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Why Does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter in the Workplace?


Systemic racism, gender inequality, and prejudice against minority groups have been calcified in the workplace for far too long, but thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement and the push for representation, organizations are finally taking real steps to abolish inequality.

A Comprehensive Guide to Total Rewards (And How to Master It)

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It includes the money paid to employees in wages, salaries, bonuses, perks, and other intangible benefits. A total rewards program gives employees a complete package of benefits, rewards, and incentives. Examples of extrinsic rewards include pay, bonuses, incentives, and gift cards.

Talent and Performance Management Survey Summary

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When asked if they maintain a system for predicting staffing or talent requirements, most respondents (68.8%) answered “No.” Survey takers were asked over what period of time they maintain a system for predicting staffing and talent requirements. The majority of respondents (74.1%) answered that they maintained a system for predicting staffing and talent requirements for all of their employees. Maintaining Prediction System. Internal recruiting.