Change (Management) is Good

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You need to make changes in your company, but all your senior management personnel, like you, are panicking. Invest your time and energy , and all of your employees’ time and energy into change management. Change Management Baby Steps. Change What?

Changing D&I Through Change Management

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Despite compelling research from McKinsey , which found that companies with gender diversity are 15 percent more likely to outperform less diverse companies, diversity and inclusion (D&I) progress in American companies has been painfully slow. Develop a change vision.

Top 2017 Workplace Trends: Employee Diversity, Change Management, and Self-Directed Learning

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Strong leaders are needed now to successfully manage these evolving demands and make the connection to improved results when investment in areas like these are made. It was a challenging year for many, bringing issues of diversity and inclusion to light with unprecedented urgency.

Case Study Underscores Why HR Change Management Skills Are Critical

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While your day-to-day duties make demands on your time, don’t neglect your most important HR responsibility: helping your organization plan and manage changes essential to the organization’s growth and future. Management Development. Change Management.

Assembling a Diverse Team Is Only the First Step

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What’s all this about diversity ? Change Management Culture Diversity Teambuilding Featured

Around the Bonfyre: Talking Change Management Strategy with EY’s Eric Biegansky


The disruptive nature of change is now a constant. Ernst & Young (EY), a multinational professional services firm, specializes in managing and advising for these transformations, helping to mitigate risk and maximize adoption of desired change systems, processes, and behaviors.

#SHRM16 Interview with Sodexo’s Global Chief Diversity Officer


I had the opportunity as part of my role on the #SHRM16 social media coverage team to interview Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Global Chief Diversity Officer. I, too, am a lifelong student of organizational change. General Diversity SHRM

Harnessing the Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Change Initiatives


According to Bruce Fern of Change Ready Solutions , a recent Waggl webinar speaker, “Today, more than ever, in order to stay relevant, competitive and meet evolving customer demands, businesses must be capable of managing rapid and complex change.

Gender Diversity in the Workplace: A Problem That Just Isn’t Improving

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Focusing on diversity in the workplace is an essential step in building a great culture. Global HR Talent Management Best practices Change management Diversity gender issues global HR management HR News HR trends talent management

Do These Things to Create a Successful Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

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Company cultures that value inclusiveness and diversity of background and perspective encourage employees to bring their whole selves to work. Read on to learn how you can ensure your corporate Diversity and Inclusion program is in tip-top shape. The post Do These Things to Create a Successful Diversity and Inclusion Strategy appeared first on I/O at Work. Change Management Diversity Fairness Human Resources change management diversity fairness human resources

Getting Men to “Lean In” to Help Drive Diversity and Inclusion

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The time has come for men to “ lean in ” and become full partners for increasing diversity in leadership in our corporations. This requires moving beyond creating initiatives that become window dressing to proactive leadership actions that drive real culture change.

Cultural Change: An Update on Workforce Diversity

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As I’ve begun to explore the interpersonal dynamics of workplace discrimination more closely, I have gone back to update my own understanding of workforce diversity data and what it tells us about the the demographic makeup of the modern workforce. Personality and Thought Diversity.

What It Takes to Become An Agile Organization

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To survive, organizations must anticipate, prepare and respond to the challenges of a changing world and evolving workplace. To thrive, organizations must seek to become agile , functioning effectively and efficiently even as they adapt to new, rapid and ongoing forces and waves of change.

Workplace Diversity Study Released by HR West 2017 and Waggl


Waggl partnered with NCHRA at HR West 2017 to explore the benefits of a diverse workforce and the results were telling. An overwhelming 96% percent responded that they believe cultivating diversity in the workplace is essential for driving innovation.

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Getting it Right – Diversity & Inclusion at Work (Part 2)

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Further, without minimizing the importance of “diversity”, the real impact is felt when organizations design and implement inclusive business practices. A great quote from leading diversity and inclusion expert, Verna Myers. You manage people to your values.

Fundamental Change to Oranization Structure and Governance

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For the first time since the industrial revolution, organizations are changing at a fundamental level. The change is very much a work in progress in most organizations. The elements of this fundamental change are: Networked structure. Changed role of leaders.

True Diversity Is Much More Than A Drive By


Admirable and exciting not only for how this may impact’s overall employee and business performance, but also how it may help spur further change at other companies. The post True Diversity Is Much More Than A Drive By appeared first on TalentCulture.

Why Diversity Matters to Capacity-Driven Success

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Diversity tends to be a very hot topic on the web and in the news. More diverse companies, we believe, are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decision making, and all that leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns. You can make a slate of diverse talent ripe for your own efforts by nurturing your leadership pool from within. Diversity is the pathway to current and future corporate capacity.

