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A Diversity Boost

HRO Today

In today’s increasingly diverse world, the case for corporate D&I initiatives that deliver real progress is stronger than ever. According to Greg Summers, president of North America at Cielo , this begins with company values. “It Find diverse talent.

Employee Onboarding Best Practices: A Technology Perspective


The employee onboarding process is no longer used just for administrative issues. It’s true that advanced software and automated technologies eliminate duplicate entries and streamline employee onboarding, but that’s just the beginning of the array of business and employee benefits that onboarding technology can deliver for your business or HR department. Designing a new employee checklist not only streamlines employee onboarding but also reassures new hires in multiple ways.


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Are Your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Only Skin Deep?


However, he then explained that he was specifically recruiting me because he wanted to appeal to the women in his organization who seemed to have different perspectives than the board did. In other words, he wanted the reputational benefits of diversity but was missing the more critical advantages that come with the inclusion of diverse thought. Companies that have ethnically diverse leadership teams were 33 percent more likely to outperform their peers.

Driving diversity across the employee lifecycle

LACE Partners

Suki Sandhu recently spoke to LACE Partners’ Co-Founder Aaron Alburey and the HR Guild’s Annette Andrews about the importance of ensuring businesses bring diversity into the entire employee life cycle, not just the hiring process. Positives from COVID for the diversity agenda?

Ongoing Trends in Onboarding

Brandon Hall

However, some factors involving onboarding employees, such as working from home and working remotely were already becoming a concern for employees due to globalization and digitization. And interestingly, certain aspects of onboarding have not changed even with the advent of increased globalization and remote workers. Another trend is re-examining how data and insights can be gleaned from the onboarding process.

5 Simple Ways to Assess Company Culture


Leadership structure, office environment, core mission and values, interpersonal relations, team engagement and communication style—these are just some of the many organizational details that shape company culture, something that is becoming more and more important to businesses of all kinds. A strong company culture improves: Identity of the organization. This is why it’s important to assess company culture, just as you would your finances or sales process.

Building Blocks to Diversity

HRO Today

People, process, and technology are key pillars to creating a more diverse workforce. The recruitment process has always been riddled with biases. But technology is empowering organizations to work toward eliminating bias, which in turn allows companies to build stronger and more diverse workforces. Technology is turning this reality show concept into a reality for recruiters. The post Building Blocks to Diversity appeared first on HRO Today.

7 Strategies to Hire Diversity of Thought In Your Organization

Achievers - Recruiting

If you always recruit from the same places, with the same methods, you will always get the same people. If you want to be ahead of the competition, and bring in more innovation, then think with a diversity of thought mindset. Here are seven winning strategies to ensure you hire employees that bring diversity of thought and ideas. Send recruiting teams to those schools. Consider expanding your recruiters’ perspective.

10 Elements of an Effective Onboarding Program


Selecting the right candidate for the job is nothing without a proper onboarding program. We know well that the success of any recruitment strategy depends on a rigorous selection process. Onboarding, the last step of the recruitment process, is fundamental to guarantee this success and avoid any disillusion post hire. To roll out an effective onboarding program, your organisation will need to institutionalise a procedure of integration of its new hires.

How to Build High-Performing Diverse Teams at Work

Achievers - Recruiting

Today, businesses are facing immense pressure to build diverse teams at work, with several high-profile organizations compelled to divulge their diversity and inclusion statistics. The benefits of having diverse teams at work. Workplace diversity isn’t exactly a new concept.

How HR Creates Diversity and Inclusion

Flimp Communications

Human resources is responsible for many duties, most of which directly or indirectly affect diversity and inclusion efforts. Many company leaders still cringe a little when trying to improve diversity and inclusion. HR should have a direct impact on this through recruiting and retention efforts, as well as career-advancement practices. When we broaden our definition of diversity and inclusion in a corporate context , we see the larger impact HR can have.

Employee Referrals: A Players, Diversity Hiring, and Key Benefits


Employee referrals are not a new topic in the HR and recruiting space. But the truth is that many companies phone it in when it comes to referrals, often leaving them with lackluster results. And our own data at Lighthouse Research says that more than 80% of companies believe that referrals are important for measuring sourcing performance. Many employees have not had the opportunity to work at a company with a great culture.

Creating a Better Employee Onboarding Process With AI

Astron Solutions

Onboarding is a crucial step in employee recruitment. That’s when recruits form their first impressions of the organization they’re joining. It’s when they obtain the necessary skills and knowledge as well as get familiar with the company culture.

Eye on Diversity

HRO Today

Make no mistake, creating and maintaining a diverse workforce is both a business imperative and a huge challenge for today’s employers. Researching the subject back in 2012, McKinsey found companies ranking in the top quartile of executive-board diversity experienced 53 per cent higher returns on equity, on average, than those in the bottom quartile. If recruitment and retention rates are positive, businesses risk being blind to other opportunities for improvement,” she says.

