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How to train your successor


Now you’re looking ahead to your own retirement or a promotion. In a perfect world, you would have six months to a year to train your next-in-line before you move on to a new role or retire. Time for coaching and discussion is a critical step in how to train your successor. Look at your successor’s skill and experience with negotiation, conflict resolution, team building and coaching. Download our free magazine: The Insperity guide to succession planning.

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Managing unexpected change in the workplace


Often, change is predictable or planned well in advance, such as: Implementation of a new system or technology Introduction of a new office policy Moving to a new office Mergers and acquisitions Modification to senior leadership Reorganization of staff Retirement of a top-performing, highly valued employee. Here’s how you can prevent this: Coach your team members to deliver outstanding customer service. Change is inevitable.

How to bridge the generation gap in the workplace


Outlook on work is impacted by the economic downturn of 2008 (the resulting career uncertainty and devastating impact on retirement savings). For example, a Baby Boomer on the precipice of retirement may be driven more by money: Salary increases, 401(k) contributions or bonuses.

Managing older employees: 3 worries you should put to rest


First, it’s critical to make sure they’re ready for the role, and to coach them as they transition into leadership. They may fear that their older colleagues are inexperienced with technology or are reluctant to put in extra time (as they care for growing families or near retirement). For more tips on how to nurture and support the next generation of leaders in your organization, download our free magazine, The Insperity guide to leadership and management.

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