#HotInHR: The Silence Breakers, Rethink Your Diversity Program With This Chart, Best Places to Work in 2018


HotInHR: The Silence Breakers, Rethink Diversity Program With This Chart, Best Places to Work in 2018. This Simple Chart Will Get You To Rethink Your Diversity Program (FC) . As someone who develops programming to foster more inclusive workplaces, the biggest challenge I face (and I know I’m not alone in this) is tailoring conversations about diversity and inclusion to everybody in the room. RELATED: 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity (Fortune).

#Movethedial: Steps to Boost Female Representation in Tech


Leadership is a key driver to change. It is crucial for leadership teams to support diversity and inclusion awareness – a point that stood out to me when reviewing Where’s the Dial Now ? is that true innovation can’t happen without a diverse group of people at the table providing input.

3 Tips to Help Manage the Differences in a Multigenerational Workforce

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A major challenge managers face is how to manage and motivate collaboration between their multigenerational employees. Such a diverse generational mix creates challenges for managers trying to adapt to the work styles, perspectives and motivating factors of each generation.

Doing Good Through Better HR


But for companies that are trying to change for the better, she writes, a smart and flexible HR department is crucial. change management corporate culture diversity employee engagement employee policies flexibility sustainability


3 Ways To Increase Workplace Safety Using Workforce Intelligence


Whether you work in a factory or an office, occupational hazards exist across all sectors of the economy — making the prevention of safety incidents a key strategic imperative for a diverse array of organizations. Workplace safety is a top concern across a wide range of industries.

Using Collective Sensemaking to Put Caring Back in Health Care

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Equally important they talk about the way each team continuously learns, a necessity for the transformative change in healthcare that collaborative care engenders. Collaborative care requires ongoing team learning, system changes, and monitoring to continually improve.

Creating Thriving Organizations Through Biomimicry


Networked societies like ants, bees, and fungi scale their vast organizations differently than we do-- by pooling diverse and independent experiences to create rich hotspots of abundance. Biomimicry Change Management Community Engagement Company Culture Webinars

Embrace Digital Transformation With Change


We are in the midst of big changes that are affecting our private and professional lives. Digitalization brings a lot of advantages, but it also creates stress due to a rapidly changing environment with limited time to adapt. What is changing in our work life?

A ‘Window’ into Transforming GM’s Culture


As head of HR, Colby reports in Road to Power , Barra held a significant amount of power in shaping the company’s future management. It was probably the most interesting change and the biggest learning that I had into a culture,” Barra said at the Fortune women’s forum.

The Culture Series [Part 3] – Using Leadership to Establish Cultural Identity

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Tracey Burton, former director of diversity at Target Corporation, says working with differences is the key to breakthrough results. “I I think the greatest benefit we have found is that diversity drives innovation. Competency #4 – Agility and Change in Cultural Identity. Every person and organization experiences change. Some changes are big, others are small. Changes can be voluntary (as in, “I’d like to learn how to speak Spanish.”)

Getting Inside the Mind of the Millennial Manager

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In my research, I polled the same group of Millennials as in my previous articles on the following topics: What attributes make a strong manager, what skills do Millennials possess, and how do they feel they relate with their teams. What makes a strong manager in the eyes of these Millennials?

Does the Path to Change Have to Be Hard?


New technology, combined with a bit of common sense, can streamline change initiatives. There are numerous well-known methodologies for change management. They are based in logic, and historically they’ve worked to affect change. Methods to enact change have advanced.

I Was The Only Woman


Excluding certain people from the team happy hour means a lack of critical face-to-face social time with managers and teammates, not to mention the choice of “venue” is offensive. .

The Effects of Inclusive Leadership


Seeing that he was struggling to answer me, I interrupted his thought and I asked how his organization’s diversity and inclusion campaign was going? Due to my current manager of mine’s management style, division-B as a department is struggling to excel.”

Equality, Diversity, and the Gender Pay Gap in Tech: 5 Suggestions to Help You Pay Fairly

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Suggestion #1: Don’t fear diversity! The truth is that the workforce is becoming larger and more diverse every year, so ignoring diversity isn’t really an option anymore. In fact, ignoring diversity is actually doing companies more harm than good.

Communication Cures for Managers Who Avoid Conflict at All Costs

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Adopt a mindset that values diverse opinions. Change Management HR Insights HR Management Leadership Organizational Leadership Featured“ Are you OK with this? ”. Anybody have a problem with that? ”. Somebody has probably already said this, but … ”.

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Does Crowdsourcing Really Surface the Best Insights in an Organization?


We’ve built a tool that allows a diverse set of employee insights to be rapidly prioritized for leaders. We also ensure that the voices of all employees are heard, as a 2004 study by Scott Page and Lu Hong demonstrated that a diverse group of problem solvers produces the most accurate guess. The employees who leave comments are not attempting to win the voting competition, instead they are attempting to “win” action from their manager or company.