15 Resources to Help Your Talent Acquisition Career this #GlobalTADay


Recruiting can sometimes feel like a thankless job—and we know all about the time, effort, and heart that goes on behind the scenes into finding and keeping talent. Now, for the first time ever, there is a day set aside to celebrate recruiters, hiring managers, sourcers, and everyone who makes an impact on the talent acquisition (TA) profession. Contact exaqueo to learn more about our employer brand innovation, workforce research, and recruiting strategy offerings

HRO Today Announces Finalists for the Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards in North America

HRO Today

Philadelphia, PA – May 2, 2019 – HRO Today will recognize the achievements of talent acquisition leaders with the 2019 Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards at the HRO Today Forum North America. Leigh McCluskey, VP – Talent Acquisition, Advisor Group.

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A Strong Dose of Strategy

HRO Today

Four key principles guide talent acquisition at Fresenius Medical Care North America. When Greg Pardo joined Fresenius Medical Care North America as its vice president of talent acquisition, the TA function was unfocused and overworked.

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) job description


Use this Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) job description template to attract and hire qualified HR professionals. Chief HR Officer responsibilities include: Crafting talent acquisition strategies to build strong pipelines for future hiring needs. The post Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.


Paycor’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition Honored by HRO Today as Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year


CINCINNATI, May 04, 2018 ( GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) -- Human Capital Management company Paycor today announced that its vice president of talent acquisition, Bill Neese, has been named HRO Today’s Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year. In its third year, the awards program honors professionals providing innovative practices and excellence in the talent acquisition field.

A Business Curse Word For The Ages: Diversity

The Aristocracy of HR

Diversity & Inclusion Featured Leadership Society and HR A Business Curse Word For The Ages: Diversity Ask Czarina Live Bias Business CHRO Civil Rights Discrimination Diversity Diversity Strategy EEOC Human Resources Inclusion Janine N.

Educating Through EVP

HRO Today

David Schubert shares Baptist Health South Florida’s strategies for building its talent community. These buzzwords have been around the talent landscape for the last few years and are here to stay. Here he shares talent strategies that have led to organizational success.

From the Ground Up

HRO Today

With a focus on infrastructure and branding, Leigh McCluskey developed Advisor Group’s best-in-class talent acquisition function. That was the predicament that Leigh McCluskey found herself in on her first day as vice president of talent acquisition at Advisor Group.

How Digital HR Solves Business Challenges

HRO Today

They should investigate how AI-enabled technologies can help win their war for talent acquisition and how they can be applied to aid present employees at all stages of their jobs. Intelligent and automatic talent acquisition. Olivier Blum is CHRO of Schneider Electric.

Un-Conventional HR

HRO Today

EVP of HR Liz McAuliffe explains how she carries the Un-carrier culture of T-Mobile through to the talent strategy. Are you the Un-CHRO? Then I stepped up into the role of CHRO three years ago, and it felt like I had a mandate to lead the team differently.


Walt Disney CHRO Jayne Parker to Join Speaker Lineup at the i4cp 2019 Conference


i4cp is bringing together world-class practitioners and thought leaders to address strategies and practices around questions like these and many others. Parker, who is responsible for leading Disney’s overall human resources strategy, global talent acquisition, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and many other initiatives for the company’s 199,000 employees around the world, has transformed the HR function, and its impact across the company.


Human Resources In A High-Tech World: The Challenges For CHROs

SAP Innovation

In fact, the highly skilled, highly creative talent that tech companies now need to succeed is getting harder to find, and there’s a war on to attract and retain these prized workers. They need insight into the talent needs of every department, division, and location.

The HR Strategy of an 80-Year-Old Startup

Bersin with Deloitte

closed Day 2 of the 2019 IMPACT conference with a compelling story about the development of an HR strategy for the company—including the elimination of titles, the creation of a growth mindset, and a holistic approach to using tools. Business strategy and objectives. Talent management.

Influencers or Analysts – Who has the most impact to your brand?

The Tim Sackett Project

I doubt very highly the CHRO of Google is reading this blog! I mean how many HR and Talent shops in Small to Medium sized businesses have the money to pay for Analysts Research? Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals Business HR Department of One influence Life Lessons Product Review Selection SHRM strategy Talent Acquisition The HR Rules The Rules The Weekly Dose Trench HR Uncategorized


Q&A with CDM Smith CHRO, Carlos S. Echalar


Q & A with CDM Smith CHRO, Carlos S. Gatti: How does CDM Smith’s commitment to innovation affect its talent management strategy? Echalar: To ensure that our company can continue to drive innovative client solutions, my team focuses on strategies for recruiting, retaining and redeploying highly technical professionals. This influx of young talent infuses our team with up-to-date thinking, energy and technical acumen.


Conference Twitter Primer: Employer Branding Strategies Conference #EBrandCon


Event Name: Employer Branding Strategies Conference. EmployerBranding #EmployerBrand #SRSC #TalentAcquisition #Recruiting #RecruitmentMarketing #SanDiego #HireBetter #Hiring #HRTribe #CHRO #HROS #EmployeeAdvocacy. GR8 People : The One-Experience Talent Platform to Recruit GR8.

Ghost Busting

HRO Today

When recruiters dedicate the extensive amount of time needed to contact each applicant about status, they lose out on valuable time they could have spent nurturing relationships with top talent.”. Here are strategies to keep engagement high and ghosting at bay: 1.

The Unincorporated Workforce

HRO Today

CHRO Jo Mason explains DXC Technology’s agile approach to attracting and retaining talent. HRO Today : What are the keys to DXC’s talent strategy? Jo Mason: For me, whatever I approach in workforce management or HR is based on business strategy.


