Innovative approaches to talent management


How do they manage the return?”. I spoke with a CHRO and they told me one of their biggest challenges was staying connected with staff taking up this program—not easy to do when off-site and not digitally connected,” she says. “To

7 Talent Acquisition Metrics Your CHRO Really Cares About

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Metrics enable you to gauge the overall health of your talent acquisition process. The following are ones they watch as these metrics provide deeper insight into the performance and business impact of your talent management system. Best of TLNT hiring HR analytics HR management Recruiting recruiting & staffing talent management workplace data

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15 Resources to Help Your Talent Acquisition Career this #GlobalTADay


Recruiting can sometimes feel like a thankless job—and we know all about the time, effort, and heart that goes on behind the scenes into finding and keeping talent. Now, for the first time ever, there is a day set aside to celebrate recruiters, hiring managers, sourcers, and everyone who makes an impact on the talent acquisition (TA) profession. Like many of you, most members of the exaqueo team first earned their stripes by working in the trenches of recruitment.

Five Ways Video Can Enhance Your Recruitment Process

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Implementing video into the process of recruitment not only provides an integral solution for businesses, it expands their reach when it comes to attracting the best talent. Featured Guest Post HR Innovation Recruitment Ask Czarina Assess Hub Business Candidate Experience Candidate Relationship Management CHRO Communication CRM HR Technology HRTech Human Resources IT Janine N.

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The Romper Room of Leadership

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Featured Human Resources Leadership Talent Acquisition Talent Management Ask Czarina Business CHRO Culture Disciplinary Actions Employee Relations Janine N. Truitt Organizational effectiveness Performance Discussions Performance Management Recruiters Recruitment Talent Think Innovations LLC Team-Building The Aristocracy of HR The Romper Room of Leadership

The 4 Challenges of Healthcare Talent Management


We think it’s important now to celebrate the people on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis — and to think about what healthcare talent management will look like in a post-coronavirus America. The shift to patient-centric service delivery also means healthcare roles will broaden to include social workers, population health managers, and nutritionists and behavioral health practitioners under the healthcare umbrella. . In fact, competition for talent was the CEOs’ No.

Is Your Recruitment Process Still in the Stone Age?

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If you are missing out on top talent only because the follow-up rounds took […]. Featured Guest Post Recruitment Applicant Tracking Systems Ask Czarina Live automation Business Candidate Selection CHRO Entrepreneurs HR HR Technology Human Resources Is Your Recruitment Process Still in the Stone Age Janine N. Truitt Jobsoid Kelly Barcelos Recruiters Sourcing Talent Acquisition Talent Management Talent Think Innovations LLC The Aristocracy of HR Workforce Planning

10 HR Leaders Anyone in Talent Management Should Follow on LinkedIn


She calls it the “linchpin of an organization’s success” matching talent to business needs. . Dane Holmes is head of human capital management at Goldman Sachs and a member of the firm’s Management Committee and Partnership Committee. “Our biggest asset is our people.”


How this global nomad used her experience to manage the COVID crisis


Since then, she has worked for the global energy management solutions provider in various HR roles in France, China and Brazil. HRE spoke with Nguyen about how she is managing the pandemic—both personally and professionally—how it’s facilitating her professional growth and what she’s doing to gain control over the fear and chaos. I was barely managing my own stress and anxiety. We decided to really invest time in technology to make the employee and manager own their career.

Talent Management Scorecards: Templates to Get Started

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Jayson Saba, vice president of Market Strategy, Ceridian HCM, offered his tips at the SHRM Talent Management Conference, held recently in San Diego. Dashboards allow managers to examine information in greater levels of specificity, which can help to quickly identify and focus on potential problem areas. By linking the data on the dashboard to the key organizational metrics, managers can more effectively see the ties between HR outcomes and corporate goals.

I Used To Love D&I: Why I’ve Fallen Out of Love With Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion Featured Recruitment Society and HR #TAOHR Activism Apple Ask Czarina Live Business Chief Diversity Officer CHRO Conscious Capitalism Differently-Abled Diversity Human Resources I Used To Love D&I: Why I've Fallen Out of Love With Diversity & Inclusion Inclusion Janine N. Truitt Leadership People of Color Politics Racism Racism in the Workplace Startups Talent Acquisition Talent Management Talent Think Innovations LLC Technology The Aristocracy of HR

Walt Disney CHRO Jayne Parker to Join Speaker Lineup at the i4cp 2019 Conference


Parker, who is responsible for leading Disney’s overall human resources strategy, global talent acquisition, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and many other initiatives for the company’s 199,000 employees around the world, has transformed the HR function, and its impact across the company. How will work continue to be disrupted in the years ahead? What does this mean for HR, and how will the changing nature of work impact the employee experience?


Sage-Gavin: HR innovation, from 7 women in 14 days


In my CHRO roles in consumer and technology companies, I’ve coached teams that have astounded me with their dedication, drive and results. Pat Wadors, chief talent officer at ServiceNow, put it well when she shared: “I’m so grateful that curiosity has sparked new ideas in the midst of crisis. We’re thrilled to be a part of People + Work Connect to help us continue finding great talent to add to our team.”.


