Structuring Budgets and Rules in Your Channel Incentive Program


If you’re reading this post, it’s likely you’re running incentives to partners and using some sort of system to manage it all. Partner incentives, like any system, involves a set of structured rules, requirements, and budgets in order to ensure operational and cost control. Incentives

Thinking about Strategy for the New Year

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The online Business Dictionary defines business strategy as: -A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem. Will the executives tell you what the HR strategy needs to be?

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‘Tis the Season to Evaluate Your Total Rewards Strategy


Interestingly, the same survey shows that annual performance bonuses will decline slightly next year, while discretionary bonuses will increase slightly. Sandra McLellan, North America practice leader, Rewards, at Willis Towers Watson adds: Incentives tied to individual and company performance continue to play a greater role in an employee’s total rewards package. Have you looked at the ROI of your current total rewards strategy? Annual Bonus, Annual Waste?

What's Going On Out There?

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This "point in time" report is called "Adjusting Total Rewards Programs, Workforce Strategies and Sales Force Effectiveness Practices in Response to COVID-19" and it has some valuable insights into how companies are (or are not) adjusting their people strategies to the current environment.

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Cafe Classic: A Few Things Economists Would Like Compensation to Know

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concepts like performance appraisal practices, bonus allocation, merit increase awards, high potential selection and, well, most of the things that we spend our time on. Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance Performance Management Sales Compensation

Plan Design Laid Bare!

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Connecting business strategy with an employee's work, so the reasons for their rewards are plain as day. Singing, Dancing and Posing: Aligning Incentives, Performance Metrics and Strategic Objectives by Stephanie Thomas. Best practices for plan design?

Cafe Classic: The Truth About Great Compensation Design

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For example, in the early years, it could include a development strategy on accountability for your managers; measures that identify improvement; and time-sensitive rewards for progress against the measures. Editor's Note: The truth hurts. and it can set you free! That's what they say, anyway.

3 Ways to Improve This Year's Compensation Communications

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Here are three tips you can use any time during the year, but most of all during merit increase and incentive award periods. Her firm, re:Think Consulting, provides market pay information and designs base salary structures, incentive plans, career paths and their implementation plans.

Is Pay Transparency a Gift? Agree, No Opinion, Disagree

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For example, it will just frustrate employees if you include the question, "I am well informed as to how my job fits into our company's business strategy" with no plans of improving that dimension of communication. I know what I can do to influence the size of my incentive.

At Some Point, You Have to Talk with the Executive Team

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When it's time to give your formal presentation to the full team, begin by describing the business impact of your new approach and end with insights into implementation challenges and strategy. Compensation Communication Compensation Philosophy Executive Compensation Incentives/Bonuses

Quick Reminder on Performance Management Effectiveness

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A clear line of sight is both a business strategy and a people strategy that gives employees a sense of meaning and purpose. ). Base Salaries Compensation Communication Incentives/Bonuses Performance Management

Solid Reasons to Start Communication Planning in August

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If you are going to make sure your compensation and performance management programs are procedurally fair , you've got research, analysis and strategy development to complete. Base Salaries Compensation Communication Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance Performance Management

5 Ways to Fight the "Peanut Butter" Syndrome

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One approach is to take into account whether the job is critical to the bottom line, to ongoing innovation or to strategy upgrades. Remember, some companies have begun to put their differentiation efforts into incentive payments rather than salary increases.

Cafe Classic: Chaos Theory

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Consistent, strategic pay practices are not simply a recruiting or overhead issue for a small, dynamic organization, they are part of an operating strategy designed to keep the company healthy and focussed. .

You've Got to Start Somewhere!

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Market tested your incentive rates? No matter how enthusiastic (or panicked) you are about introducing your new program, design a communication strategy that has stages. Base Salaries Compensation Communication Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses

Cafe Classic: 3 Ways to Meet – and Exceed – Expectations

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Let’s say, a year when there will be layoffs and no bonuses. Would they face up to the consequences if the communication strategy didn't meet its goals? Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance Performance Management

Clearing Away the Cobwebs

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During the Recession, we were just hanging on for our lives, so overall strategy couldn't be a priority. In the wider world think merit pay, incentives, equity awards, sales compensation, wellness, medical cost management, training and you've only touched on the most obvious examples.

Cafe Classic: Making the CFO Your New BFF

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And Finance may want to have a bit more input into HR strategies than we currently want them to have. Her firm, re:Think Consulting, provides market pay information and designs base salary structures, incentive plans, career paths and their implementation plans.

