13+ HR Case Studies: Recruiting, Learning, Analytics, and More


As someone who has worked in the HR profession, I know well the full value of stories, examples, and case studies. While much of the work we do at Lighthouse Research & Advisory focuses on quantitative research studies, we do a fair amount of qualitative research as well. We’ve collected case studies over time (and continue to) that highlight interesting approaches and examples of innovation within human capital management.

Merck Case Study

Stories Incorporated

to create content to help attract talent across these groups to ensure Merck can achieve its purposeful mission through the most brilliant and diverse talent. “ Ajay Patel, Director, Talent Acquisition. Jen Hinkle, Director, Global Talent Acquisition.


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Children’s Mercy Hospital Case Study

Stories Incorporated

Want this case study as a PDF? The CM talent acquisition team fills positions for critical clinical staff, but is also focused on hiring for roles in areas like environmental services and staffing their new research institute. Reading Time: 6 minutes.

Recruiting Feedback Case Study: The Recruiting Revenue Connection


In our latest recruiting feedback case study , Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) demonstrates that asking the right questions at the right time can dramatically affect overall recruiting effectiveness AND uncover powerful connections between recruiting and revenue generation. Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition Andy Edmundson had been exposed to Survale via The Talent Board’s annual Candidate Experience Research Project. Download the Case Study for More.

7 Key Talent and HR Trends: Research, Case Studies, and Insights for the Year Ahead

Speaker: Ben Eubanks, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory

One of the toughest parts of identifying trends is getting caught up in what the "cool" companies are doing. Every firm doesn't have the budget of a Google, Facebook, or Apple, so what are the real trends in talent acquisition? In this webinar we will examine the research that supports key trends in the world of recruiting, from the increased focus on hiring from within and greater exploration of experience design to the expansion of the recruiting technology "stack" beyond the applicant tracking system, and how AI is losing its luster for some employers.

How Can AI Streamline the Talent Acquisition Process?


In today’s highly competitive world, simplifying the talent acquisition process is one of the most challenging aspects of today’s workforce, especially given the current pandemic. Previously, the effectiveness of AI has been demonstrated in several case studies.

7 Awesome Resources for Finding HR & Recruiting Case Studies


Being back in the practitioner folds, one of the biggest challenges is finding case studies in HR and recruiting. A case study is defined as a process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time. I liken case studies to that girlfriend who always has the answer and recommendation for a recipe, makeup or just a solution like no one else.

Case study: Executing a recruitment marketing video plan

Stories Incorporated

This case study is an excerpt from our new ebook, Getting Buy-In for Your Employee Story Project: The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing ROI. Meanwhile, they needed to hire critical talent immediately. Read the Full Case Study.

9 Talent Acquisition Tips For Startups


But when it's time to grow your team and bring on new staff, startups can face an uphill battle for great talent. So if you can’t necessarily compete on money, what are the main talent acquisition tips to consider if you’re just starting up? Use talent networks consistently.

New series offers guidance on talent acquisition


To succeed in the critical, and complex, challenge of assessing and transforming today’s emerging talent-acquisition strategies, employers can use as much help as they can get. That being the case, they just may discover some highly useful information in a new six-part series , Guide to Talent Acquisition for the Future , created in partnership by Cielo, a strategic recruitment-process outsourcing partner, and global industry analyst Josh Bersin.

Talent Acquisition Best Practices for Startups

Culture Counts

As business starts building up again to pre-pandemic levels, companies are investing more and more in talent. . If you want to go the traditional route , the following is generally effective in most cases. No Magic Formulas for Talent Acquisition.

Case Study: Recruit CRM Helped South Africa Based RPO Firm Slay The Recruiting Game

Recruit CRM

A Project RPO solution: It allows a company to hire a team of expert recruiters to fill a specific need within a specified time frame, such as recruitment backlogs, launching a new Customer Success team, meeting an unexpected hiring demand, or talent pooling and candidate sourcing.

Talent Acquisition Week Review: Impact, Strategy, Accountability

Stories Incorporated

Last week in San Francisco, Employer Branding Strategies Coference (EBrandCon), Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC), and Talent Sourcing Strategies Summit converged for three days and one epic conference experience: Talent Acquisition Week. Reading Time: 9 minutes.

