How HR can make the most of cloud-based HCM


In recent years, there has been much chatter about the value of HR taking advantage of cloud-based technology. business executives have offered a mainly positive outlook on how cloud computing could affect their business prospects.

Five More 2022 HR Technology Trends for You


Every year, analysts, investors, influencers, practitioners and vendors predict the HR technology trends they believe will have the most impact for the upcoming year. We are seeing an evolution away from big box systems that provide an end-to-end solution that will solve for all needs.”


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6 HR lessons from Microsoft’s CHRO


Kathleen Hogan , executive vice president, human resources, and chief people officer at Microsoft, knows what it takes to be a successful HR leader: She’s helped transform Microsoft’s culture to make it one of the biggest success stories in recent history. HR has such a deep purpose.”

CHRO 101

Cloud-based HCM systems should come without surprises

HR Times

The business case for cloud-based human capital management (HCM) systems can sound pretty compelling. What CHRO wouldn’t want fast access to the latest advances in HCM technology at a lower overall cost? But my colleagues and I help companies make the move to cloud HCM, and we often get a firsthand view of the mismatch between expectations and reality that was revealed in Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends study.


A CHRO’s Perspective on Substance Use in the Workplace: Supportive Strategies to Help Your Workforce Thrive

Speaker: Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Director, Psychiatry and Naj Wright, MBA, C-Suite HR Executive

Through advances in technology and access to care, managers can be empowered to serve as the front line of defense to help identify employee AUD and SUD concerns before they escalate. Understanding AUD and SUD, and providing tools for your workforce to overcome the challenges that they pose, is key to fostering strong mental health at work. Join us for this important how-to discussion.

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a CHRO

Analytics in HR

Welcome to another exciting episode of All About HR! This is the podcast & video series for HR Professionals and business leaders who want to future-proof their organization and learn about the latest trends & insights from industry experts, CHROs, and thought leaders.


This software company CHRO says ‘data is king’ for HR


After three years on its board of advisors, Jeff Diana recently joined Calendly, a scheduling software and meeting lifecycle management firm, as its chief people officer. HRE : What advice can you offer for those in the early stages of their HR career?


Humanizing HR with Eventbrite’s CHRO

Analytics in HR

Welcome to another exciting episode of All About HR! This is the podcast & video series for HR Professionals and business leaders who want to future-proof their organization and learn about the latest trends & insights from industry experts, CHROs, and thought leaders.


Fond of Work: Kevin J. Bohan, CHRO and SVP of Human Resources at WernerCo


Bohan, CHRO and SVP of Human Resources at WernerCo. Kevin is a strategic and commercially-focused global HR leader who believes that culture and top talent bring competitive advantages. Learn more about his journey below: How did you first get into the HR space?

How Digital HR Solves Business Challenges

HRO Today

Schneider Electric is transforming its human capital management approaches one tech solution at a time. Demands on employees have increased—and HR must keep pace or risk falling behind. It’s a daily occurrence that employees attend video conferences, use workplace productivity apps, and receive smartphone notifications. They can’t wait for their HR department to catch up with them via phone calls or letters. Seek out the start-ups and established HR entities.

Seven People Analytics Responsibilities of the Future CHRO


In previous weeks, I shared job descriptions for the Leader of the People Analytics function and the HR Business Partner Manager of the future. As promised here is the people analytics-focused responsibilities for the CHRO role. Instead, it provides a summary of the essential skills every CHRO must have to survive in business today and in the future. . The CHRO’s Role in Ensuring People Analytics Success. The CHRO is most often the economic buyer for people analytics.

CHRO 243

HR Technology Solution Provides Customers with More Options: A Look Inside Lanteria HR

The Aristocracy of HR

Featured HR Technology HR Technology Trends and Tips Sponsored Post #TAOHR Ask Czarina Live CHRO Core HR HR HR Technology Solution Provides Customers with More Options A Look Inside Lanteria HR HRIS Human Resources Janine N. 000000000000Campaign/FTC disclosure: This is a sponsored product review. I will receive compensation for this post. I only work with companies I feel have great products, services and offerings.

Top Concerns of CHROs

HRO Today

Six HR leaders share solutions to the issues keeping HR up at night: the impact of COVID-19, workforce planning, business agility, and the skills gap. What are the top concerns on the minds of today’s HR executives as they look forward?