The Skills to Reskill

HRO Today

In a tight labor market, organizations are looking from within to fill talent shortages. The accelerating pace of technological change is exacerbating the talent dilemma, shortening the shelf life of skills and shifting the demands of work in the digital age.

Eye on Diversity

HRO Today

Hilde Haems, CHRO at global payroll and HR company SD Worx , warns that companies may not want to trust high recruitment and retention rates as a metric for diversity success. “If Furthermore, HR teams need to do more than just attract diverse talent, recognising that it’s onboarding and development that will require different approaches if the D&I strategy is to be successful.”. Four organisations share their journeys to a more inclusive workforce. By Simon Kent.

Strength in Numbers

HRO Today

Cigna’s CHRO John Murabito leverages a data-rich people strategy to drive proactive business decisions. This major acquisition added more than 50 percent headcount to the already 45,000-plus global workforce. How are you leveraging HR analytics to gain insight into your talent?

How To Win The Talent Competition In Today’s Digital Era


Previously tried and true recruitment or retention methods are suddenly becoming obsolete, and it’s more challenging to find talent with the technical skills necessary for your company to advance in the digital economy. These issues are addressed in the recent IBM report, “ Redefining Talent: Insights from the Global C-suite Study – The CHRO perspective.” How can you differentiate yourself to acquire the right talent?

eBook 46

Be Courageous with People Analytics: Recap of Visier Outsmart 2018


We had many fantastic speakers at this year’s conference, covering topics that included the key ingredients for success when implement people analytics and workforce planning solutions, pushing the boundaries of people analytics, the Future of HR, talent acquisition analytics, improving learning and performance with data, storytelling with data, and transforming leadership dialogs with people analytics. Your CHRO is your most effective champion.

HR Isn’t The Needy, The Nerdy Or The Girlie


If new kids came to school, they’d have to prove themselves worthy before becoming sought-after talent. Even early on when I was a skinny asthmatic, I broke the childhood glass ceiling with decent coordination, people skills, strategy, flexibility, energy and empathy.

CHRO 112

It’s 2020: Are You Ready to Cross the Talent Chasm?


In the Conference Board ’s C-Suite Challenge 2019 , more than 800 CEOs surveyed reported that talent acquisition and retention was their highest internal concern ; while The Hackett Group 2019 CHRO Key Issues Study found that HR leaders have added the ability to address talent and critical skills shortages to their plate of top improvement priorities, but have not been able to give this crucial area the attention it deserves. Watch-list of Talent Trends.


A Microbiome of HR technology We Are


Not that surprising; we’ve been in the HR technology marketplace for many years and solution providers can never be all things to all customers, whether they say they’re a true integrated talent management suite provider or stay focused on a best of breed solution.

CHRO 107

Combatting an Uncertain Future with a Total Talent Strategy


Riges Younan, our SVP of Australia and New Zealand, recently spoke to Shortlist about recruitment innovation and how employers can gain ground by adopting a total talent strategy. As CHRO or CEO, a talent shortage is a direct constraint on your ability to execute your strategy. These new skills are in demand not only by traditional competitors, but also by new talent competitors, such as big tech firms. Becoming a Magnet for Top Talent.


Cutting-Edge Change

HRO Today

Her efforts and ingenuity led HRO Today to name Li & Fung the 2019 APAC Talent Acquisition Team of the Year Award winner. Shirley, since you took over talent acquisition at Li & Fung and now own the candidate experience, how are you approaching this?

6 Strategies For the Insurance Industry to Attract and Retain Millennials


Recruiting top talent for the insurance industry has always been a challenge but with the often negative perception that millennials have of the industry, recruiting has become an even larger obstacle.”. Strategies for Appealing to Top Talent.

How to navigate the changing HR technology landscape


To help you successfully navigate 2018, we put together a CHRO trends report to cover the five most important trends for every CHRO in the coming year — and tips for leaders who are ready to take action. Enhance company strategies with new and existing technologies.

Lessons Learned from the Most Admired for HR


The panel, moderated by conference co-chair Steve Boese, included (from left to right in the photo above) Jayne Parker, senior executive vice president and CHRO at the Walt Disney Co.; Fasolo said great HR means “having a talent mindset at all times.

ADP 58

18 Must-Read Articles for Disruptive HR Leaders: Your Back-to-Work Reading List


Consider the female CHROs profiled in the January/February issue of Workforce Magazine: The CHRO of a leading strategy firm changed the company’s perception of turnover based on a holistic assessment of the market situation. Talent Acquisition: Operating Expense or Source of Revenue? ,

Are HR's diversity and inclusion strategies proprietary information?

Steve Boese

IBM, in its complaint, argues that McIntyre had access to diversity data, strategies, methodologies and initiatives that are confidential, and that she "will use, rely on or divulge" these strategies in her new role. It probably matters that IBM and Microsoft are highly likely to be competing for many of the same kinds of talented people across a wide spectrum of roles.

18 Must-Read Articles for Disruptive HR Leaders: Your Back-to-Work Reading List


Consider the female CHROs profiled in the January/February issue of Workforce Magazine: The CHRO of a leading strategy firm changed the company’s perception of turnover based on a holistic assessment of the market situation. Talent Acquisition: Operating Expense or Source of Revenue? ,

18 Must-Read Articles for Disruptive HR Leaders: Your Back-to-Work Reading List


Consider the female CHROs profiled in the January/February issue of Workforce Magazine: The CHRO of a leading strategy firm changed the company’s perception of turnover based on a holistic assessment of the market situation. Talent Acquisition: Operating Expense or Source of Revenue? ,