Case Study: Launching a Culture-Focused Campus Recruiting Program


02/22/2018 // By Tracy Kelly // Case Study. To do this, the company’s talent acquisition team sought to launch a student outreach and campus recruiting strategy. They leveraged Yello’s talent relationship management solution to send targeted campaigns aimed at re-engaging students who may be interested in a future opportunity with the company. Business impact: An engaged talent base for the next generation of leaders.

How Talent Acquisition Should Think about Paid Media Spend


Here’s how talent acquisition should think about their paid media spend through a case study

Client Case Study: Engaging Millennials to Achieve High-Volume Hiring Goals


To keep up with growth and continue to meet high-volume hiring goals, the Goodman Networks talent team needed to create a scaleable hiring process, while leveraging additional ways to build and nurture a pipeline of Millennial and Gen Z candidates. To nurture talent and build a pipeline, they needed to engage in ways that work for candidates’ lifestyles. To reach candidates who are often in the field, the talent team needed to meet prospects where they already are—their phones.

Client Case Study: Delivering a High-Touch Recruiting Experience


Cielo recruits talent for more than 140 clients in 90 countries, working with organizations around the world to hire for roles in every industry. An innovator in the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) industry, Cielo stands out by powering talent programs with smart technologies that enable recruiters to engage with candidates, and ultimately, help clients achieve talent goals. Candidate Experience Client Case Study

A second chance: How Nehemiah’s unconventional hiring program is slashing turnover and changing lives

CLO Magazine

manufacturers say finding the right talent is now 36 percent harder than it was in 2018 and 77 percent expect to have ongoing difficulties attracting and retaining workers in 2021 and beyond. The only difference is how the company spends its talent management dollars.

Case Studies: How Companies Use People Analytics to Achieve Results

Visier - Talent Acquisition

The post Case Studies: How Companies Use People Analytics to Achieve Results appeared first on Visier Inc. Talent Acquisition Talent Management

Client Case Study: Leveraging Technology to Hire Top Student Talent


02/13/2017 // By Tracy kelly // Client Case Study // Mobile Recruiting. Challenge: Increased Competition for On-Campus Talent. As the hiring market for technical positions was highly competitive, athenahealth needed to stand out from the competition to attract top talent. Without a shared database to search campus candidates, it was difficult to generate a pipeline of talent for last-minute openings or future hiring. Client Case Study Mobile Recruitin

Using Facebook Ads for Talent Acquisition

NextWave Hire

While this is an idiosyncratic case study (European based job, low-skill work), our data source found they could hire people for 47 Euros via Facebook. Here’s more on what we learned and the specific hiring funnel this company was able to build using Facebook ads to drive hires: The post Using Facebook Ads for Talent Acquisition appeared first on NextWave Hire Blog. Facebook is the world’s largest social network.

How to Connect the Essential Elements of Talent Acquisition

Brandon Hall

One way to look at talent acquisition is by breaking it down into four main areas: recruiting, recruitment marketing, sourcing and onboarding. As stated, the major complications in connecting the elements of talent acquisition are in pre-existing processes or technology. This is often the case with legacy applicant tracking systems. How Essential Are the Following Competencies When Considering the Purchase of a Talent Acquisition Technology Solution?

HR Analytics Case Study: Why Expats Quit – and how to Retain them

Analytics in HR

Case study. Here, I would like to take you through the study we conducted at two large multinationals looking at employee retention specifically. For instance, the sector of the blue organization is characterized by high turnover, with talents frequently moving between competing organizations. Fortunately for them, internationally assigning their top talents for short periods of time seemed to improve their retention in both the short and the long term.

Deloitte's Extreme Talent Acquisition Strategy


Today many major companies outside of Silicon Valley are finding it difficult to attract and retain young technical talent. Along with this change, Deloitte has identified the need to revamp its talent recruitment process to attract technical talent that will thrive in the growth based environment they’ve created. But without behavioural interviews, personality tests and multiple screenings, how can they be sure this new process will win them the talent they need?

