Diversity and Inclusion: Adding Equity to the Equation

Flimp Communications

In light of all that’s happened, businesses and corporations are making changes to the way they approach diversity and inclusion. Many are diving deeper into how to modify company culture and who should be in charge of enforcing these changes.

Don’t Become An Invisible Leader In Your Busiest Times

SAP Innovation

Sure, the ability to buckle down and plow through tasks is great, but disappearing into the shadows while doing so is something I call “invisible leadership” — managing like Casper the Friendly Ghost. These folks have given up on inspiring their crews, influencing other departments, and enacting company-wide change management. Beyond self-discipline, here are four other ways to maximize your leadership visibility during the flip-flopping of corporate strategies: 1.

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


The HR women in this list include numerous leaders across a number of different industries and organization sizes, who have a great wealth of experience in developing and executing strategies, managing talent and improving how HR is operating alongside regularly sharing articles, insights and open discussions into best practices. Lloyd , Global HCM Strategy and Customer Engagement. Angela Trombatore , global content, social & marketing innovation manager.