The 10 Best Tools for Increased Employee Engagement


A lot has been said and written about employee engagement. In fact, when it comes to increasing productivity in the workplace, the first question to pop in our heads is often the same—How do you engage employees in the workplace? What is employee engagement?

10 employee engagement activities that work like magic

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Engaged employees go the extra mile because they’re emotionally invested in their company’s success. And companies with engaged employees benefit financially. increase in engagement: $100,000. Talk about an engagement zapper!

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Top 10 Employee Engagement Tools for 2019

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Research performed in recent years has established that 1 in every 4 employees will leave their job during the first 90 days of work and most employees will spend an average of 4 years in one role. Understanding what makes your employees walk away is the first step to achieving that.

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5 ways to sustain employee engagement

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Employee engagement data can be used to determine how your employees feel about working for you. Why does creating and sustaining employee engagement matter? Higher levels of engagement have been shown to increase productivity and profitability while decreasing employee turnover. Curious about how to create and sustain engagement in your own organization? First, it’s necessary to understand what drives engagement.

Leveraging People Analytics to Motivate Employees

Speaker: Dr. Michael Moon, Director of People Insights, ADP

The Hidden Risks of Non-compliance in Your Employee Certifications


The Hidden Risks of Non-compliance in Your Employee Certifications. Employee certifications are an essential part of the modern workplace and vital for compliance. While ensuring your employees are appropriately qualified to do their jobs may seem straightforward, keeping track of the status of their relevant certifications can be a challenge for many employers – and one that can be easily overlooked. 3 Key Benefits of Maintaining Employee Certifications.

Improving Employee Engagement with HCM Technology


There is a great deal of responsibility and work involved in fostering positive relationships with your employees. Many businesses fail to realize that the employee/employer relationship begins long before a new hire’s first day. Improving Employee Engagement with HCM.

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


Employee Engagement Software Definition. Employee engagement software helps organizations solicit and track feedback from their employees, recognize employee achievements, and promote positive activity. The HR TechStack for Employee Engagement Software.

Improving Employee Engagement with HR Technology: A Look at Tech Focused Strategies

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With employee engagement being such a covered topic due to the benefits it provides to strategy development and overall business improvement, you would think that statistics in this area would be booming – unfortunately, that’s not the case.

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How JetBlue Created a Data-Driven Workplace

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While employees may be a company's greatest asset , it is data in the hands of these employees that can truly make a difference. How does the AME team use data to inform training initiatives? What are your main sources of data?

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Opportunities for Teaming and Engagement

Speaker: Jon Ingham, Social HR Strategist

How HR can impact employee engagement


Everyone knows how important employee engagement is. However, human resources professionals often feel cut off from the day-to-day operations of their companies, making it hard for them to have an impact on engagement. Know employee history.

Inspiring Young Women As Future Data Scientists And Supporting The UN’s Global Goal For Gender Equality


The data science field is booming as Big Data and advanced analytics become primary players in the boardroom. For people with an aptitude and passion for math, logic, and investigative sleuthing, the role of data scientist appears to be a good fit.

Employee Engagement Dialogue: Mike Wagner and David Zinger

David Zinger

Strange and Strangers: Employee Engagement Dialogue. Strange Engagements from David Zinger on Vimeo. David Zinger : Hi, my name is David Zinger and welcome to Employee Engagement Dialogues. Mike, welcome to Employee Engagement Dialogues.

Workforce Analytics is Reinventing HR

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Over the years, organizations around the globe have spent billions of dollars on employee performance analysis, talent recruitment, leadership training, and development. I believe that the data will set you free. Once you know how to use your data, it is easier to achieve your goals.

People Analytics in SMBs: Small Data, Huge Impact

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People Analytics in SMBs: Small Data, Huge Impact. Taking the first steps on the journey to data-driven HR is always difficult. The barriers may include a variety of issues, including data integrity , knowledge gaps , and an excessive amount of HR-Tech solutions.

4 Organizational Changes That Can Improve Retention


Retaining employees is a lot like being in a relationship: it takes a lot of hard work, but the payoff is well worth the effort. New competitors mean you’ll have to work extra hard to find top talent, so the last thing you want to do is lose any of your current employees.

Why HCM Digitalization Matters To Midsize Businesses


Yet, as the workforce grows and becomes more dispersed, traditional reliance on disconnected systems of applications, siloed data, spreadsheets, and clunky manual processes is testing the ability of HR organizations to keep up.

