Critical Succession Planning


The current talent environment is one most HR professionals have not seen before. Between 2017 and 2027, a talent shortage of 8.2 That makes succession planning all the more important for the HR professionals doing their best to minimize the impact on their respective companies.

Trust: Why It Matters and How Tech Can Help

The Aristocracy of HR

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Succession planning and integrated talent management ~ HR to HR.

Strategic HCM

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Beware Knowledge-Poaching Leaders

The Aristocracy of HR

010011000210Two years ago, I wrote an article about things I needed to CHRO’s to know about what the organization needs from them. I find myself wanting to have this discussion again after yet another anecdote about an ill-equipped CHRO.

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Giving a voice to the voiceless with technology

The Aristocracy of HR

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The Future of Talent: A Conversation with Elkay CHRO Larry Brand


The future of talent is vast and ever changing. It’s something Elkay Manufacturing CHRO Larry Brand follows closely. The HR Exchange Network has published a new executive report entitled The Transformation of Talent Management.


The Best Way to Prove the Worth of the Talent Function


The company with the best talent will often win, but talent alone is not enough. Talent is wasted if those who possess it are not given the freedom to do what they believe is right, or are not aligned with the company’s strategy. At the same time, talent is very expensive.

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Delving Into Data

HRO Today

People analytics” has been a hot catchphrase in the business world for years, with data promising to revolutionize recruiting, talent management, and myriad other HR processes. The results of these pulse surveys were immediately reported to managers to address gaps quickly.

Data 52

5 Reasons HR Needs a Seat in the C-Suite

Cornerstone On Demand

” Branson is one of a growing cohort of leaders who understand that a company is no greater than the talent it employs. And who owns responsibility for managing the needs of corporate talent? But big data supports the business case for the importance of having a CHRO.

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How can the team at the top better support a team-based organization?

Bersin with Deloitte

Today we tend to see much larger executive teams with a proliferation of interconnected roles, so, for example, not only a CHRO, but a chief talent officer and a chief diversity officer on the executive committee. What mechanisms are there for sharing and celebrating success stories?

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The 'Unbundled' Organization Will Win the Talent War

Cornerstone On Demand

" She was trained in a "hire-to-retire" mindset, and her talent battles were won with great succession planning, performance management, learning and development and robust benefits packages. And Cindy, our fictional CHRO, was dumbfounded: What happened?! " Great Talent Is Abundant. HR leaders operate and manage their departments with the belief that great talent is scarce. But the truth is, great talent is abundant.

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The Dangerous Gap in Succession Pipelines (i4cp login required)


Business leaders’ recent conversations with i4cp confirm that succession is on the minds of many. Hardly surprising, since planning for successors is vital for all key organizational positions, from critical-role individual contributors to top-of-the-house leaders.


How the LEGO Group is leading the way in people analytics

Qualtrics HR

In 2015, she moved to financial services firm Prudential Plc to set up their first advanced people analytics function, covering talent management and succession planning as well.

Buckingham Named HR Exec of the Year


Thaeler, executive vice president and CHRO at Haskell and Karen May, executive vice president and CHRO at Mondelez International.


The Top 40 Job Titles in Human Resources


Below is an example of a typical HR org chart: The HR titles hierarchy above is typical of many other departments with the normal 6 major levels of job titles (Chief, VP, Director, Manager, Individual Contributor and Entry-Level). ” Some companies don’t use the CHRO title at all.


Linking talent to value

Analytics in HR

Getting the best people into the most important roles does not happen by chance; it requires a disciplined look at where the organization really creates value and how top talent contributes. And there was no succession plan in place for the role.


Ringing in the New: How HR Professionals Can Institute Organizational Change in the Coming Year


Use data to “connect the dots” between HR initiatives and company success. As baby boomer employees retire, talent management and succession planning become more important.


How the LEGO Group is leading the way in people analytics

Qualtrics HR

In 2015, she moved to financial services firm Prudential Plc to set up their first advanced people analytics function, covering talent management and succession planning as well.

HR Terminology 101: A Quick Glossary of Commonly Confused HR Terms

marenated HR

Talent Management System : A system that helps manage all parts of an organization’s talent, including those that aren’t yet hired (recruitment) and those that are (performance management, development and compensation). Talent Acquisition v.

Why You Should Care About the New ISO Human Capital Reporting Standard


These include two additional categories—organizational culture and succession planning. In December 2012, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) dropped the proposed human capital metrics standard it was creating for the American National Standards Institute. But I do think it’s time to consider the ISO standard as a framework for reporting on talent management to senior leaders and board members.

5 Ways to Incorporate HR Strategy in the C-suite


The path to this level is far from easy and the route requires specialist know-how, technical skill and good people management, coupled with ever-critical sponsorship in order to traverse the lower rungs of the corporate ladder. 2 Talent retention and engagement of the C-suite.

ROAR Uncovers the Secret to Organizational Resiliency


This Halogen customer is also incredibly successful at creating a culture where employees love their jobs and are inspired to high performance. The book is authored by Sandy Asch (left) — an internationally recognized speaker and author — and by Tim Mulligan (right) — CHRO for SDZG.

Next Practices from LinkedIn, Amtrak, and Flex


And how does Flex manage the hiring of over 100,000 new employees each year? Amtrak leaders must be able to lead, manage, coach, and develop employees effectively and consistently across the enterprise. How is LinkedIn closing the gap on gender equality?