Brooks: Want better managers? You need to develop better employees


Advertisement As an executive coach, I often refer to one’s manager as a “gem cutter”: someone who can shape and mold you into a new form, for better or for worse. Everyone in HR knows the mantra that “employees join organizations and leave managers.”

How IT and HR can work together to deliver a world-class employee experience


The workplace of the future will also be about creating experiences that make your people feel like they belong – and that they’re enabled to work at a sustainable pace, without fear of burnout or feeling (psychologically) unsafe. Listen, understand, and take action on experience data.

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All about Human Capital

David talks about the loss of identity and status, loss of control, loss of knowledge and skills, loss of face, loss of a psychological contract as well as the loss of networks and colleagues. One is about making organisational data actionable – how to put data to good use.