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How to Improve Employee Retention

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The price of onboarding new hires and incorporating them into the organization can quickly add up. The first step in keeping employees invested in a role is to give them the necessary tools to succeed. Those who receive a good onboarding and orientation experience are more likely to have a positive first impression of the business.

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The Top 5 Employee Engagement Challenges That Government Agencies Face

Cornerstone On Demand

Incorporating annual employee performance reviews, prioritizing professional development and having clearly-defined competencies can help encourage learning across the workforce and inspire future leaders. 3) Limited Budgets HCM leaders focus much of their time, energy and resources on employee engagement.


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6 Signs Your Onboarding Process Needs Improvement


How’s your employee onboarding process? It takes, on average, 42 days to find a new employee. And hiring a new employee costs $4,000, on average. But if you think the work of hiring new employees ends with their first day, you’re missing an opportunity to improve every aspect of your business.

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Employee Engagement Isn’t a One and Done Activity

HR Bartender

I’ve written about employee engagement quite a bit over the years. But it’s also important to understanding that engagement isn’t necessarily the goal. What I mean by that is the goal should be what engagement creates. Employees who are engaged are 59 percent less likely to look for a job with a different organization.

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5 HR tech trends to improve employee engagement 


Though great efforts have been made to bring more attention to employee engagement, wellbeing at work and the positive productivity effects associated with a happy workforce, studies continue to suggest that as many as 85% of global employees don’t feel appropriately engaged within their roles.

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Gallagher Study: Top Factors Driving Employee Engagement and Retention


Quick look: In 2021, Gallagher data showed employee engagement and retention strategies were not aligned, meaning employers had to work twice as hard to keep their top talent. Employee engagement has always been an essential part; however, Gallagher reports not all engagement tactics performed in the same way.

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4 Tips for a Better New Hire Experience | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

You could think of onboarding as the “breakfast” of employment. No new hire should begin their position within a company without a balanced and well-planned onboarding program. Unfortunately, just like the most important meal of the day, employeesonboarding experience is often insufficient, rushed, or simply forgotten altogether.