The 4 Challenges of Healthcare Talent Management


We think it’s important now to celebrate the people on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis — and to think about what healthcare talent management will look like in a post-coronavirus America. In fact, competition for talent was the CEOs’ No. EightFold

Talent Management, COVID, and the Finance Sector: How HR Can Respond


As has been the case for IT talent and the insurance industry , the consequences of a drawn-out pandemic are affecting how finance and fintech companies recruit, hire, and manage talent. This dovetails with talent management because such a pivot creates new skills demands.


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Workforce Evolution: How Hiring Teams Are Managing Contingent Workers


Below, we explore the pros and cons that contingent workers present to hiring teams and how best to manage this important group of talent. It’s best for talent management teams to anticipate these challenges so they can be better prepared to meet them head on. EightFold

10 HR Leaders Anyone in Talent Management Should Follow on LinkedIn


She calls it the “linchpin of an organization’s success” matching talent to business needs. . Dane Holmes is head of human capital management at Goldman Sachs and a member of the firm’s Management Committee and Partnership Committee. EightFold


5 ‘Cultivate’ Sessions I’m Looking Forward to


Eightfold’s two-day event covers a wide array of topics to help talent professionals in both the private and public sector prepare for the future of work. Everyone reading this has heard the term “artificial intelligence” bandied about at will throughout the talent field.


Want Better Recruiting? Add These 41 Twitter Feeds To Your List


By following recruitment professionals on Twitter, hiring managers and recruiters can build connections and stay current on news and tips in recruitment. Adamsen also wants to promote the ethical use of AI in workforce management. Shook is the long-serving CHRO at Accenture.

The Partner That HR Needs for the Company to Understand Our Impact


Yet, these same business leaders clearly recognize the importance of talent to their success. Their resistance to HR is due to the perceived administrative burden, rather than the ultimate value they place on taking care of their top talent. Talent Management

How Talent Intelligence Gives Global Employers a Competitive Advantage


For companies that build their workforces from a global talent pool, though, recruitment and hiring take on exponential levels of difficulty. This is where talent-management technology comes in. Strategic Talent Management in a Global Marketplace. EightFold


Digital Transformation = Talent Transformation


Talent Management and Digital Transformation Are Directly Linked. In order to create, transform, and progress business, you need the right talent to do it. Talent Intelligence Platforms are essential for this.

How AI Talent Intelligence Platforms Transform HR for the Better


Contrary to what HR recruiters and hiring managers think, it has little to do with benefits, signing bonuses, or salaries. That’s the company that every Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) and hiring manager should want to build. You can’t win the war for talent with these outdated systems. Key findings from the Talent Intelligence and Management Report 2018 (Harris Interactive/Eightfold) prove it: 83% of employees want a new job, yet only 53% want to change companies.

How AI Talent Intelligence Platforms Can Transform HR For The Better


Bottom Line: Taking a more holistic, lifecycle based approach to talent management made possible with AI Talent Intelligence Platforms replaces siloed systems that perpetuate siloed thinking and hold back HR teams, candidates, and leadership from achieving their potential. I’ve researched these questions and many more as a hiring manager and team manager throughout my career. Why Talent Management Needs An AI Platform, Not Siloed Apps, To Succeed.

How AI Can Improve Your Return on Recruiting Investment


Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) are among the primary architects of these new digital business models as they must find the talent to make them succeed. During a recent conversation with a CHRO who ran one of the world’s leading enterprise cloud computing companies’ global HR organizations, the challenges became clear. It’s easy to see how competitive a company is going to be in the future by evaluating their recruiting and talent management strategies today.