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How this CHRO keeps a forward focus, despite disruptions


The HR priorities of hiring top talent and cultivating current employees haven’t slowed down at business software provider DocuSign; they’ve just changed. If you wanted to buy your kids video games to keep them busy so you can work, that’s cool.


The Hardest Job Of The C-Suite: The First 100 Days [VIDEO]

SAP Innovation

A new item for the CHRO agenda: Give C-level executives the support they need. Considering the high price of a failed transition and the headlines created when there’s a revolving door effect, CHROs should make sure executives have the same level of development provided to the rest of the workforce. McKinsey advises blending in-class learning with other interventions, such as personal coaching. Whenever someone new arrives in the C-suite, everyone is watching.


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When Hiring Is Not Enough: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Rallyware for Human Resources

To thrive and prosper in the competitive age, leading companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, and Apple pay much attention to building strong teams consisting of the best talent. In the book Leading Organizations , McKinsey senior partners Scott Keller and Mary Meaney focus on ten issues leaders face, chief among which are attracting and retaining talent as well as developing the talent they already have. Here’s what to fall back on to win the war for talent.


The Top 22 Virtual HR Conferences to Attend in 2021

Digital HR Tech

Listen to HR Directors, Talent Management professionals, HR tech and data experts from companies such as Walmart, Samsung, Schneider Electric and eBay to hear their stories and learn from them. January 25 – 29 | Talent Acquisition Week. November 17 | Develop Your Future Workforce.

100+ Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts

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Recruiting Host: Gordon Collier About: Dropping talent acquisition value in short consumable episodes designed for the "recruiter". chattalent Host: Alan Walker About: In this podcast Alan Walker speaks to industry leaders, interesting Talent, Recruitment & HR folk, and anyone else who has a story to tell, or something interesting say. It includes stories and journeys of CHRO's, Chief People Officers, CEO, Head of Talent, and more. Join us as we reimagine talent.