15 Resources to Help Your Talent Acquisition Career this #GlobalTADay


Recruiting can sometimes feel like a thankless job—and we know all about the time, effort, and heart that goes on behind the scenes into finding and keeping talent. Now, for the first time ever, there is a day set aside to celebrate recruiters, hiring managers, sourcers, and everyone who makes an impact on the talent acquisition (TA) profession. Like many of you, most members of the exaqueo team first earned their stripes by working in the trenches of recruitment.

Epicor Uses Survale to Drive Recruitment Operations


Embracing the challenges presented by global recruitment of highly trained and specialized workforce across five continents, Shane Hicks, Epicor’s Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition developed an operations team within Epicor’s own recruitment function. Download Case Study.

4 Steps to build your talent acquisition strategy

Hacker Earth

While a lot has changed with the way HR department functions, talent acquisition strategy still remains one of its primary responsibilities. Talent acquisition has become such an integral part of an organization’s overall business strategy, that a company’s success rests heavily on it. Talent acquisition strategy vs. recruitment. How to build a talent acquisition strategy. Also read: A complete guide to Talent Assessment Software ).

People Analytics and Driving Growth – Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement


The need for high performing talent is the greatest it’s ever been in the history of business. Growth is linked to the data function and its existence across all dimensions of HR from talent acquisition to retention. The following is a series of case studies in which people analytics was applied as part of a strategy with a particular HR function. We begin with talent acquisition. It’s a complex and challenging time in HR.

Recruiting without CVs: How Jardine Motors Group launched a premium digital experience during disruption


And because the candidate journey is hosted entirely on OutMatch, it’s much faster than before: in some cases, candidates receive an invite to the live video interview the day after completing the process. Recruiting without CVs.

5 Ways to Streamline Healthcare Talent Acquisition Processes


5 Ways to Streamline Healthcare Talent Acquisition Processes Sep. As the healthcare industry continues to face talent shortages, the competition for quality heightens. In order to remain competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape, employers need to find ways to adapt to the new environment while streamlining the talent acquisition process. One of the fastest growing trends in healthcare talent acquisition is the implementation of recruitment marketing.

Talent Acquisition Leaders Share "Life Sciences Recruitment Best Practices"

Cielo HR Leader

As the Life Sciences industry undergoes dramatic shifts caused by globalization, mergers and acquisitions, technology and other factors, talent has emerged as a top priority in maintaining stability and success. For our webinar, “Life Sciences Recruitment Best Practices,” I spoke with two women who deal with talent acquisition challenges in Life Sciences on a daily basis to get their insights. Employee Value Proposition and Branding/Talent Attraction.

Ochsner Health

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Want the Ochsner Health case study as a PDF? The Ochsner Talent Acquisition team came to Stories Inc. Case StudyReading Time: 6 minutes. Find it here ! Physicians and nurses are on the frontlines of lifesaving clinical care, every single day.

Workiva Aligns Candidate Satisfaction With Recruiting Performance


Survale has released a compelling new case study that shows how Survale client, Workiva , has used candidate satisfaction data to align and optimize their entire recruiting function. Workiva recently won a Candidate Experience (CandE) Award from the Talent Board’s annual Candidate Experience Research Program so they must be doing something right. The full case study can be downloaded here. You can find all Survale client case studies here.

Bet Big on These HR Tech Conference 2017 Sessions


A decision science for talent markets will advance significantly by 2018.”. HR Tech 20/20: The Talent Acquisition Journey Forward @ 11:00am. Hiring the right talent is key to succeeding in business. Elaine Orler of Talent Function Group will share important talent acquisition trends, valuable solutions, and real-world examples of how inventive organizations are recruiting and hiring today – and will be in the future. News and Case Studies HR Tec

Bet Big on These HR Tech Conference 2017 Sessions


A decision science for talent markets will advance significantly by 2018.”. HR Tech 20/20: The Talent Acquisition Journey Forward @ 11:00am. Hiring the right talent is key to succeeding in business. Elaine Orler of Talent Function Group will share important talent acquisition trends, valuable solutions, and real-world examples of how inventive organizations are recruiting and hiring today – and will be in the future. News and Case Studies HR Tec