Be Courageous with People Analytics: Recap of Visier Outsmart 2018


We had many fantastic speakers at this year’s conference, covering topics that included the key ingredients for success when implement people analytics and workforce planning solutions, pushing the boundaries of people analytics, the Future of HR, talent acquisition analytics, improving learning and performance with data, storytelling with data, and transforming leadership dialogs with people analytics. Your CHRO is your most effective champion.

A Diversity Boost

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We believe that diversity and fostering an inclusive workforce is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace,” says Melissa Jones, executive vice president and CHRO of CSAA Insurance Group , a company that has been widely recognized for its diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives. “It If it’s not real, it won’t feel authentic to your candidates and your employees, no matter how well you source diverse talent,” he explains. Find diverse talent.

Succession planning and integrated talent management ~ HR to HR.

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1 global online influencer in talent management. #6 Fistful of Talent. Social Advantage (Management 2.0 SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management Blog. Succession planning and integrated talent management. Writing about integrated talent / human capital management last week reminded me that I still(!) Labels: Book review , People management strategy , succession. Succession planning and integrated talent manageme.

Q&A with CDM Smith CHRO, Carlos S. Echalar


Q & A with CDM Smith CHRO, Carlos S. Founded in 1947, this 5,000 people strong employee-owned firm manages 9,000 projects a year from its headquarters in Boston and 130 offices worldwide. Gatti: How does CDM Smith’s commitment to innovation affect its talent management strategy? This influx of young talent infuses our team with up-to-date thinking, energy and technical acumen. The post Q&A with CDM Smith CHRO, Carlos S.


The Unincorporated Workforce

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CHRO Jo Mason explains DXC Technology’s agile approach to attracting and retaining talent. Jo Mason, the company’s executive vice president and CHRO, has led a dynamic and comprehensive approach to human capital management that helps DXC guide its 6,000 clients across 70 countries on their digital transformation journeys, even while the company transforms itself. HRO Today : What are the keys to DXC’s talent strategy?


A Microbiome of HR technology We Are


Not that surprising; we’ve been in the HR technology marketplace for many years and solution providers can never be all things to all customers, whether they say they’re a true integrated talent management suite provider or stay focused on a best of breed solution. Or for any hardware and software purchases procurement, finance, operations, IT, marketing and sales, human resources and talent acquisition makes? The microbiome discussion had me riveted.


It’s 2020: Are You Ready to Cross the Talent Chasm?


In the Conference Board ’s C-Suite Challenge 2019 , more than 800 CEOs surveyed reported that talent acquisition and retention was their highest internal concern ; while The Hackett Group 2019 CHRO Key Issues Study found that HR leaders have added the ability to address talent and critical skills shortages to their plate of top improvement priorities, but have not been able to give this crucial area the attention it deserves. Watch-list of Talent Trends.


The Skills to Reskill

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In a tight labor market, organizations are looking from within to fill talent shortages. The accelerating pace of technological change is exacerbating the talent dilemma, shortening the shelf life of skills and shifting the demands of work in the digital age.

HR Isn’t The Needy, The Nerdy Or The Girlie


If new kids came to school, they’d have to prove themselves worthy before becoming sought-after talent. Unless you grow up and live and work in a world where tenure is less than five years and people can be as fluid as the very air they breathe, especially when it’s stale or poison, it makes amplifying talent engagement a business imperative. Get this: The enterprise executive whose traits are most similar to those of the CEO is the CHRO. Talent Acquisition.

Finding Meaning in Data

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A people analytics strategy that draws data from all segments of the business is key to effective workforce planning and management. Ruth Thomas, principal consultant at Curo Compensation , says a comprehensive, data-based talent management platform can create actionable insight for HR.

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Navigating AI’s expanding role in the world of HR


AI needs data to power it, but the data need to be bias-free and ethically acquired,” he says, citing Unilever’s use of AI in talent acquisition as a prime example. A CHRO’s tech wishlist. Billie Hartless, CHRO, Mitel.

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Blog Round-Up: Why Employee Experience Is the Future of HR

Vignette Agency

In this month’s round-up we’re featuring articles on the Five top trends in talent acquisition to why the future of HR is to be responsible for the ultimate Employee Experience. Employers continue to compete for top talent and keep up with employees expectations of working at a fulfilling job. Download the WhatWorks® Brief, Reignite Talent Sourcing , for an overview of the research.


Think Like a Boss: How Executives Consider Cost-Per-Hire


08/24/2018 // TALENT ACQUISITION. On a granular level, hiring managers have a direct interest in making serious human resources investments to meet their organization’s needs. Recruiters are focused on supporting a manager’s search priorities and sourcing great candidates. Thinking like an executive is a critical skill to have when you’re in the business of hiring — after all, it’s the CHRO or CFO who’s likely to sign off on the final decision.


