InfoMart, Leader in Staffing Industry Background Screening, Announces Partnership with Bullhorn


Atlanta, GA – October 24, 2018 InfoMart, a globally-recognized background screening and identity verification company, announced today a new integration partnership with the applicant tracking system Bullhorn. Our integration with Bullhorn is a perfect complement to our decades of screening for some of the world’s largest staffing companies,” said Erica Clausen-Lee, InfoMart’s Chief Strategy Officer. About Bullhorn.

How Your Background Screening Provider’s Global Partner Ecosystem Enhances the Hiring Workflow

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Harris points out just how significant tech adoption has become for HR departments and staffing firms. Check out our full collection of Sterling Live interviews , covering topics such as social media screening, remote work, compliance, and so much more.


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4 Ways to Maximize Productivity and Optimize Your Contingent Workforce Background Check Program

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With more than 400,000 of these job openings still waiting to be filled, HR departments and staffing firms have their hands full — especially when they’re looking to onboard hundreds or even thousands of contingent workers in a very short time. Compliance in hiring is a moving target.

The Best Onboarding Software Will Have These 4 Capabilities

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Any onboarding software must provide support for this process and meet all compliance requirements consistently. The staffing industry has changed dramatically over the years, but not all staffers are taking advantage of the opportunities that modern technology has to offer.

What does it mean to modernize your employee onboarding process?

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There’s a growing understanding in the staffing world that the key to success lies in an innovative, modernized employee onboarding process. On the surface, this all seems like a no-brainer; of course your staffing processes should be modernized.

The Best Onboarding Software Will Have These 4 Capabilities

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Any onboarding software must provide support for this process and meet all compliance requirements consistently. Human staffers can be prone to errors, exposing your organization to fines and penalties, but a software solution can keep track of changing rules and regulations and ensure that your organization is in compliance every time. All staffing organizations, however, stand to benefit from a software solution that supports their efforts when addressing these needs.

3 Benefits of HR Tech Integration


Drive compliance and boost efficiency: With integrated solutions, you can ensure that reference checking becomes a consistent part of your hiring process. We currently integrate with a number of leading HR vendors, including Bullhorn, Oracle, ApplicantPro, iCims, Workday and The HR Manager (TAM) to name a few. Technology often makes our lives – including the day-to-day tasks we do on the job – a lot easier.

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HR TechStack – Applicant Tracking Systems


Zoho Recruit is an Online Recruitment and Staffing software system that simplifies your hiring process. The core capabilities of the solution include human resources management, payroll, benefits, talent management, compliance, time and labor management and analytics and benchmarking. Compas for Staffing. Bullhorn ATS. Bullhorn offers CRM and operations software for the staffing industry. Application Tracking Software Definition.