Your Employee Referral Program Guide: The Benefits, How-tos, Incentives & Tools


Your Employee Referral Program Guide: The Benefits, How-tos, Incentives & Tools. Here’s everything you need to know about employee referral programs, including benefits, how-tos, incentives, and tools. You’ll want to create an initial announcement and a plan for ongoing communications, especially communications that publicize your incentive structure (see tips below) and maybe even highlight successful referrals. See our referral program incentive ideas below. .

How’s your hiring process? 5 key benchmarks

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But a recent Jobvite Recruiting report says the “best and most effective candidates” arrive from (in order) internal hires, custom campaigns and staff referrals. The Jobvite Benchmarking survey says the average time-to-hire after an interview is 38 days.


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How to Hire for Long-Term Success


Creating a great referral program can add incentive, such as awarding a bonus to the employee whose referred hire makes it past 90 days on-the-job. . Additionally, a study by JobVite found that 46 percent of referred hires stuck around for at least one year after they were hired, compared to the 33 percent of people hired through career sites and 22 percent hired through career boards.

6 steps to create a recruiting budget (Template Included)

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Some of the top ATS across the globe are Taleo , Greenhouse software , iCIMS , JobVite. A few expenses relate closely to the internal campaigns you decide to run with referral bonuses taking up the major chunk. Next, average out all incentives paid in the last two years to have an approximate idea about the budgeting for incentives to be rolled out in the appraisal cycle.

Making Your Job Postings Count


Likewise, the option for remote or flexible work schedules, bonus and incentive programs, and business travel expense accounts might be attractive to both seasoned and younger workers. Remember that a good portion of job search activity is happening on mobile devices–in fact, half of job seekers have searched for a new job while lying in bed, according to Jobvite’s 2016 Job Seeker Nation Report.