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The Ghosts of Performance Management Past


“I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!” Tweet This: Only 8% of companies think their appraisal process provides value to the org. &

New Research on Cutting-Edge Performance Management: What Are We Learning?

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Editor's Note: Last summer we posted an announcement from Gerry Ledford (one of our profession's leading scholars) introducing a new academic study focused on leading edge performance management practices and an invitation for any qualified organizations to participate. For the past year, I have been leading research on cutting-edge performance management practices at the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO), University of Southern California.

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3 ways next-generation performance management is evolving for high impact

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High-impact HR has caused a radical shift in the way performance is being measured and managed in order for companies to be able to attract, engage, and develop their top performers. Evolution of a new performance model is a process of continuous innovation.

Talent Management System Comparison Shopping? 3 Things to Know Beforehand…


The common constraint among nearly all organizations today is staying within budgetary requirements while maximizing results, so it’s no different when it comes to finding the best talent management software. Most professionals complete as thorough as talent management system comparison as possible to ensure they’re getting the best available value that will deliver powerful business outcomes to their company.

Not Your Grandma’s Mid-Year Performance Review (No Offense Grandma)


“Summertime and the living is easy.” Expectations for productivity are as high as any other time of year, and for some organizations the mid-year performance review is just around the corner. Maybe right now you’re doing performance reviews only once a year.

Strategy Not Part of Your Rep? Here's How to Change Their Minds

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In my last blog article , I explained how you can cut and paste your way to a compensation philosophy. But don't imagine you'll be praised for your strategic insights when you've finished the project. Outline what the business goals are now, and what they will be three years from now.

The Means To The Ultimate End – Decision Analytics

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Have you ever had the experience of having said something pretty profound, but you didn’t realize it until someone pointed it out? Decision Analytics – The Holy Grail of Business. Profound or not, I’ll acknowledge having something of an “epiphany” thanks to the listeners on my call.

Total Rewards – Total Relationships

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Total Rewards leaders (Compensation & Benefits) are increasingly pressured from both inside and outside the modern organization. Long-time experts in this profession are accustomed to balancing the needs of the workforce, business, and regulators. Learn more.

What happens when work becomes a hobby?


— In the gig economy, a growing portion of people are working for reasons other than pay. That could mean big shifts for how companies motivate and attract workers in the future. By Derek Irvine. Recognize This!

Prejudice Perpetuated by Prior Pay Pattern

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Legislative initiatives to ban questions about past salary during the employment application screening process keep popping up. Here are some salient summary points we should kick around before the politicians determine our practices for us. At least, that is the quick assumption.

How the Changing Business Landscape has Created a Need for Human Resource Management Software


The many functions of human resources have evolved dramatically. Now, the scope of work for HR is compounded with a multitude of responsibilities. As you can see, the word “changing” is built into the very core of HR’s responsibilities. The Three Elements of HR Software.

Ripped from Today's Global Headlines: Lessons on Executive Pay Ratio Communications

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Another compensation story hit the global media today. It happened in the U.K., And its particular set of events should give Compensation Cafe readers a lot to think about and discuss, given the Executive Pay Ratio work that has most everyone scrambling right now.

Annual Performance Reviews Aren’t Dead, but They Do Need New Life


If you’re a small or midsize business (SMB) that does annual performance reviews, I have some terrible news. I don’t want to beat out around the bush, so I’ll just say it. Annual performance reviews are dead. Jump to: What should stay: Performance ratings.

Santa, Where Do Best Practices Come From?

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Much as we like to believe that our compensation processes are objective, even numbers have a way of being influenced by human nature. If we are not aware of them, our vulnerabilities can affect our decisions all the way from job pricings to cost projections to talent assessments.

Deepen Your Value to Your Company

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Do you want to become famous in your company for: (pick one or more) Competitive compensation knowledge, talent acquisition, strategic insight, leadership? Start by learning all you can about your organization and about our field's innovative compensation practices, but don't stop there.

Performance Enablement: A Next-Generation People Practice


In my role in Workday’s People and Purpose organization, I have the incredible opportunity to ideate, innovate, and incubate employee experiences and people practices. The intersection of HR and technology is a long-time interest of mine, and as many of my colleagues know, the two have not always been on the same page. HR today is far from where it was decades ago when traditional performance management practices were first introduced.

Setting the Stage to Become Their Strategic Partner

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It's really tough, especially in smaller companies, where the executives just want to tell you what to do, especially about compensation. When you run into this, it's a sign that your execs see compensation mainly as a budgetary issue. What can you do to change the cycle?

The 100 HR Indicators Every Manager Needs to Know


If you’re like me, you might also be addicted to listicles, these articles in the forms of bullet-points that distil information in a very digestible way. Training & Development #7. Performance #8. It provides an idea of the breadth of responsibility of a manager. #3

Three Tips on Nonprofit Job Pricing Plus a Few on Benefits, Too!