Virtual onboarding: The new way to welcome your recent hires

Business Management Daily

How do you successfully onboard new remote hires so that they hit the ground running and are successful from day one? Ensuring that the culture, strategy, and company values are translated to new employees is critical to their ongoing success. What is virtual onboarding?

Do You Want To Increase Workforce Diversity? 13 Top Tips For Diversity Hiring


Diversity hiring’ is a hot topic in the recruiting industry. Companies are dedicating more resources to increasing diversity. A diverse workforce has a greater depth of experience, knowledge. Firms That Increase Diversity Grow Faster. Consider this study by BCG : Companies with above-average diversity on their management teams had higher innovation revenue. This is a quick way to get diverse job seekers to apply.

The ‘new normal’: the future of hiring, onboarding and working


That’s why on June 25, 2020, we hosted a webinar titled: “Working, hiring and onboarding in the new normal”. For some remote-first companies this was already the reality, but for those who were hesitant about it, the emergency shift to telecommuting because of COVID-19 proved that remote work is not only feasible – except for jobs where physical presence is required – but also beneficial in many ways. Remote onboarding – pre-onboarding and new hire engagement.

Best Practices for Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Your Business


With recent equality movements gaining momentum in society, there is a powerful microscope on companies today. Many are trying to evaluate their own organization’s diversity, but diversity has many layers. The pressure is on for businesses to move beyond a simple definition of diversity and reach a level of inclusion. At their most simple, diversity practices in business often mean making sure there is appropriate representation from different groups of people.

Maximize Your Diversity & Partnership Recruiting Efforts with Yello


Diversity in hiring has become a strategic priority for companies around the world, with nearly 8 in 10 CEOs pointing to diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage. But even though millennial and Gen Z candidates are the most diverse yet, companies are still struggling to identify and hire top diverse talent. Does everyone on your team know where to look for recruiting partnership information — or which document is most up-to-date?

Hiring & Onboarding Staff Virtually


As virtual recruiting becomes part of the new normal, HR leaders are also being forced to adjust to a virtual onboarding process in lieu of the typical face-to-face meetings with direct managers and team members. This can present some challenges, but we’ve put together a few tips and best practices to help you onboard virtually and create a memorable first impression during these challenging times. Make Virtual Onboarding Purposeful. Assign an Onboarding Mentor.

4 Tips for Recruiting Top Talent with Gamification

Achievers - Recruiting

Both of them are real examples of gamification in recruitment. For example, Eurowings kicked off a clever recruiting campaign that converted each job post into a Tinder profile, and job seekers could either swipe left or swipe right. In a world of start-up ping pong tables, and employee perks, companies do whatever it takes to attract, engage, and retain the best talent out there. Recruitainment: Gamification in recruitment is gaining ground.

7 Easy Steps To Build a New Employee Onboarding Process

Vantage Circle

Without employee onboarding, companies lose 25 percent of all new employees within a year. What is Employee Onboarding? Employee onboarding refers to hiring a new employee and making them familiar with the organization’s culture. Company email.

50+ Ideas for Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion at Your Company

Linkedin Talent Blog

Following widespread protests against police brutality and systemic racism, companies around the world are taking a hard look at their diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs and policies. Explicitly request a diverse range of referrals. Are you a food company?

Employee Onboarding 101

HR Daily Advisor

there are a lot of onboarding activities that are crucial to long-term success and retention. Taking the time to create effective and efficient onboarding programs will help employers in several ways. First and foremost, there are onboarding tasks that must be completed in order to be legally compliant, such as requiring employees to complete I-9 paperwork. Onboarding also introduces the employee to the company culture and working environment.

2021 HR Trends – From Direct Contingent Sourcing to Virtual Onboarding


high-volume recruiting), the “busters” will be navigating the perils of budget cuts and fiscal austerity (i.e., Organizations looking to hire have taken note, and we expect companies to begin (and, in many cases, continue) embracing contingent hiring in 2021.

Diversity and Inclusion: More Than Just a Buzz Phrase

Essium HRM

The calls for diversity and inclusion are all around us, in almost every sector of business, and life in general. However, there is this element of bias, often times unconscious bias, that also eliminates people and opportunities based on a myriad of factors that have nothing to do with whether someone is a good fit for the job or company. MOVING BEYOND But the challenge today is moving beyond the buzz phrase known as diversity and inclusion.

How recruitment and hiring trends will evolve in 2018


Companies competing for the best candidates have multiple ways to find and entice job seekers to work for them. Traditionally, recruiters would sift through resumes, tap their network or check specific keywords on LinkedIn. Recruiting, like many other industries, is facing change thanks to a blend of technology, attitudes and expectations, and it’s a competitive landscape for employer differentiation thanks to an increasingly inefficient job market.