The Future Of People Analytics: New Horizons Of Intelligent HR Consumer Experience


More and more HR departments understand the power of instant, data-driven insights to boost business impact and consumer experience. Companies are heavily investing in their data quality and analysis capabilities.

Ways to reward and recognize your employees this Labor Day


Let’s look at some of the ways you can get this initiative started and how doing so can help you improve employee engagement and productivity. Understanding the formula for successful employee recognition programs.

Developing The Right Skills: A Hidden Game-Changer To Tackle Today’s Challenges And Build A Bright Future


Not only as parents but also in our roles as employees or entrepreneurs. Companies, for instance, can create partnerships with schools or universities to provide students with training and certification opportunities during their academic years.

The Brave New World of HR – 3 Ways to Make Your Organization More Agile


Your organization can’t be agile unless you review your employees intelligently, and annual performance reviews just aren’t intelligent at all. In fact, 58 percent of employees believe they’re inaccurate and 30 percent actually perform worse after them. Employee anxiety leading up – and lasting after – the review. Make your performance reviews agile by providing your employees ongoing, real-time feedback Click To Tweet. Getting Employee Data Right.

Stop! Do You Really Need Another Employee Survey?


Inevitably when I would ask them how they planned to follow up or dig into the issues, they mentioned the same thing: an employee survey. When you’re gathering data from people, surveys are one of the most cost-effective methods for getting a lot of responses from a lot of people in a relatively short time. One of the topics I discuss in the HR certification prep materials around data gathering is alternative collection methods. General Employee Engagement

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2020 Vision: How to Review your Employee Rewards and Recognition Strategy


In this article we’ll focus on how to perform a year-end review for employee rewards and recognition programs. For Terryberry’s Alex Bisel and Jared Evans, evaluating the success of employee recognition programs is, quite literally, a full time job.

A Recognition Moment: An Interview with Sandra Garcia of General Motors


We want to take a moment to recognize Sandra for her accomplishments in employee engagement. What is your biggest focus or goal when it comes to the employee experience? When it comes to recognition, our focus is to build a positive employee experience.

Bringing The Intelligent Enterprise To HR


This helps automate repetitive tasks and enable employees to focus on higher-value tasks. By improving the consumer experience and enabling employees to interact with applications via any device, we can improve how a company engages with its employees.

M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals and Trending #HotInHR News


Our weekly recap of fundings, mergers & acquisition, partnership and other interesting news from the human resource, recruitment and employee benefits marketplace. Caliper Certification Program Awarded Accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Patti Phillips: Why Data is "the New Know"


He was the turning point for me in terms of my interest in statistics and data analysis—he and SPSS! These days you must know data and understand what the data say and what they don’t say. It's the "new know"—knowing data. But it is different because we have the technology, we have the data, and we have the know-how to do more of it. So, fluency in data analytics is table stakes in terms of the skill set for business leaders now, right?

DecisionWise and the GDPR - DecisionWise


At DecisionWise, we are committed to keeping your data safe, and we are on track to comply with the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) by May 25, 2018. I am the Data Protection Officer for DecisionWise, and I am writing this article to describe our current efforts to comply with the GDPR requirements. We never sell or share a data subject’s personal data with third parties. Genuine consent should put individuals in charge and build trust and engagement.

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Dear Employees, We Want To Thank You


For any company, it is important for senior management to say “thank you” to their employees in one manner or another. But what are some other ways of letting your employees know you really do appreciate all they do?

Bringing The Intelligent Enterprise To HR

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This helps automate repetitive tasks and enable employees to focus on higher-value tasks. By improving the consumer experience and enabling employees to interact with applications via any device, we can improve how a company engages with its employees.

Benefits Of An Educated Workforce In The Fourth Industrial Revolution


It is fueled by data and characterized by a fusion of technologies that will blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. In June 1978, I stood on the yellow footprints at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego.

KPIs Alone Will Not Fix The Diversity Problem


We know bias in business undermines employee commitment, performance, and retention. We also take a data-driven approach to the analysis of pay discrepancy.

3 Reasons to Analyze Your Training Programs for Early-Career Professionals


As millennials give way to Gen Z, learning and development leaders will find that what worked before may no longer hold true for their next crop of young employees. It can be difficult to find answers to your most pressing workforce questions without the right data in hand.

Blockchain: Why Coders Are The New Cowboys


Use cases our team is exploring include: Building trust and transparency in aircraft manufacturing and operations by leveraging credential verification tools to maintain secure certifications for parts, products, personnel, and organizations.