CHRO 104

The CHRO's Guide to Success in the Digital Age

Cornerstone On Demand

The digital transformation has had a massive impact on the role of nearly every employee, and even the CHRO is not immune. A CHRO at the top of his or her game is a close confidante of the CEO and therefore has to think about many of the same things that a CEO does. Here are the key tech trends that are reshaping the role of a successful HR leader. The Workforce Is Now Global—Is Your CHRO?

CHRO 184

What’s behind one CHRO’s drive to connect company purpose to EX


Topia, a global talent mobility platform, aims to help HR teams deploy, manage and engage employees across geographic barriers—ultimately, to “break down barriers between people and places” so employees can work anywhere, says Jacky Cohen, the company’s vice president of people and culture.


How this veteran CHRO is turning his focus to AI ‘for the common good’


With a law degree, hospitality experience, more than a dozen years as CHRO of the nation’s most-visited zoo and a leadership book under his belt, to say Tim Mulligan’s career path has been interesting is an understatement. Mulligan recently spoke with HRE about the future of AI in HR.


How Twitter Thrives As A Fully Remote Organization w/ CHRO, Jennifer Christie


Subscribe to our podcast , and never miss an interview with the world’s top HR leaders like Jennifer. HR as a Strategic Partner To Leadership. Even outside of tech, HR had a slower road to being more of a thought partner and a strategic driver.

CHRO 205

Top 14 CHRO Priorities and Trends in 2022


The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is someone who takes care of all human resource management issues in an organization. CHRO priorities can include anything from upskilling the employees to rewarding the workers. The way a CHRO works can have a lot of bearing on the organization.


The One Thing Every CHRO Needs Before Investing in AI

Cornerstone On Demand

However, as cognitive computing and artificial intelligence are deployed across organizations to achieve speed and scale, the cost of poor decision-making due to weak competency systems is likely to be magnified. In a recent IBM Smarter Workforce Institute white paper, “ Competencies in the Cognitive Era ,” my team found three examples of how effective cognitive computing relies on strong competency frameworks to improve efficiency in HR: recruitment, career coaching and learning.

CHRO 170

How this CHRO keeps a forward focus, despite disruptions


The HR priorities of hiring top talent and cultivating current employees haven’t slowed down at business software provider DocuSign; they’ve just changed. At the end of the day, HR has a small team; the managers are the ones who really know the culture.


How to Be a Respected and Successful CHRO


Do you see yourself becoming a respected and successful CHRO one day? A report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that the “new” CHRO must be an assertive, data-driven, strategic leader, who demonstrates business creativity and innovation, takes on responsibility for contributing directly to business performance, and arms their organization with the tools needed to be more fact-based in workforce decision-making. Today’s CHRO Must Look Beyond HR.

CHRO 150

Cloud-based HCM systems should come without surprises


The business case for cloud-based human capital management (HCM) systems can sound pretty compelling. What CHRO wouldn’t want fast access to the latest advances in HCM technology at a lower overall cost? But my colleagues and I help companies make the move to cloud HCM, and we often get a firsthand view of the mismatch between expectations and reality that was revealed in Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends study.


HR Tech Conference 2021: How to maximize HR tech for remote onboarding


This pivot was often executed by HR and IT groups in a matter of days. The CHRO of a large HR technology provider recently told me that their workforce, consisting of several thousand employees, made the transition to remote work in less than a week.

Endeavor CHRO: Linking purpose and talent is HR’s ‘enormous opportunity’


Kerry Chandler, CHRO for global entertainment company Endeavor, was installed recently as one of five new fellows of the National Academy of Human Resources , earning recognition from the nation’s most prestigious HR organization for her work during the pandemic and throughout her career.


The HR Famous Podcast: e20 - Adidas CHRO on the Ropes, SCOTUS Decision and Pronouns.

The HR Capitalist

In episode 20 of The HR Famous Podcast , long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss this week’s Supreme Court ruling, pronouns, and Zoom fatigue. Jlee discusses the need for humility and empathy as HR professionals. .


Why you must have a CHRO in your business in 2020?


