Books to Celebrate Asian Heritage Month


I review two books to celebrate Asian History month. These books are unique in that I think they are not well circulated yet and will resonate universally. Regardless of your ethnicity, these books will open your eyes and help you learn about differences. Diversity

100+ Best Career Books for Job Search and Professional Success

Career Metis

Having an arsenal of quality books will help you know what to do at any stage of your career. . Here is a Comprehensive List of 100+ Best Career Development Books: Career Distinction. His book focuses on this systematic formula for maximum efficiency to secure your first interview. .


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22 Great Books Written By Black Authors We Love

Thrive Global

While we’re all working on our summer reading lists , we want to highlight some of our favorite books by Black authors. We asked our Thrive community to share their favorites, and to explain how each book moved them. I never realized how little I knew until reading this book.”.

Meditation Books Recommended by Meditation Teachers

Thrive Global

Clay Hamilton’s new book, How Do You Meditate? includes thirty interviews from a remarkable group of meditation teachers whose diverse and enlightening responses offer insights, advice, and inspiration as they answer key questions and share simple, accessible wisdom.

eBook 55

7 HRM Books that Every HR Professional Should Read

Digital HR Tech

In this article, we will list 7 must-read HRM books that will help you do your job better – whether you’re an experienced HR professional or just getting started in the HR field. We decided to include both study books and more popular books. The study books that we’ll list are all prescribed literature for various HR courses at universities. These books help to get an in-depth understanding of Human Resources Management practices. In his book Work Rules!

9 Faces of HR Book Update: Is Salesforce Making Progress on Diversity Since Hiring a Chief Equality Officer?

The HR Capitalist

One of the cool things about writing a book that does at least reasonably well is you start to get questions flowing in about the content you included. When I wrote The 9 Faces of HR , I alternated for a good bit of the book between serious chapter and a more pithy, fun "bonus chapter" (but let's face it, I had a lot of fun and took plenty of liberties in the "serious" chapters as well). Thanks for dropping the note and reading my book.

How to Embrace Cultural Diversity in Team Engagement


According to the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, 78% of Executives see diversity as a competitive advantage. People with diverse experiences are better prepared to offer insights and come up with better solutions. They make diverse teams smarter. But how can diversity boost engagement in teams? Having led multi-cultural teams in the Middle-East, Asia, and now in Europe; I can tell blending diversity and engagement gives outstanding results.

How AI Can Influence Diversity and Inclusion (for Better or Worse)


Recently, news broke that an AI-powered facial recognition technology used by law enforcement was actually biased against, well, pretty much everyone other than white men. It’s really a book about how to be more human at work (with fun stories and examples sprinkled throughout).

The Best Diversity and Inclusion Videos

Stories Incorporated

Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.” Here are the best diversity and inclusion videos. This metaphor is often used in the diversity and inclusion space. Of course, we explain why each story shows diversity and inclusion within that company.

Women Are Leading the Diversity Revolution!


This is not surprising when you consider that most diversity and inclusion initiatives are developed to comply with corporate governance and self-regulation, often under the heading “Corporate Social Responsibility”. Although well-intended they are misguided in their approach. Without clear policies on how to achieve gender diversity, businesses are unlikely to meet future needs and they are likely to fall behind competitors as global battles for the best talent grows.

First-of-Its-Kind Book Unites Trailblazing Women Board Leaders to Foster Gender Diversity & Challenge Disparities in Corporate Boardrooms Worldwide

Thrive Global

Moreover, various reports—like that in the Harvard Business Review —detail how gender diversity improves overall board performance, while studies show that corporations with female directors are often more profitable.

10 People On What “Eating Well” Means to Them

Thrive Global

This is one of the topics we discuss in our new book, Your Time to Thrive , where we provide actionable tips and science-backed Microsteps that have worked for real people when it comes to prioritizing nutrition and hydration on a daily basis. As a dietitian, I try to ‘eat well’ most days.

Why Your Learning Programs Need To Embrace Diversity & Inclusion

Kevin Sheridan

Learning Lesson Two: Embrace, and adapt to, diversity. Learning Lesson Three: Realize that Learning & Development and Diversity & Inclusion are inextricably linked. What specifically did you learn about its Diversity & Inclusion efforts?

This Week in Work: How Diversity Efforts Are Failing Black Employees, The Balancing Act and Anti-Racist Book Recommendations


An editorial in Harvard Business Review details how diversity efforts are failing black employees and offers a better approach — sharing that if leaders want to walk their talk, they must spearhead much more meaningful change. Book Sales Are Up. Children’s Books.

10 Great Examples of Workplace Wellness Programs


Considering the improvements made to the health and well-being of a workplace, and the amount of time we spend at our workplaces, it makes sense to foster workplace wellness programs. As the world of work progresses, one of the signs of a top-notch employer will be the quality of their workplace wellness program. Big or small, all businesses can benefit from some form of a wellness initiative at work. 10 Great Examples of Workplace Wellness Programs.

Top 8 HR Questions today: Coronavirus, workforce diversity, and what’s forever changed

Intoo USA

HR professionals face challenges related to furloughs and layoffs, diversity and inclusion concerns, and much more. Has the increased push on DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) issues impacted you and your people and your workplace? Jon: Tracy said it well.

Books and Stories that embrace differences and Disabilities

Thrive Global

By way of children’s reads as well as adult reading – dive into some good “reads” about disabilities and beyond. While the subject matter may be emotionally challenging, these books invites the readers to see true beauty in people and in the way we see our lives. Type: Children’s book.

