You Should Ask for SOC 1 Certification from Global Payroll Providers


Outsourcing is becoming an expected part of business growth, especially for multinational businesses : In fact, for payroll alone, nearly 47% of U.S.-based That’s where SOC 1 certification becomes important. Understanding SOC 1 Certification. Payroll processing.

Global Payroll Management Institute Returns to Hold 2nd European Masterclass


Due to popular demand, The Global Payroll Management Institute in association with Immedis are hosting their two-day masterclass on the 28 th & 29 th of March in Dublin, Ireland. Monitor and review the service delivery model to ensure accurate and compliant payroll processing.

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Global Upside Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Global Upside

San Jose, CA – October 15, 2018 – Global Upside ( ) today announced that it has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification, the international standard for best practices in information security management systems. The certificate is the latest in Global Upside’s ongoing commitment towards achieving the highest standards in data security and privacy throughout the organization.

Back to Basics #1 – Advice for Choosing Your Next Global Payroll Vendor


You don’t need to know my plumbing stories to know how to run a payroll, but I hope that this presents a good way to approach choosing a global payroll partner so that you find one that fits with your organization’s profile and that has a good shot at solving its needs.

Learning Opportunity: FREE #HR and #Payroll eSymposium

HR Bartender

That’s why I wanted to share with you some information about an upcoming event dedicated to HR and payroll professional development. Agenda: Kronos HR & Payroll eSymposium. Our friends at Kronos are hosting an HR & Payroll eSymposium on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 from 10 a.m.

Global Payroll Challenges and Program Design


Global Payroll Structure Design Basics. Payroll is a complex, mission-critical, component of every business and there are different ways to manage payrolls where companies operate in multiple locations. The structure of the global payroll operation of any given entity should consider certain attributes including: The maturity of the global business operations of the entity. If the company has skills and competencies internally to handle a global payroll operation?

The Future of Blockchain in the Payroll Industry

HR Daily Advisor

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the payroll industry in the next few years, but there is still a lot to learn about how it can and should be used. Paychex’s Frank Fiorille breaks down the basics of blockchain, its uses in the payroll industry, as well as benefits and risks.

3 Tips for a Better Payroll Process


Happy National Payroll Week! First off, I’d like to offer my deepest thanks to those payroll professionals who ensure that we all receive, in a timely and correct manner, the fruits of our labor, or the monetary ones at least! Featured 1 Payroll payroll solution

Getting the Most Out of Your Global Payroll RFP, Part I


In this case, you’re asking for a solution to your payroll problem. Your company’s request for proposal ( RFP ) document should specify exactly what your organization is looking for in your new payroll solution. So don’t create a “standard” RFP — use this opportunity to leverage your vendors and get the best solution for your global payroll operation. Is it procurement, or will there be a representative from payroll to ensure we ask the right questions?

HCM Implementation Tips – Identifying Data in a Multi-Agency Environment


Let’s look at some data issues associated with multiple organizations creating content in a single system. With all the entities involved, the existing data is stored in multiple naming conventions, and in some cases, objects owned by different groups had similar names and identification numbers. In a Learning Management System, objects would include Certifications, Curriculums, Courses, Classes, Content, Documents, Facilities, Classrooms, Equipment, Inventory and more.

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HR & Payroll: Two Unique Functions


What is the Payroll Function? Payroll processing is an essential business function that ensures your people accurately receive compensation for time worked and taxes are appropriately withheld and filed. Employee Certification Tracking.

How Does Payroll Processing Work?


Processing payroll is one of the most important, but time-consuming and frustrating tasks businesses face. Applicable state withholding certificates (many states require a form in addition to the federal W-4). Step 3 – Approvals for Payroll. Data that isn’t unified or integrated.

Ascender Preceda is Certified for Single Touch Payroll


On 1 July 2018, the Australian Government implemented Single Touch Payroll (STP), a legislation that changed the way businesses report payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). STP required employers to share payroll information such as salaries, wages, deductions, Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding and superannuation details directly to the government in a digital format as their employees get paid simultaneously.

Top 7 Payroll Tips for Business Owners

Effortless HR

Payroll is an important aspect of running a business with employees. An efficient and organized process can make payroll less cumbersome and costly. Here are seven simple and effective payroll tips that can benefit every business owner. Manage rolling deadlines for payroll taxes. Because many of today’s payroll systems even work with mobile devices, payroll processing can be handled anywhere, at anytime.

Data Collection Made Easy With Custom Fields Feature


However, with so much data you’ll need to collect, having a single platform to unify and bring together all your HR-related documents is easier than you think. Custom fields offer you the ability to create and set-up data collection that is specific to your needs and you company.

Getting the Most Out of Your Global Payroll RFP, Part II


In this case, you’re asking for a solution to your payroll problem. Your company’s request for proposal ( RFP ) document should specify exactly what your organization is looking for in your new payroll solution. So don’t create a “standard” RFP —use this opportunity to leverage your vendors and get the best solution for your global payroll operation. payroll, finance, IT, and HR) which functions are essential versus those they would like to have. Global Payroll

Choosing the Right Cloud-Based Payroll System for Your Business


Whether you’re a small or large business, you know that payroll processing is the most important operation that you cannot mess up. This is their livelihood at stake, so it’s up to you to make sure that payroll goes off without a hitch. Miscalculating payroll amounts.

