communication Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance Total Rewards

The Next Big Idea Begins Here

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A number of workshops highlighted the end-state elements of data analytics, metrics, and ROI – all targeting opportunities to better measure and improve the effectiveness and success of pay interventions and the management of total rewards budgets. . My favorite presentation featured new techniques in data visualization, by Bryan Briscoe and Paul Reiman. Base Salaries Compensation Philosophy Executive Compensation Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance Total Rewards

A Chrome Panda Predicts Demise of Stock Options

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These are smart moves but we compensation professionals know the real money is in base pay and long-term incentives. As I have mentioned throughout this “Stock Options on the Precipice” series (earlier articles: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 ), equity compensation often relies on suspect survey data and company values. Performance metrics are being tested and plans are being reviewed for flexibility.

5 Ways To Recognize Employees in the Transportation & Logistics Industry


Recognition programs may include referral bonuses or non-monetary compensation such as priority for in-demand routes. Metrics-Based Recognition. The most objective way to answer that question is a consistent set of metrics. You can then rank your drivers by any of these metrics.

Sales Compensation During Turbulent Times


Giving employee retention bonuses for top performers. Shifting metrics and KPIs to activity-based compensation. A successful sales compensation exception strategy is built on understanding historical data and trends.

Sales Compensation During Turbulent Times


Giving employee retention bonuses for top performers. Shifting metrics and KPIs to activity-based compensation. A successful sales compensation exception strategy is built on understanding historical data and trends.

BLR’s 2017–2018 Pay Budget and Variable Pay Survey

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A closer look at the data shows that 15% of employers awarded merit increases of up to 2.5% Finding usable market data: 12.5%. 2017 Bonuses. last year) paid bonuses to their exempt employees in 2017, with 18.4% (up from 15.7% last year) of those surveyed awarded bonuses to their hourly workers, with 21.6% last year) gave their senior management team members bonuses above 10% of base pay, and 21.2% (down from 24.5% 2018 Bonuses.