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How many of you would think of using a compensation survey that describes itself this way? A unique Mission, wide catchment area and specialized staff that make pay comparisons uncomfortable. They need this commitment given the complex judgments that can be involved.

Nonprofits: It's Time to Improve Your Total Rewards ROI

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Why would I choose to work for the Red Cross if I have credentials and can build a career at General Electric or Wells Fargo? Many nonprofits have noteworthy Total Rewards, yet they introduce employees to their new positions by explaining the salary and providing benefits forms galore.

Point Factor Job Evaluation Concisely Summarized

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Numeric points are accumulated across a number of evaluation factor dimensions with both scalar and interval values and are applied to administer compensation. This permits the interval-based interleaving of unique jobs with benchmark jobs sharing similar overall value scores. .

Turning Employees into Talent: What is Talent Management?

TrustRadius HR

Any business owner, manager, and executive will attest that a company limited, or empowered, by the quality of its employees. However, like other areas of HR, talent management can be a vague, ill-defined area with lots of overlap with other HR processes.

Understanding the Employee Engagement Survey Provider Landscape: A Guide to the 6 Vendor Types -


As employee engagement has become one of the top concerns for executives around the world, many companies have developed new and innovative solutions to measure employee engagement. Survey Platforms: At the far left of the spectrum are survey software tools.

Using Total Rewards for a Great Employee Experience


Total Rewards encompasses everything that an employee needs for a positive employee experience , rather than just focusing solely on compensation. Abraham Maslow categorized these needs in his famous pyramid, where each need must be met before moving on to the next.

Internal Equity Trumps External Competitiveness

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The idea that pay should be based on a balanced combination of external marketplace competitiveness as measured by surveys and internal equity is well accepted in the Total Rewards community. Hire a newbie at a dollar more than a senior co-worker and the the word gets out quickly.

Turning Employees into Talent: What is Talent Management?

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Any business owner, manager, and executive will attest that a company limited, or empowered, by the quality of its employees. In the face of a tight job market that is impacting the compensation and benefits packages companies provide , prioritizing talent management and development has shifted from an add-on to an essential component of HR services. This is just as, if not more, true for talent management software products.

The 4 Best Talent Management Products for Mid-size Businesses

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It’s often difficult to identify the right talent management solutions , especially for the Mid-Sized market. To give a fair comparison of talent management offerings for midsize businesses, we’re providing users’ experiences into some of the premier programs.

Saba 52

The Best Workday Integration You Never Knew About


Learn more about Globoforce’s pre-packed integration for social recognition in our webinar this Wednesday. Globoforce is the only certified Workday partner offering pre-packed integration for social recognition. Greater talent insight for performance reviews.

Understanding the Employee Engagement Survey Provider Landscape: A Guide to the 6 Vendor Types - DecisionWise


As employee engagement has become one of the top concerns for executives around the world, many companies have developed new and innovative solutions to measure employee engagement. Here we have identified the six vendor types from do-it-yourself software tools to full-service consulting firms with a variety of choices in between. Survey Platforms : At the far left of the spectrum are survey software tools.

Nonprofit HR | Complete Overview for Small Organizations

Astron Solutions

Think of it this way — you’re given donations to steward towards a good cause, and your staff and volunteers are the ones who use that support to actually drive your mission forward. Here’s what we’ll cover: Understanding the Essentials. Volunteer management.

Cafe Classic: Solving the Dilemma of Pay Progression Over Time

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Here with some Classic points on this important aspect of pay management is Jim Brennan. However, failure to plan normal incumbent pay progressions that march from job entry to the target pay rate within the proper period of time is a common problem.

Most Used Talent Management Modules by Business Size

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As modern workforces become increasingly specialized and advanced, companies are recognizing the value behind investing in their personnel and talent. However, there are myriad processes that go into talent management, which can make the HR area vague and difficult to define.

The Top Payroll Companies in Massachusetts

Genesis HR Solutions

But is a payroll company really all the help you need? Google yields a mere 31,500,000 results for my quick search, “payroll companies ma”; you have a ton of options in Boston and throughout the Commonwealth if you’re looking for this service. Some of the top results are: MassPay.

7 Ways to Handle an Employee’s Request for a Pay Raise

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Pause for a moment and ask yourself: how to you think the employee felt asking? At the same time, asking for an increase is very common, so it is wise to be prepared for when it happens. Most important is to take the request seriously and respectfully. Talent Management

Cafe Classic: Prejudice Perpetuated by Prior Pay Pattern

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: With today's Classic, Jim Brennan reminds us that little is more satisfying to an HR/comp professional exhausted by dealing with the constant ambiguity of human nature than being able to think (but not say) "I told you so!" At least, that is the quick assumption.