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Tech spend rising, but adoption challenges remain


It appears employers will be opening up their checkbooks in 2020 for HR technology, according to a new survey that reports seven out of 10 companies plan to boost spending on HR tech this year. Related: Do you know how to drive HR-tech adoption? .

Retaining Top Talent Through Positive Employee Experiences

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Balancing and integrating health, career, and family lives constantly challenge working professionals and sometimes leads to lower work productivity and higher attrition. Employee Career Development. Managers and leaders can tap into these profiles and discover hidden talents while employees can improve their personal brand and accelerate their career development. Work Life Solutions now included with Oracle’s Global HR.


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Top 6 HR Trends in 2020 – Transforming the Future of Work


As we near the end of this year, it’s time to watch out for emerging HR trends in 2020. Organizations will focus on embracing HR technology to their advantage, strengthening workforce capabilities, ensuring data security, improving candidate and employee experiences, and more. Emerging HR trends in 2020. Data Analytics Transforming HR. Using analytics, data driven decisions can be made by HR professionals to attract and retain top talent.

Strategic onboarding

HR Times

An effective new-hire experience can contribute to an employee’s productivity and create value for the organization. Studies show that effective onboarding can improve retention rates by 52 percent, time to productivity by 60 percent, and overall customer satisfaction by 53 percent 1. 2019 Global Human Capital Trends survey. The new-hire experience can be enhanced with transparent communication of competency models, career development plans, and promotion criteria.

Generation Z Characteristics and Work Ethics in the Workplace


To keep this generation motivated, encouraging healthy competition among employees can be productive. Thus, by giving them growth opportunities and investing in their skill development, they are likely to build trust in your organization. Top 8 Global HR Trends in 2021.

6 Best Steps to Prepare Employee Development Plan


For the same, an employee development plan can be utilized. Development plans, that nurtures employees, polishes to improve their skills and introduces them to new horizons are needed by the current corporate arena. Employee Development Explained. Personal Development.