Building a Diverse & Inclusive Distributed Workforce


Companies across all industries have been disrupted in some way due to COVID-19. Talent and recruiting teams have had to navigate the challenges of remote hiring, HR teams have had to work through unique nuances of remote onboarding , and whether your company is hiring or not, this time made way for other strategic projects that otherwise might have been put on the back burner. Diversity in recruitment. Diversity & Inclusion Hiring Remote Work

How Employers Can Promote Diversity and Inclusion At Work


Diversity and inclusion are imperatives to a business, both economically and culturally. According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report, two-thirds of executives rate diversity and inclusion as an important issue (and that number is up from 59% in 2014). Equally important, the same report notes that 78% of respondents believe diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage. Related: A diverse & inclusive company culture is not just an HR initiative.

Sapling - How Company Culture is Built Through Employee Onboarding


If you look at the market leader in your industry, more likely than not - they have an enviable company culture.What’s less obvious is that the success and continuity of successful company culture depends heavily on the success of Human Resources teams in one thing - effective employee onboarding.It’s However, onboarding is the first opportunity to build trust and alignment with new employees. A good onboarding program should answer most of them without ambiguity.

Why LMS Compliance Training is an Onboarding Must-Have


LMS companies specialize in immersive and engaging compliance coursework. Ongoing compliance training reinforces what the new hire learned during onboarding. Syntrio’s Ethics and Code of Conduct is the first course available through Workforce Onboarding.

Rebooting Recruiting

HRO Today

In fact, according to CareerBuilder, 89 percent of job seekers report that an employer’s career site is an important tool for getting key information and 75 percent say their candidate experience is an indicator of the broader employee experience at that company. Having a focused strategy has fostered a real difference in HGV’s recruiting and hiring processes. Today’s candidates also are looking to be able to communicate with recruiters via text message.

Top 10 Employee Onboarding Programs - Sapling Blog


Leading HR and People Operations teams know that successfully recruiting a candidate is just half the battle.To truly set up new hires for success at your company, it’s crucial to deliver a tailored Employee Onboarding program that embodies your company’s culture and prepares them for the road ahead. Successful onboarding programs go beyond administration to deliver a great experience, even before new hires have their first day on the job.

What is Recruitment Operations?


To efficiently and effectively identify, assess and hire talent now and in the future, companies are looking to streamline their recruiting strategy, improve hiring processes, and speed things up. Many organizations are turning to recruitment operations for the answer—and they’re taking a wide variety of approaches. What is recruitment operations? Leaders who participated in Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends indicate: What Does a Recruitment Operations Team Do?

5 Ways to Build Up Your ‘Diversity Fitness’

HR Daily Advisor

For years, technology leaders have been talking about diversity. Side note: If you’re still not convinced diverse companies perform better , you’ve got some reading to do before going any further. But if you know you need to take steps towards creating a more diverse company, and you’re ready to move from “talking” to “doing,” then the first thing you need to do is get fit. Building a diverse company is a marathon. Onboarding Fitness.

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting The Recruitment Sector


Whether it’s for invoicing, purchases, employee management or data collection, companies everywhere are implementing solutions that make their professional lives easier with the help of digital tech. The recruitment sector is a particularly interesting case, where potential candidates are now being sourced, contacted, analyzed and even interviewed using artificial intelligence. For recruiters , this entails a substantial change in their talent acquisition process.

WEBINAR RECAP: How to Build an Effective Diversity and Inclusion Program from Scratch


Entelo recently led a webinar focused on the important steps and measures of success for building a diversity and inclusion program from scratch. No matter the size of your company, a DE&I program is essential to your organizational culture, and in turn the success of your employees.

BUILDING CULTURE THROUGH RECRUITING #3: Assessment Platforms in Selection.

The HR Capitalist

Capitalist Note : This post is part of a series on Building/Reinforcing Company Culture Through Great Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Practices. . Let's face it people, "company culture" is a loaded phrase. Some of it is real, some of it is aspirational, but one thing on my mind recently is that as we try to build the culture we want at our companies, we forget about the messages we send in our recruiting process. Communications Culture Recruiting Talent

Develop an All-round Employee Onboarding Program (Checklist)


The goal is to get the new recruits on board with a professional employee onboarding procedure. Recruitment and hiring talent alone, cannot contribute and bring about overall effectiveness to the organization. It is the successful employee onboarding that tags along as a mandatory practice. Not only this, it must inculcate warmth and a sense of belongingness in the newly recruited staff. Nothing but the process of onboarding can solve such organizational issues.

13 Top Recruiting Strategies to Use in 2020

Digital HR Tech

When it comes to recruiting strategies, it’s good to bet on multiple horses. And to increase your chances of winning in 2020, we’ve listed 13 top recruiting strategies. Happy recruiting! Overview of the 13 recruiting strategies 1. Build a social media recruiting strategy 10. Hire for diversity 12. Think of onboarding as part of your recruitment. #1. A real shame, since having a talent pool can be a great advantage for your recruitment.