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The importance of HR analytics


Today, most organizations rely on actual data to make informed decisions on how to run their business. Whilst departments such as sales, marketing, and operations have actively been using data analytics to optimize performance, HR experts within a business have been relatively slow to integrate analytics to influence their decision making. Simply put, HR analytics is all about analyzing an organization’s ‘people problem’ through data. Compensations and Incentives.

Minimum Wage Increase: The Positives and the Pitfalls


The difference between the current median rate and projected raise in minimum wage would result in an addition in payroll costs to the tune of more than $450,000 per year. VCPs can earn Amazon workers an 8% monthly bonus and a 16% bonus during the hectic November and December seasons.

How to Stay Motivated When Cash Flow Is Down, Distractions Are High


It’s always a balance of how you can get more cash in the bank and run a stable and secure company, and at the same time trying to control the growth rate of hiring and onboarding and investing in new things to grow your revenue,” said Stapper. Payroll.

How to be a successful recruiter: Advice for each hiring stage


Offer incentives. Consider implementing a referral bonus program to motivate your current employees to recommend qualified candidates. Help onboard new hires. Here’s how: Enter the employee’s data into your HRIS. Screen, interview, hire and repeat.

2019 HR & Compliance Web Summit: Executive Summary


W&H is now permitting employers to use nondiscretionary bonuses and incentive payments paid on at least an annual basis to satisfy up to 10 percent of the salary requirement Want to learn more around wage and hour? The Data You Need to Win Over the CFO | Speaker: Tim Ruge.