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Data-Based Strategies to Recognize, Reward, & Retain High-Potential Employees

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Having a solid pipeline of high-potential talent is also one of the best ways to ensure future competitive advantage through intentional, strategic and proactive (rather than reactive) succession planning. Offer mentorship and coaching.

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10 Tips on How to Mentor Emerging HR Talent

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As someone who has spent decades in HR rising through the ranks, one of the greatest joys of my career has been coaching my younger teammates. In this chapter, I make a statement about university students who wish to study HR as a career option: "These students need to come into the world of business with an expectation of HR as a capacity-centric, strategic voice in whatever organization they wish.

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Why HCM Digitalization Matters To Midsize Businesses


To pull back the curtain and reveal the tangible value of HCM in the cloud, Forrester Research recently conducted a rigorous and objective total economic impact study of midsize businesses experienced with various HR solutions. Learning, succession, and development.

TalentGuard Reinvents the User Experience for its Talent Management Suite


TalentGuard conducted a deep usability study with its customers and engaged real-time on use cases, screen designs and workflows using visual collaboration and social tools to track feedback and input. With the updated user interface and improved back-end foundation, employees will be able to get smarter career path recommendations, complete assessments faster, and collaborate more efficiently with managers, mentors and coaches.

The 7 Elements of an Unforgettable Employee Experience


The following eight touchpoints of the employee experience are important to consider when planning the employee journey, and ultimately, the customer journey: 1. One study found that 77 percent of new hires met or exceeded their first performance milestones when they had a formal onboarding process while only 49 percent of employees did so in companies without formal onboarding. During onboarding, your company can define expectations and give workers roadmaps to success.

Your Promotion Decisions are Illogical and Probably Illegal


If the calculations in this study are correct, at the current rate of change, women will be holding only 1% more management positions in 2028 than they do today. Other studies show that women tend to possess more of the traits better suited to leading a team.

How to Engage Your Managers?


Great leaders make decisions only after weighing the alternatives carefully and planning action strategies. Once these goals are established, they should carry over to the company’s promotion, recruitment, selection, succession management and development processes. For example, succession planning is critical to any organisation, so HRM should maintain a pipeline of high-potential candidates and motivate managers to work for viable promotions.

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8 Questions to Ask for Effective HR Reports


Data-based decisions generate 6 percent higher profits than decisions made without data input according to an MIT study. It’s critical that all departments agree on their definitions of success, failure, above-average performances and other issues. For example, BI insights about a competitor might favour the company’s successes while glossing over its failures. Much of this success depends on HR reports, so it’s critical to create more effective assessments.

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Diversity in the Workplace – Do You Have What Women Want?

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required for organizations to attain ongoing success. Even more concerning, is that a Fortune 500 study published roughly 9. Until we get these numbers more balanced, the programs, policies and succession. plans will never achieve true gender diversity.

A Full Guide to the HR Generalist

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Other benefits such as pensions and retirement plans and vacation are run through HR as well. An HR Generalist will work with retirement plan providers and handle the administration side for the organization. Performance improvement plans. Succession planning.

Q&A with Doug Lawrence: Mentoring programs in today’s business context

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They see their careers as portfolios of experiences rather than a ladder to be climbed in a single organization, which is why very few of them plan to stay in their current role for the long term. A: I think we first need to look at the definition of certification and accreditation.