HR Glossary of Terms


ATS, employee handbook, HRIS, workers’ comp … there are plenty of acronyms and terms in the HR world to know and stay on top of. When an employee habitually fails to show up for work as scheduled without good reason. Common-Law Employee. Discrimination.

How to handle compensation during uncertain times


The delicate balance is: How do you handle compensation during uncertain times to protect the financial health of your business but without losing valued employees? From the employee perspective, pay freezes are usually preferable to reductions in regular wages or interruptions to payroll.


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Workers’ rights in the age of COVID

Business Management Daily

Any adverse action employers take against these groups of workers very likely constitutes disparate impact discrimination. No proof of intent to discriminate is needed. Employers who appear to put profits over employee safety create a public relations nightmare.

5 Business Trends that Will Influence the Workforce in 2021


We have also had to give employees room to make accommodations due to their inability to commute to a physical office space, work the same daytime hours as they did pre-pandemic, or exercise their right to use FMLA benefits to care for family members who had contracted COVID-19.