Lessons Learned from the Most Admired for HR


The panel, moderated by conference co-chair Steve Boese, included (from left to right in the photo above) Jayne Parker, senior executive vice president and CHRO at the Walt Disney Co.; Fasolo said great HR means “having a talent mindset at all times.

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8 Benefits of Using People Analytics

Visier - Talent Acquisition

We’re now seeing the CHRO alongside the CEO and CFO, forming a triumvirate at the top of the organization, where the people strategy and decisions related to it are rooted firmly in data-driven insights. Talent Management

Here’s a New Way to Verify HR Software’s Capabilities


The intent was to filter out the “noise” in a marketplace that’s been overwhelmed with new applications, says HRPA talent acquisition director Mike McGuiness, particularly around artificial intelligence. Montage Talent.


Steal this People Analytics Leader Job Description!


Whether you are looking to hire or become a People Analytics Leader for your organization, I encourage you to continue reading and download this job description for use in your talent acquisition efforts ! In the coming weeks, we’ll also release job descriptions for CHRO and HRBPs.

#ECTalent - Doug Baillie, Unilever on talent and the business ~ HR.

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1 global online influencer in talent management. #6 Fistful of Talent. Social Advantage (Management 2.0 SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management Blog. ECTalent - Doug Baillie, Unilever on talent and the business. But today Ive got a full day of next gen talent at the Economists annual talent management summit. The question which keeps Doug awake at night is where does he find the talent to double their business?

Reskilling and Upskilling the Workforce of the Future

Lee Hecht Harrison

Jake Schwartz, the CEO of General Assembly, a leading provider of workplace learning solutions, had been pitching a reskilling program to the CHRO of a Fortune 500 company that employed thousands of people in markets all over the globe. . Schwartz was pushing hard to get the CHRO to see the value of reskilling—training existing employees to fill future talent needs—without much luck. A few hours later, however, Schwartz got an email from the CHRO. . “He


The Digitalization Of HR And Its Implications For Workforce Analytics


In a Q2 2017 article entitled “ Defining Digitalization: Creating a Common Vision, ” Katy Connealy Weber and Michael Hanrahan of CEB’s Corporate Leadership Council indicated that in response to the increasing digitization of products, channels, and operations, fully 68 percent of CHROs “plan to prioritize improving the organization’s talent analytics capabilities.”. If HR can help managers ask better questions, perhaps we can obtain better answers, using data, and make better decisions.

This Workplace Merry-Go-Round Never Slows


Every startup founder to CEO to CHRO to board member knows (or better know) the right people can mean the difference between boom or bust (including themselves), which is why organizations are moving away from how they source and categorize their people and toward a unified workforce that’s managed for results regardless of employment status. For individuals, a cowbell is a talent or gift. “Midway hawkers calling. Try your luck with me’. Merry-go-round wheezing.


300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


The HR women in this list include numerous leaders across a number of different industries and organization sizes, who have a great wealth of experience in developing and executing strategies, managing talent and improving how HR is operating alongside regularly sharing articles, insights and open discussions into best practices. Allison Kruse , Director of Social Media | Employer Branding | Content Strategy | Talent Acquisition | Digital Strategy. Build Talent.

Why HR Executives Are Flocking to the Private Equity Industry

Slayton Search Partners

There is a growing trend of PE firms hiring senior-level HR talent like Chief Talent Officers, CHROs, and others. Firms understand that the key to achieving the true transformation they seek lies within HR and talent management. Which PE Firms Seek Which Type of Talent?

The Top 40 Job Titles in Human Resources


Below is an example of a typical HR org chart: The HR titles hierarchy above is typical of many other departments with the normal 6 major levels of job titles (Chief, VP, Director, Manager, Individual Contributor and Entry-Level). Disclaimer Note: For this article (including pyramid above) I exclude HR job level variations such as Senior VP, Junior Manager, Associate VP, etc. The Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) is the most common HR leader job title at a large enterprise.


100+ Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts

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Recruiting Host: Gordon Collier About: Dropping talent acquisition value in short consumable episodes designed for the "recruiter". chattalent Host: Alan Walker About: In this podcast Alan Walker speaks to industry leaders, interesting Talent, Recruitment & HR folk, and anyone else who has a story to tell, or something interesting say. It includes stories and journeys of CHRO's, Chief People Officers, CEO, Head of Talent, and more.

Workforce Evolution: How Hiring Teams Are Managing Contingent Workers


Below, we explore the pros and cons that contingent workers present to hiring teams and how best to manage this important group of talent. It’s best for talent management teams to anticipate these challenges so they can be better prepared to meet them head on.


Rebranding Human Resources. Let’s Get Real

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Recruiting has become talent acquisition and compensation & benefits has morphed into total rewards. As a result of this, over the past decade or so, we’ve witnessed numerous CHRO’s assuming the title Chief People Officer. Many organizations are using or considering some of the following names for their HR function: • Human Capital Management. Employee Management Care Unit. Talent Management. Talent Resources.