How to start a workplace book club: tips and book recommendations

PI Worldwide

Implementing a workplace book club is a low-cost way to boost employee engagement while enabling employees to execute your business strategy. Getting a book club started is a light lift, so there’s no reason you can’t move on this right away. Read on to learn: The benefits of starting a book club at your company. The trick to choosing books that will help you reach your business goals. Benefits of starting a book club at your workplace. Order books.

15 Ways to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace


Mention diversity in the workplace and you’ll generally get a positive response from executives. That’s because most of them understand the many benefits of a diverse workforce. Diversity in the workplace benefits. And execs know a diverse workforce (in age, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and gender) brings diverse viewpoints and perspectives to the company; these elements can help you develop great new products and great new ways to cater to customers.

Six advantages of linguistic diversity in the workplace.


While our cities are incredibly multicultural, we don’t really see that diversity reflected in our workplaces. Are connected to more diverse talent pools, which can help with hiring and training new staff. To learn more about how we can help your team, book a free walk-through today.

Building a Diverse & Inclusive Marketing & Creative Team


What’s the beauty behind diversity? It is often stated that diversity brings great benefits to an organization by leveraging different perspectives to make better decisions. For example, McKinsey & Company researched how ethnic diversity correlates with profitability.

How To Build Your Company’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy


And I just built Trainual’s official Diversity & Inclusion policy. I spent 3 months crafting the policy, knowing full-well that the final product would determine the security of myself and every other team member – now and in the future. Define Both Diversity and Inclusion .

The Value of Diversity for LGBT+ People

Sergio Caredda

What is the Value of Diversity for LGBT+ People? Assessing the value of Diversity at an individual level is not just a question of the business case. For most members of the LGBT+ community, the Value of Diversity has a lot to do with visibility and awareness.

This Week in Work: Google Extends Work From Home, Nike Names New Diversity Chief and a Children’s Book for HR Leaders


An HR Book for Children? Or a Children’s Book for HR? Dr. Laura Hamill, Chief People Officer and Chief Science Officer at Limeade shares all about “Take Care” and what HR leaders can takeaway from the book. New Nike Diversity Chief.

This Week in Work: How a Children’s Book Can Serve as a Guide for Employers, Top CEOs for Diversity and LinkedIn Adds Pronunciation


Top CEOs for diversity. According to a recent Workforce survey, Microsoft and Google topped the list for CEOs for diversity and inclusion in 2020. How a children’s book can serve as a guide for employers. Culture Inclusion Well-Being

Best Human Resources Book You Should Read in 2020


In 2020, there are a plethora of human resource management books to choose from. The following is a carefully curated list of the best of the best human resource management books. In Lowisz’s book, he argues that 2020 is the decade where updates to the hiring process should be made.

Diversity in the workplace: how to use Workable to boost D&I


We can’t talk about diversity if we only hire homogenous team members. You won’t see a list of diversity-specific features, though. Let’s explore how you can increase diversity at each step of the hiring process using Workable. Book a demo.

Educator and mom of two’s first book based on her own life and disability

Thrive Global

Dr. Green used this passion, and her own life story, in writing her first children’s book, Completely Me. Justine poured her own story into every page in the book, and it yields an incredible and empowering story that resonates with every child and parent.

7 Inspiring Books That Will Hit You Right in the Gut

Thrive Global

If you’re looking for an emotional read that will motivate you in your day-to-day life, then these are some books worth checking out: 1) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Awaken The Giant Within has sold over 11 million copies and is one of the best-selling self-help books ever written.

Your corporate diversity and inclusion content needs employee stories

Stories Incorporated

We watch a ton of recruitment marketing videos (and not just the ones we create for our clients on the daily), and we consume a great deal of corporate diversity and inclusion content. You also need to show how your company supports specific underrepresented groups as well.

8 Outstanding Educational Online Resources & Books for HRs

Vantage Circle

To help you remain well-informed and encourage continuous learning , we want to share a few educational resources. Diversity and Inclusion. Books and Publications for HRs. But what about other resources, like books and publications that you could read while you’re offline?

8 Outstanding Educational Online Resources & Books for HRs

Vantage Circle

To help you remain well-informed and encourage continuous learning , we want to share a few educational resources. Diversity and Inclusion. Books and Publications for HRs. But what about other resources, like books and publications that you could read while you’re offline?

Book Review – Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Understanding the Workplace (5th ed.) by Paul E. Levy

Workplace Psychology

The VitalSource Bookshelf ebook platform (website and software program) was so frustrating and clumsy to use that I almost didn’t review this book. Book Review of the hard copy of Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Understanding the Workplace (5th ed.): One theme that I have emphasized throughout this book is the complexity of human behavior at work. What I Really Like: There are I/O Today boxes, one for each chapter in the book, that I really enjoy.

10 Books that Motivate, Empower, and Inspire Great Leadership

Thrive Global

Here is a list of the top 10 books that I believe will motivate, empower, and inspire great leadership—both in the office and in your home life. An inspiring and well-written book, Daring Greatly. Angela Duckworth is a celebrated researcher who spent her youth having her lack of genius regularly noted by her parents—yet she discovered that her success came from far more than just book smarts. Diversity and Inclusion. In her book We Can’t Talk About That at Work!

Intel’s Diversity Progress is Now ‘In the Book’


Considering all the steps Intel’s leaders have been taking to improve diversity at the giant Santa Clara, Calif.-based based chipmaker, it should come as no surprise that the company’s first mid-year Diversity in Technology Report released last week shows considerable progress. Of new employees this year, 35 percent were women and 5 percent were black, well above Intel’s current workforce representation.