In the wavering times of today, the responsibilities of the chief human resources officer (CHRO) has drastically witnessed a shift. Besides this, it has become exceedingly mandatory to employ a CHRO in the Human Resources Department. CHRO Meaning. Functions of a CHRO.


The Rise of the People Strategy Platform


This was a key takeaway from a summit of HR leaders and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) experts, who met to discuss the future of HR and the trends shaping it. It goes without saying that great HR functions are strategic: they play a vocal role in critical business decisions and control a significant portion of a company’s expenses. Today’s business environment is more complex than ever before, creating an unmatched opportunity for HR to create value for the business.

7 Talent Acquisition Metrics Your CHRO Really Cares About

TLNT: The Business of HR

Chief HR Officers have certain KPIs (key performance indicators) that they report on. The following are ones they watch as these metrics provide deeper insight into the performance and business impact of your talent management system. Some of these metrics are standard, some are not; taken as a whole, they create a broad report of where improvement can impact the bottom line and drive value for HR in the C-suite.

Webinar Key Takeaways: The Secrets Of Strategic CHRO

Keka HR Blog

Note: Firstly, we want to thank our attendees and readers who have been a part of the webinars over the past weeks in our SME HR Series as it finally comes to an end. Komal has further stated three critical roles in HR that took shape amid COVID-19. Webinar CHRO webinar


What it Takes to Become a CHRO

Women of HR

If you dream of becoming a CHRO, remember the number 60. By the end of this article, it will remind you of what type of people make it to CHRO and the CHRO hiring trends over the past several years. Here are some interesting results: 60% of CHROs were hired from outside of HR or outside of the company, and. 60% of CHROs have experience outside of HR during their career. Some of you chose the HR profession because you weren’t big fans of numbers.


Un-Conventional HR

HRO Today

EVP of HR Liz McAuliffe explains how she carries the Un-carrier culture of T-Mobile through to the talent strategy. While practicing as the in-house employment attorney at Starbucks, Jim Donald, the then CEO, asked her to take a risk by moving into the coffee company’s HR practice. HRO Today : You are a former attorney who moved into HR. I quickly learned that I had a passion for the HR business aspect of the work. Are you the Un-CHRO?

Global Study: The CHRO’s Role in Digital Acceleration


With the advancement of digital technologies, it is imperative that CHROs remain agile and adaptable. . We based our report on a survey of 1,024 business leaders and senior executives (C-suite and their direct reports), as well as 15 qualitative interviews.


How to Make Feedback a Force for Positive Change in Your Organization | CHRO Community Series

Cornerstone On Demand

This is part of our CHRO Community Series , which highlights big ideas from CHROs working to push the boundaries of HR and transform their organization for the better. Too many times, managers and HR teams view feedback as a way to critique associates' performance, and to highlight where they need improvement – which is exactly the wrong way to approach it. Before rushing to put a feedback system in place, though, three “awakenings" need to happen within your teams.

CHRO 251

Episode 320: Featuring Terri Lewis, CHRO of One Call


Join host Jessica Miller-Merrell, founder of, as she sits down and gets to the bottom of trends, tools, Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Welcome to the Workology Podcast, a podcast for the disruptive workplace leader.


The Essential CHRO Roles Every CEO Must Support

HR Digest

This breeds dissatisfaction of CHRO roles and HR functions in general. The HR is supposed to be a true partner to the CEO, just like the CFO. The CHRO functions should be recognized as imperative in building and assigning talent and as the appropriate channel to unleash the organization’s workforce in the most productive sense. Here are the essential CHRO roles every CEO must support -. Designing the specific metric requires a huge contribution from the CHRO.


5 Traits Of The New CHRO

SAP Innovation

Last week I got to play DJ and spin some great examples of the new kind of HR leader. We’re not in the desert to debate whether the HR ecosystem is changing — we know the answer to that one. The onus now: HR leadership 3.0. That also means our fearless leader may well be a face up in the clouds of the executive floor, so she, or he, had better have the goods to lead the rest of us. Here are 5 traits for the CHRO A-game: 1.


This game developer CHRO has found a winning talent strategy


When Jeff Ryan took the helm of HR at video game developer Zynga in 2017, he followed in the footsteps of five other HR leaders—who had all cycled through the job in just the previous three years. Click here to read about HR Executive of the Year Kathleen Hogan, CHRO at Microsoft.