Getting Ready for the DOL's New Overtime Rule

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As the SHRM article reminds us, you may currently offer salaried employees incentives, more time off or levels of benefits not available to your non-exempt employees.

Should Employee Compensation Practitioners Care about the Economy?

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As the economy goes, so goes your merit and bonus budget. jobs if we have to adjust to new production strategies. Your HR executive needs to make expensive financial decisions influenced by business strategy, too. Base Salaries Incentives/Bonuses Total Rewards

5 Insanely Great Company Perks That Will Draw Top Talent


Incentive Magazine revealed employee benefits are more valuable than ever – according to MetLife’s 10th annual study of employee benefits trends, there is a strong relationship between satisfaction with benefits and overall job satisfaction.

Startup Equity: In Conclusion (Part 14 of a 14 part series)

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I am going to follow through on the suggestions from readers and colleagues that I turn the series into an ebook. If you are interested in getting a copy of the ebook, please shoot me an email ( ).

HR's Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again, Expecting Different Results -- Managers, Not So Much

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Then base your 2016 strategy on the popular ebook, Everything You Do (in Compensation) Is Communication @

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The Elusive CBPP -- Certified Best Practices Professional

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FIRST, and I mean it in big letters, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey gave back one-third of his Twitter stock late in October -- about 7 million shares -- to be used for employee bonus pools. How many CBPPs have yo u met in your career?

7 Amazing Facts that Could Change Your Mind

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The essence of strategy is in the activities -- choosing to perform activities differently or to perform different activities than rivals. Otherwise, a strategy is nothing more than a marketing slogan." Get yourself a copy of Everything You Do (in Compensation) Is Communication @ convenient website where you can grab our popular eBook. Change your mind about what? About what really matters in our work, of course.

Implementation Matters

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When your company''s strategy shifts each year, employees'' objectives and decision-making should shift, too, as well as what it takes to earn rewards. Turn the popular eBook, Everything You Do (in Compensation) Is Communication, into your handbook.

Why Do We Love Urban Legends About Compensation Communications?

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Instead, you will have the framework for a strategy that prepares you to talk with your subgroups about compensation issues throughout the year. Base Salaries Benefits & Perquisites Compensation Communication Compensation Philosophy Executive Compensation Incentives/Bonuses Total Rewards

The CEO Pay Ratio: More Great (Gift) Ideas

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In short, Dry Run #2 is about strategy not just words. Strategy includes events as well as messaging -- and a rollout schedule. Time to sharpen your pencil and look for places to edit and/or upgrade your strategy and messaging.

Four Ways to Invest in Employees for Better Satisfaction and Productivity

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Read on for five business strategy ideas to implement and improve productivity in your workforce. #1. Incentives and Bonuses. Also read: How Effective are Monetary Incentives? For example, sales teams may compete with each other for an extra cash bonus or paid day off.

7 Secrets to Intrinsically Motivating Your Employees

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Employee motivation strategies have to be designed to meet the specific needs of each worker. This should be taken into account before setting up any ceremony to hand out awards, bonuses or other public forms of recognition.

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Cafe Classic: Do Employees Yawn When You Talk Total Rewards?

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There are opportunities to move up in almost every setting, whether or not the company has a formal career development strategy. That why it's called a Total Rewards strategy.

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Growing a Healthy Compensation Program -- Part Two

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Managers are also noticing that their "founding" employees are getting a bit antsy about their pay since they still don't have any real evidence that they are being paid competitively -- even if Healthy Gadgets' compensation strategy has been to overpay.

21 Newsletters Every HR Professional Should Read


This newsletter to leaders in disruptive workplaces come with several incentives like: Special access to case studies and practitioner-focused information. This newsletter delivers content through blogs, articles, industry reports, webinars, and ebooks. percent bonus.

How To Enable Continuous Learning And Development Using Technology

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In a more gig-based economy, employees could live anywhere in the world, making mobile learning an important aspect of an organization’s L&D strategy. An added bonus is that giving employees access to various types of learning makes them responsible for their own learning.

6 Ideas To Motivate Your Sales Team To Perform Better Each Day

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In fact, the right sales team will take the burden off your shoulders; so you can focus on developing long-term strategies for your organization. To use money as a motivator, managers can link sales results to financial rewards, plus add incentives such as bonuses for outstanding performance.

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