Choosing the right cloud-based payroll system for your business


Whether you’re a small or large business, you know that payroll processing is the most important operation that you cannot mess up. This is their livelihood at stake, so it’s up to you to make sure that payroll goes off without a hitch. Miscalculating payroll amounts.

How Does Blockchain Secure Personal Data?

NGA Human Resources

In this, the second of a series of blogs introducing the application of blockchain in HR and payroll processes we explore possibilities for safeguarding Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and other employee data. The first blog, Blockchain and HR & Payroll Tech: What Does the Future Hold? introduced the basics of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), widely known as ‘blockchain’, and discussed use cases in the payroll domain.

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Why HCM Digitalization Matters To Midsize Businesses


Yet, as the workforce grows and becomes more dispersed, traditional reliance on disconnected systems of applications, siloed data, spreadsheets, and clunky manual processes is testing the ability of HR organizations to keep up. Core HR and payroll.

How to Find the Perfect HR Payroll Systems: Top 10 Things to Look For


As a business grows and takes on new employees, HR professionals may find the need to expand their payroll system to something more robust in order to address the needs of all employees. Payroll. You should be able to access payroll from anywhere, from any device.

Key Learnings from the American Payroll Association 2016 Fall Forum


Recently I had the opportunity to attend the American Payroll Association (APA) Fall Forum at the Mirage Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, NV with my colleague Mario Besner, Senior Product Director for Payroll. I was able to attend a number of these sessions in addition to meeting attendees and discussing their time and attendance and payroll requirements at the SumTotal booth. 2) Recent technology innovations are game changers for payroll.

Reevaluating Business Objectives with Data from Performance Management and ERP


From there, an automated performance management module becomes a vital need for companies who want to connect their business-critical data to improve the day-to-day for everyone involved. The data attained will allow leadership to address these areas in an appropriate manner.

Phishing Scams: Don’t Fall Victim


When an official-looking email arrived in a payroll outsourcing rep’s inbox from a client company’s CEO requesting a change to their direct deposit account, the rep believed it to be authentic. Protects Client Data. To ensure data entries are authentic,

ADP 65

Ireland’s PAYE Modernization – Everything You Need to Know


This will mean that each employer is obliged to report the results from their payroll via Revenue Online Service (ROS) in real time. Employers must ensure that all payments and deductions are calculated correctly, the same as before however the difference is that it must be reported in real time as part of the payroll process. All employers should review their business processes to make sure they will be able to comply with the new payroll reporting requirements.

Demystifying Big Data to Make Better Hires

Cielo HR Leader

The era of Big Data is upon us, and forward-thinking HR leaders are turning smart use of talent analytics into a competitive advantage. alone and experts estimating that payroll equals more than 40% of total revenue for most businesses, truly understanding what drives quality in your talent acquisition function makes a quantifiable difference to your organization’s bottom line. Transforming data into actionable insights requires making correlations to business value and outcomes.

Effective and Flexible Employee Management

nettime solutions

Set up reminders related to employee certifications. Set up payroll policies to assist in your compliance with state and federal wage and hour regulations. Seamlessly process payroll and billing. payroll Schedules labor activities employee management

Is HR Ready for Blockchain Technology?


Payroll managers would undoubtedly welcome a new technology that makes international payroll less complex and costly, allowing for more timely and efficient cross-border payments to global employees. Payroll Applications.

How Workforce Analytics Can Take You Beyond The Clock

nettime solutions

When applied to the HR world, workforce analytics help HR staff analyze data relating to productivity levels, performance, if training is effective, and can even predict turnover. Though easily measurable, recovering historical data has not always been accessible.

The Recognition Landscape Isn’t Changing Much

China Gorman

Recognition programs are vital tools in an organization’s total rewards strategy, but beyond the knowledge that “recognizing employees is a good thing to do” we can look to data that back up recognition programs as an important part of an organization’s culture.

Make Your HRIS Work for You!


Many companies turn to an HRIS for a couple of fundamental reasons – they need a place to store their employee information and a way to process payroll. Systems can provide a location/field for an employee or employer to upload their educational data, including level of education and degrees obtained. Licenses & Certification. This data can be tracked and reported on for many reasons. Reporting and maintaining organizational certifications.

5 Emerging Career Paths for 2019 and Beyond

Career Metis

According to Deloitte, 43% of Millennials are planning to leave their jobs because of lower payrolls and financial incentives, while 35% don’t see any growth in the same field and 28% don’t feel that they have the opportunity to learn and develop in their current position. 3) Data Scientist.

HR, Recruitment, and Blockchains: Oh My

HR Daily Advisor

Once someone has done a degree, they will just put their certificate in blockchain and it never needs to be verified again,” says Jacky Carter, Group Digital Engagement Director at Hays. Payroll: Blockchain could also be used in payroll.

Mastering Tough FMLA Issues: Effectively Managing FMLA Investigations by the DOL

HR Daily Advisor

The FMLA requires that employers maintain the following records for a 3-year period: Basic payroll information and identifying employee data, including compensation paid to the employee and the manner in which it was determined, as well as all additions and reductions in pay.

The benefits of getting privacy right


Just as the environment and sustainability came to the forefront in earlier decades as a selling point to the world, the proper protection and usage of personal data (the data decency movement as it is being called) could make or break a company in the future.