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Bersin: These are the 2 disruptions revolutionizing coaching


billion; Torch, which recently merged with Everwise; and Skillsoft, which just acquire Pluma. In many companies, coaching is still considered part of leadership development, so legacy companies such as Korn Ferry, DDI, Franklin Covey, BTS and Ken Blanchard also continue to offer coaching.

“Measure and keep track of progress”, Kelly Watson & Jodi Detjen of Orange Grove Consulting and Parveen Panwar, Mr. Activated

Thrive Global

And yet, when we talk about measuring diversity, everyone goes “affirmative action!” rather than reserve spots for particular people, let’s measure effectiveness at managing diversely. What percentage of promotions are diverse based on our population?

What’s Happening In The Workplace


As we all stare down the road of another new year and plan our calendars and develop strategies accordingly, I think now is the ideal time to peer inside today’s workplace and see what are the emerging hot issues and what are those perennial ones still snapping at the heels of our HR and L&D teams. The organization gets the talent they need to stay competitive and employees see opportunity for career development. Diversity.