How Leaders Create High Performing Cultures & Teams

Jason Treu

Podcast interview w/ Jason Treu on why and how leaders must build self-awareness and social awareness if they want to create high performance organizations. Jason talks about key concepts to understand when it comes to creating a high-performing culture, and what specific actions leaders and organizations can take, regardless of size, to quickly create an extraordinary culture. relationships #trust #HPO #culture #teambuilding #HR #CHRO #podcast.

How to Create High-Performance Culture: A #SHRM19 Interview with Amy Cappellanti-Wolf


Amy Cappellanti-Wolf is SVP & CHRO at Symantec, the largest Cyver Secruity software company in world. Amy has over three decades of experience leading companies across high tech, entertainment and consumer products industries through complex transformations. In addition to serving on the executive team and managing Symantec’s global human resources function, she leads Symantec’s workplace and workforce strategy planning, real estate and facilities organizations.


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Better Together

HRO Today

Embracing a culture of transparency empowers both employees and organizations alike. In high performing cultures, employees take their cues from those around them, and when they look up, you want them to see behavior that’s reflective of your values and beliefs.


The CHRO View: Inside the Crucible of Transformation

Lee Hecht Harrison

There have been three CEOs over Reid’s tenure, a number of high-profile transformation initiatives and a nearly complete rebuild of the composition, culture and practices of the leadership of the company at all the levels of the organization. Jim Reid CHRO, Rogers Communications. I’m in my wheelhouse, which is driving the relationship between leadership teams, culture and performance. When you’re the CHRO, it’s kind of like being in a batter’s cage.


A Comprehensive 101 Guide To The Responsibilities of The HR Manager


Organization culture An organization's culture will always be part of the foundation for any job position in that organization. 6 Amazing Company Culture Examples. You can easily find information about a company's culture during the recruitment process.

The Business of HR

HRO Today

What comes with being a CHRO at an HR service partner organization? As the CHRO of any organization, running the management of human capital is no easy feat. It’s a higher bar in my view,” says Dave Almeda, vice president and CHRO of Kronos , a human capital management and workforce management solutions provider. How the function performs and how it’s perceived internally here at Kronos matters just like it would if we were running HR at any other company.

A Comprehensive 101 Guide To The Responsibilities of The HR Manager


Organization culture An organization's culture will always be part of the foundation for any job position in that organization. You can easily find information about a company's culture during the recruitment process. Once again, company culture will come into serious play.

These are the top 3 tech issues HR leaders are facing


The report, 2021 CHRO Agenda: 10 Key Issues HR Needs to Act on Now, is based on data gathered from more than 300 executives in finance, HR, IT, procurement, supply chain and global business services at mid-size and large enterprises worldwide.

CHRO 111

The 14 Silicon Valley HR Execs You Should Follow on Social Media


Anyone looking to build a world-class team or create a unique company culture should read that one cover to cover. This includes stints at Tiburon (VP of human resources), Netflix (VP of talent), GitLab (chief culture officer) and most recently Marqeta, where she is chief people officer. Brewer is passionate about creating inclusive working cultures and challenging biases. Donna Morris is the CHRO and EVP of employee experience at Adobe.


Being Kind—How Employers Can Support the Special Needs Community

HR Daily Advisor

by Kevin Silva, EVP and CHRO at Voya Financial. HR executives are laser-focused on building a high-performing culture by providing strategic guidance and council to leaders, managers, and employees. Am I working to eliminate real biases around performance and productivity for these employees?


The Sinking Ship and How To Stop It


The higher the high, the lower the low. Normally, the roller coaster of ups and downs/highs and lows is just a typical cycle of business. John set a high standard and created a new vision and mission (based on growth) for the company that everyone could get behind.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


HRTech #FutureofWork #AI #HCM #Leadership #Recruiting #WomenInTech #HRTechnology #Digitalworkplace #TalentMobility #CHRO #PeopleAnalytics #HRTechExpo #EmployeExperience #WomenInBusiness #Analytics #Chatbot #Blockchain #EmployeeExperience. Crazy about employee engagement and culture – and off the beaten path travel, trail running, big red wines & my family. DawnHBurke : Founder of Dawn Burke HR, specializing in HR, leadership & workplace culture.

Golden nuggets of HR wisdom from #SHRM17


Department of Defense did a session on how to build a high-performance culture while managing poor performers. Poor performance happens because the individual lacks knowledge, motivation, resources or because of contextual factors. That means poor performers skate by. High trust is the ultimate accelerator for an organization. Rishing, CHRO, chairman of SHRM.

Saba 50

Andrea Kane: “Above everything else, do the right thing”

Thrive Global

As the Chief Human Resources Officer at Cinch Home Services, Andrea focuses on enhancing culture while overseeing talent management, learning and development, total rewards, and internal communication strategies. and creating the right culture to support the company’s goals and objectives.


ROAR Uncovers the Secret to Organizational Resiliency


This Halogen customer is also incredibly successful at creating a culture where employees love their jobs and are inspired to high performance. You see, leaders at SDZG knew that a focus on cultural transformation, alignment and engagement would help them to create lasting organizational resiliency. The book is authored by Sandy Asch (left) — an internationally recognized speaker and author — and by Tim Mulligan (right) — CHRO for SDZG.