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How to Boost Profits with a Cloud-Based Learning Management System


Many of your clients in small to large enterprises have a need for a learning management system (LMS), they just might not realize it yet. Do any of your clients need to track mandatory courses or certifications in order to stay within compliance of local, state and/or federal laws?

Maximizing Your Training Value


By now your organization has completed the Requirements gathering and Configuration stages of your Human Capital Management Systems (HCM) Implementation. For example, your manager processes will often be very similar to your timekeeper processes. Reinforcing the Lessons Learned.

6 Features that Will Optimize Your Employee Onboarding Software

HR Daily Advisor

The result of this collective epiphany is an evolution away from listless introductions and dry reading materials and toward personalized learning paths based on new hires’ knowledge gaps and individual goals. Certification system. Hiring & Recruiting employees learning LMS safety

The 10 Best Tools for Increased Employee Engagement


90% of leaders think that an engagement strategy has an impact on business success, but barely 25% have one. Let’s discuss employee engagement, learn more about its importance, highlight some good examples, and then we will get into the list of best employee engagement software.

What are your 2019 HR New Year’s Resolutions?

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Allowing employees to set their own goals and working with them to ensure that those goals fit with company needs and overall strategy can make employees feel empowered while improving productivity. Could new HR software help you improve your HR management in the coming year?

G2 Crowd Announces 2018 Top 20 Corporate LMS Solutions

Rallyware for Human Resources

In the ever-changing world those who succeed never stop learning. Cloud-based learning management systems (or LMS) are an effective tool for enhancing team productivity, empowering employees’ learning and development, and cutting training costs while keeping everybody connected and engaged.

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Why You Should Keep Track of Employee Training


What can tracking your employees’ training do for your human resources strategy? From tracking certifications and compliance training to managing onboarding and employee progression, with automated learning management system, you can record them all accurately and easily. Certifications. Emergency management. Videos of company meetings? Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to manage your company’s workforce and save money, too?


5 Tips on Educating Your Workforce without Spending Too Much: A Guest Post

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Provide In-House Learning. Remember that this training can extend to team leaders or managers as well. For example, they may need continuing education for their licenses, or they may need to obtain an industry certification. Five tips on employee education.

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


15Five is a performance management solution that combines employee feedback, pulse surveys, peer recognition and OKR tracking in a lightweight weekly check-in. Employee Performance Management System. Saba is a global leader in next-generation cloud solutions for talent management.

33 Thoughtful Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas for 2017


Companies with a solid strategy to recognize team members enjoy stronger engagement, increased employee morale , better customer service, and lower turnover. Equipping all managers with a “Best Loved Employees” toolkit for handing out staff appreciation awards.